Sally Kirkland in Black Face


Sally Kirkland, just because your career is basically over, that doesn’t mean you can get away will being on a popular cable show (Simple Life on E!) in black face. We see you bitch, we S E E you. Just in case you haven’t heard about this mess…here’s a photo (from TMZ).

That’s Sally’s ass in the middle looking like Lamont from Sanford and Son. The episode in question airs July 29 on E!. E! should be ashamed for airing this mess. Nicole, who is said to have convinced Sally to do this…she’s never really been comfortable with her “negroness”,  so it’s not like she would have been offended by it.

Damn Lionel, did you try to give this girl any sense of her culture…were you that busy cheating on your wife. Damn!

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  1. theblacksentinel

    Oh yeah, he was to busy cheating on his wife with a white chick. Well we see what he likes, so is it so amazing that he wouldn’t give his daughter (adopted or not) a sense of blackness. Hell, he barely has a sense of blackness now.

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