Black Folks fighting outside the CHURCH!

When the trustee slaps the pastor…you know it’s on.

Well, I guess you can’t say it’s just young, black teenagers who you always see fighting on the news and in the street. Thanks to B. Scott for posting this mess! [posted on youtube by kraigpullam]

PS: The Hello Negro Store is now open.


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271 Responses to Black Folks fighting outside the CHURCH!

  1. Janice Wright

    This is what happens when we trust in people and not God, I do not know what went on, But the lady that slapped the pastor was wrong. No matter what he has done, God will take care of him..for there is a price to pay for everything we do..I bet if you ask any one of them “what would Jesus do” There’s no way that could tell you that Jesus informed them to lock pastor out and beat him up,The church is a hospital for sick souls.. and from the video…They are all suffering from a soul sickness..Pastor included
    Today there are still some things that we do that reminds me that “Jesus wept”. Last but not least… We have turned our churches into money grubbing little demons, serving God and mammon does not work

  2. Ernestine Richardson

    No one should ever put hands on the pastor of a church.
    This is what you call going to far. God said touch not my
    anointed and do my prophets no harm.

  3. Wilson

    two points you should consider judge righteous judgments and to know those that labor amongst you. Not all that say Lord Lord are his if any man have not the spirit of God he is none of his. So be slow to speak and quick to hear and make your conclusions from sound information and not emotions. A few passages of scripture to feast on 1 Timothy 5:17 , 1 Thes 5:12, St John 7:24

  4. bcrudup

    this is just the tip of the ice burg in terms of ministers running the church or handling the money. ministers by the word of the a. m. e. doctrine should only be handling such matters as delivering the word of GOD, teaching the word of GOD, and saving souls. most churches have TRUSTEE BOARDS who are very capable of paying bills and keeping the church building in sound order.

  5. Phyllis

    This is why people leave the church. Our youth don’t go because the adults are fighting each other in the church. We shouldn’t judge others, because GOD takes care of His own. We need to pray day in and day out.

  6. " MR. B "

    I’m a firm believer in ” he that is without sin, let him cast the first stone ” and also, ” for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. There is three kind of people who pass judgement, and they are, First, ” Those who are hypocrites, who never do any wrong in their own I sight but always see fault in others, and afraid of searching within themselves, because they know they’d find something within that they are afraid of and that is “shortcomings”, Secondly, ” Those who have not been exposed enough to be more compassionate toward others. ” We as christians are very judgemental, always pointing the finger when your brother or sister fall in sin, talk about them saying that is a shame, but when the table is turned on you, now the shame falls at your door step, and thats when conviction stops at your house to reside, because now God reminds you that you judged, and know here you are being judged. Thirdly, ” The non-believer passes judgement, but it is expected of them, but not the church. So when as Saints of God see something like this and the Juanita Bynum and Bishop Weeks case, please know that it is time to pray and not prey because we get it enough scrutiny from the World “.

  7. Tee

    Nothing shocks me anymore. This is the world that we live in which is why God said to pray without ceasing because everything that is going on around us is meant to distract us from God’s divine pupose and plan for our lives. The enemy is laughing at us right now because we are all doing exactly what he wants us to do.

    We all have a higher power to answer to and that is God Almighty. He sees all and He knows all and guess what He doesn’t need any help from us. The effectual, fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much. Just pray for our country, our children, our leaders, most of all for each other we could all do better if we take a look at ourselves.


  8. St Julian

    When are some Black folk who should know better going to learn that many of us are our own worst enemies?

  9. Angela

    I would like to know whether or not anyone read from the top. and I quote “hello, Negro”. What is this all about. I have nothing to say regarding the church mess. No matter your title, they were still born human.

  10. Dee

    Lets not get the terminology mixed up. We are Negro’s which means of the African American Decent or Black Americans. We are not Niggas/Niggers, which is a degrading racial slur used against blacks as trash.

  11. Isn’t this a shame! Seems to me, all of them forgot where God fit into all this! There appears to be a sickness , not only in the soul of the pastor, but also in the soul of some of the members. The deviil is really winning this one! I’ll continue to pray for them all; evidently something they all forgot to do!

  12. Icilma

    It is a shame that this event took place. However, I believe most people, including clergymen, would have reacted the say way and tried to slap her right back. They both erred; They are both human. I pray for the church and its members.

  13. Ele

    They have forgot who God is He is love so they need to go back and resd the bible John 3;16.

  14. Yani

    What an embarassment — to Blacks and all those that name the name of Christ alike. First of all, Christians ought not be so out of control as to allow this level of animosity to brew against other church members. Second, the lady should not have stuck the Pastor; she was out of control and out of order. Third, the Pastor’s reflexive strick back is also telling. He is the under-shepherd who is charged with protecting the sheepfold. The fact that she was wrong does not negate the fact that he, too, was wrong.

    I think St. Paul, Minnesota was a big enough audience for this stupidity. “Shame on all of you!”

  15. Ann

    It’s such a shame!! we as christians should have self control, for God’s sake, that is one of the fruit of the spirit. Also for the people that mentioned that we should not judge, we definitely shouldn’t or else we will be judged, but at the same time, I believe that the enemy is also trying to use that to his advantage with the body of Christ. Yes, we are all human and subject to error, but we cannot continue to use that as an excuse for people acting the way they shouldn’t. Wrong is wrong and we should be able to address it as such without people thinking that everyone is passing judgement. We have to be very careful of that saying, because we use it everytime leaders in ministry do wrong that’s the first thing that is said, that we’re passing judgement. We need to call it like it is. We’re all accountable for our actions, especially when we say we are men and women of GOD.

  16. Nnenna

    What the…? There’s no excuse for this and I can’t believe the pastor’s response was to punch her back. This is not good.

  17. Tamela

    This is ashame, we need to pray.

  18. Pastor Anderson

    God is not pleased at all the bible say God is not mock whatsoever a man sower that shall he also reap and many people who are in that particular church will reap what they so, children of God is supposed to rebuke not an Elder but entreat him as a father. God will take care of his pastor, the layman has not be appointed chastiser or bouncer in the house of God. If the Pastor is wrong in what he is doing your job is to pray and seek the Lord and let the Pastor know what he is doing is wrong and let God handle the rest. We as children of God need to pray more and worship God in the beauty of holiness.

  19. Shannin

    It is very sad that people who are “suppose” to be of God have fallen to this level. My father is also a pastor so I know that leading a congregation is not easy. We need to stay in prayer for this church and its leadership. Satan is busy and is seeking to destroy all who call upon the name of Jesus.

  20. Walk with me. God anit nothing but Big business. God represents our oneness with ourselves. Follow me now. Why do you need to pray to god when god is within you? So in essence your praying to yourself. You are the almighty the “one who can” but you have to realize that. Remember, Christianity was thrown upon to slaves to make them look forward to something “after that die.” Are you kidding me? Black people don’t even realize that our ancestors are original Muslims from west Africa. Why worship a religion when we can’t even get that right?

  21. monte

    what happened to turn to the other cheek? haha

  22. laughing at this

    This is exactly why Jesus did his work with sinners and prostitutes. Ignorant, greedy, religious church folks are sometimes beyond help. They are ghetto and a disgrace to good christians everywhere. With all of the things in the world to focus on… people who fight over dumb stuff like this are small in their thinking, that is why their church is falling apart. Whatever – you ghetto idiots, go ahead and beat the crap out of eachother. and PS- you are too OLD to be acting like that- some examples you are- what a joke.

  23. schoolboy

    Black man go head with all that our ancestors were muslims talk. If ISLAM is so great how come Shites and Sunnis are both killing each other in the name of allah. None of you are united. Also whats said is most of your bickering is over money when love should be the force that unites you. Kill THAT NOISE!! Little babies being strapped to bombs, women being abused. Also if your God was so mighty do you really think that he would need mere humans to fight his battles as in suicide bombers when he should have angels at his deposal. To add if this is just a small percent of muslims who are acting wreckless why are the good ones shook to stand up. GO HEAD with that false teaching!!!!

  24. Elaine

    Does anyone wonder why this, of all the issues facing Af. Am. and the world at large, made the news? The media is intent on ALWAYS showing us at our worst. You think a white pastor has never been locked out of his church or slapped by a member. It keeps us talking about all of the truly “gossipy” stuff and not at all about the “stuff” that really affects our lives.

  25. Jorgina

    This is sad and appalling. Truely a reason for people not to serve God in the four wall setting. How can you have fellowship like this? This hurts me because you usually look up to the elders. I’ll pray that God calms the hearts and minds of them and that they’ll reconcile. (Matthew 7:1-6 & 18:15-20)

    Peace & Blessings

  26. Spiritually minded...

    God… whether you call him “Allah”, Buddha, Elohim, Jehovah or any of many names depending upon translation…. IS NOT TO BE MOCKED.

    Why insult each other in this way? THE KEY TO TOGETHERNESS/UNITY IS LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

    We are to make every effort to live at PEACE with each other.

    Who are my brother and mother; but, they who do the WILL OF GOD?

    The name is not important… What fruit does any of this foolishness bear???

    Build up; not tear down… The tongue and the words that come from it is like a two edge sword. What comes from the mouth is in the heart? The tongue has the power of LIFE and DEATH.

    What is oppression? Stop oppressing your minds.

    So a man thinketh’s… that which he is…
    You become a slave to whatever master’s you…

    Indulge in Spiritual Growth, Love, Forgiveness, Understanding and Wisdom. Avoid foolish talk.

    No points are to be proven when arguing facts that are learned.

    Make Peace not War!!!

  27. D. Williams

    All I can say is WOW, this happened right down the street from my old house. While I don’t condone the violent behavior (BOTH parties were equally guilty) this doesn’t surprise me. Situations like this happen in many churches (black, white, latino, etc.). The church is not necessarily a safe haven, it is a place for soul restitution. That being said, real life situations will happen (sometimes even within the walls of the Lords house itself). What WE should be doing is praying for the church and the people that this situation has, and possibly could, effect.

  28. Things have gone too far when something like this happens, being in the chuch all of my life, I know that some times you disagree with others, but if it becomes such an issue that you can nor resolve with discussions and of course prayer, then someone needs to go.

  29. Jay

    I agree with Elaine about people showing blacks at their worst, but when will we realize that is why we need to be on top of our game anyway. Because bad examples are set, we don’t have to repeat them. Who had the camera? We need to do better; it helps us hold others accountable when they don’t (and they often don’t).

  30. Living4Him

    I agree with you Elaine and Mr. B. What you both have said is enough wisdom to close the hatch on this one. Let the unlearned consider this, gain some wisdom and rest this subject. Why not spread the GOOD NEWS?!

  31. No real man of God would hit a women even if she hit him first. The bible says to turn the other cheek. He needs to be in deep prayer and fasting. The board members need God also yes they are wrong in the way they are also out of order and should have contacted the Head Chruch on how to handle this matter the right way.He shouid let God handle this problem in a Godly way…

    With Love and respect… Both sides

    In Christ,

  32. C.

    This video is a classic example of what happens when church members put their trust in man instead of looking to God for guidance. The lady should not have hit the pastor, but he was more wrong for hitting her back – as a man, that’s something that you should never do. They ALL need prayer!

  33. Carol B. in Detroit

    My Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

    We need to think critically, as we strive to act spiritually in matters of this nature. First, while this video may just have been released in August 2007, the name of Bishop Mayo on the church marquee clearly means that this tape has to be at least 12 years old (Mayo retired in 1996)! So this is very old news and a very old event. Being old, however, does not preclude the fact that men and women—whether they are believers or not—should not be exchanging blows under any circumstance. The fact that the video shows a church trustee and the pastor going at it in the middle of the street makes the encounter all the more disheartening, because it spoils the ability of both of them to effectively witness for the Lord.

    What has gone unaddressed in this matter is the reason or reasons why the pastor got locked out in the first place, and why tempers flared to the point of fisticuffs. I submit that such phenomena happen when church members are frustrated, angry and at their wits end because the presiding elders and the bishops of our Zion continually ignore their pleas to be heard when there is a problem with a pastor.

    The news anchor and reporter said the feud at St. James had been going on for years. Why? Because the congregation felt that Rev. Armstrong 1) lacked administrative skills, 2) lacked people skills and 3) was mismanaging church funds. I think those issues are justification for concern. But their cry to be heard apparently fell on deaf ears repeatedly, because Rev. Armstrong got reappointed to the church.

    St. James has been under the most capable leadership of Rev. Byron Moore—and his anointed helpmate Rev. Sharon Moore—for better than five years. Yet, the problems of old that use to plague St. James still run rampant at AME Churches throughout the Connection. Church members continue to bring charges against pastors who are perceived to be incompetent, lacking in compassion and poor money managers (if not out and out thieves). And, insultingly, the congregations’ charges continue to be downplayed—if not ignored—by both presiding elders and bishops. And when bishops and presiding elders fail to do what is necessary to assure that only the most capable, trained, passionate ordained clergy are assigned to God’s churches, insurrection is the result.

    And insurrection—in the way of fist fights, gun battles, and cussing and fussing of every stripe—will continue to be the sad legacy of the AME Church, until the bishops and presiding elders exercise the courage to do the right thing consistency. And they will never be able to do what is right—not what is convenient or financially rewarding—until they allow their decisions to be controlled by the indwelling Holy Spirit, instead of by whatever external influences currently render them impotent to do God’s will.

    St. James currently is in good hands. Let us pray that the presiding elders and bishops of our Zion will do the work and make the tough choices that will ensure that, someday, every AME Church will be in good, competent, compassionate hands.

  34. Gus

    We are all flawed, Church Pastors as well as church members. The woman was wrong for slapping the Pastor and the Pastor was wrong to attempt to knock the “HELL” out of her. The great thing about being a Christian is that none of us are perfect and as long as we sincerely ask for forgiveness and grant forgivness to those who offend us, its all good.

  35. TRE

    My Momma always told my brother to NEVER hit a woman, but if she was man enough to strike you, you lay her out. Sounds like my momma and this pastor’s mother knew each other.

    What happen to decent and in order. Locking a Pastor out of his Church. If it starts out foul, it is going to END foul.

  36. Tammy

    Yes the trustee should have not slapped the Pastor. However what kind of “man of God” would draw his fist back in front of “his”church and punch a woman in the face. He would have walked away with more dignity and respect had he not raised his hand to a woman. That slap didn’t really hurt no damn way. He could have taught all of us a good lesson as to what you can walk away from when the Lord is in your spirit but I’ve seen too many Preachers, pastors and holier than thou acts praise the Lord and condemn in one breath when they know they are going home to adultry, embezzelment and fraud. You can appreciate the message without worshipping the pastor.

  37. God's Child





    THAT’S IT…

  38. Tony K

    Faith Is not just a word. It is a force that is the basis of the church. If this man is stealing from the church, he isn’t just stealing form his flock.

  39. nate

    They both violated the law. This is a battery. What are we teaching our youth. Oh. We take care of our own problems? Some things never change.

  40. You Know Who

    They should have let ol’ momma go so he could finish tagging that ass. Now that’s a sight I wouldn’t mind watching. That was funny as hell!

    P.S. – Uh, Carol B? Save the sermon for Sunday, sweets. Damn! Don’t y’all have a character limit on this site?

  41. I guess he should’ve turned the other cheek. lolololol

  42. M.Hal

    First off these responses actually proved a point! We aren’t together even in ours views of something like this. Second people really need to research the word ghetto, because just because you were poor and reared in hood doesn’t mean that you automatically have that mentality! I’m straight from the hood but like everyone else I had a choice and now I have a future in management information systems. These fake little kids from suburbs make stupid mistakes all of the time their parents just live in the right neighborhood to keep it covered up – trust that!!! And last ,Carol B. submitted a wonderful written display of an approach to understanding humanity from a situational and thorough standpoint – don’t get upset because you lack the patience and mental stamina to read and comprehend!!!!!!!

  43. Willie W

    There are many lessons to learn from this event but we cannot learn them if we skew our responsibility:
    – We should live peaceably with all men… as far as it is possible (Rom 12:18) which means it may not always be possible
    – We need to stop the foolishness about not judging… Christians are “required” to pass judgment… especially on other Christians (John 7:24 & 1 Cor 5:12)
    – We are all liable to fall but we have the benefit of forgiveness from God and from our fellow Christians. If one asks for forgiveness we should do it… even 7 X 70 times (Matt 18:22)

    The shame is not in the fact these people showed that humanity is flawed but if they grew from the bad experience. I am more curious if they ever asked forgiveness from one another (first) and from God. This is the mark of a real Christian.

    BTW: Blacks in Africa predate Muslims as do Judism (the roots of Christianity). This is not about the history of religion it is about adherance to the principles of your religion… in this case Christianity. And for those who are offended by the use of scriptures, I get the impression this site is full of Christians responding to our faith and our flaws. Great comments from all… God Bless.

  44. veronica t

    This is why the God says, read my words and seek me to find me. This is not a man of God, the doors of this church was locked because God allowed it to be. This false teacher would only be sending his members to hell, if they followed his teachings. God knew exactly what he was doing. Seek God first, and the spirit will let you know who is real and who is fake. All things done in the dark, will come to light.

  45. claude

    very very bad

  46. Kelly

    This is the reason why I stopped going to church. I believe in God and put my trust in God. People do not have that same kind of trust from me…not anymore

  47. David Clarke

    Both were wrong, but the pastor acted seemingly in a reflex manner. If the congregation is so against him, then ‘powers that be'(church hierarhcy must appoint a new pastor to solve the problem, after all this would be the democratic way to handle it!

  48. as james brown would say…HIT ME!


  49. Gigi

    This is totally ridiculous. The Trustee should not have raised her hand to the pastor. All the pastor did was react as all humans do. So many people think that pastors are not human, yes, they make mistakes just like all of us …they are not perfect nor are they w/o feelings or sin.

  50. What is there to say… We only see the last ordeal and not all that led up to these angered people. I will say this, she should not have hit a man that was already angry, or anyone for that matter . Now if he wasn’t already angried by obvious matters prior to this maybe he would have let her slide on this one. If I was him I would have pressed charges. He and she needs to ask for forgiveness, and if he is a shady Pastor “Vengeance is mine says the LORD.

  51. Aziza

    I am married to a Pastor and have seen and heard him verbally abused by members – he was blessed to maintain his composure – which was one sure way I knew he had been changed because when he was in the streets, he would have thrown down in a hurry . My response is that we really must give Jesus Lordship over everything – our resources and our emotions. We are not in heaven, yet – so people fall. Satan will see to it – he’s had a whole lot more experience as our enemy than we have as his…dang-he’s good! The Church will prevail-“upon this rock(Jesus) I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!” Peace – Aziza , Los Angeles

  52. Mslaydi2you

    Bunch of hypocrites. If someone at a night club had brawled, would you be talking about being human and forgiving?

  53. Tae

    Whathafuss?! I can’t believe the Pastor raised his hands to a woman, forget the fact she is a member of the church! Howeverin, the Trustee shouldn’t have put her hands on the Pastor. Both of them need much Prayer. This goes to show you, that just because you go to church, you’re not 100% saved. The biggest hypocrites are in the church!

  54. Shirley McCain

    The church has become more and more like the world. God’s word said be ye separated and come from upon them. We are in this world but not of this world. But yet we want to be like the world. How are we going to draw the unbeliever when we act just like them. We need to go back and get our first love because we have lost it. Its about everything else but Christ. And everything we do in this body rather it be could or bad is written in the book. And on that day when the book of life is open and we as Christians stand at the Judgement seat, what can we say its all in the book. Something to think about, we have a all seeing God and He is not missing anything its in the book. And yet we are saying its in the Name of Jesus. We need to think about what we are thinking, saying and doing because its in the book, we will not escape. If the righteous man scarely escape where will the ungodly go. Judgement will begain at the house of the Lord and He is writing it all down its in the book of life. It is truly a praying time we are treading on thine ice. We have a lot to account for and its all written in the book. We need to get it together. SLM

  55. Lilly

    This is what happens when people try to do things their own way instead of only doing what God has authorized. You’ll always have problems when you’re doing it wrong.

  56. +Bishop R.V. Smith

    I am very disappointed at what was just forwarded to me all the way in the Bahamas. This is a poor reflection of Christ Church. The female trustee that slapped the man of God should be removed forthwith. SHE WAS WRONG. That type of behaviour is usally displayed by churchfolks and NOT christians. I hope she finds Jesus before she dies. As for the Pastor, leave him to God and the Bishop. If the Bishop felt he was not the right person for the Church he would not have been re-appointed. God is watching us people, and because of the internet, these things travel faster than the speed of light around the world. My heart is bleeding because of this. Let us all take a moment and pray for that Church and its leadership.

  57. Mr. Hill

    why do we allow the media to print our bad points. then we talk about how we aren’t supposed to act. Every ethnic group falls from grace sometime. You remember all those white clery folk have sex with kids. the church paid the now grown victims millions. we get a slap for a slap and folk act like it’s the end of the world. Why don’t we give props to the two men that held back the woman’s husband. Their the ones that should be hilighted in this video

  58. Marshall

    This is stupid. The man tried to punch that woman. We all know she could do little to hurt him. How long are we going to hold our women in such low reguard. Black men must lead by example. She was misguilded in slapping him. You can tell she felt her voice was not be heard. The pastor should have stopped and spent a few minutes talking with her calmly. If black men learn to respect their women our families will gain strength and we will grow as a people. This has nothing to do with God. God was not in his fist. He should be excused from the church after he ask for forgiveness.

  59. He reacted in the very way that I was raised to if a woman slaps you you slap her back regardless as to what position she holds. I have always been amazed at the politics that go on in an AME church This was totally out of control.

  60. maakheru

    Until we get back to our African culture and honor and respect our African Gods, this kind of foolishness will continue and escalate. Please people, stop worshiping the slave master’s gods and get back to MAAT (truth, justice, righteousness, balance, reciprocity, order).
    Please read:
    Echoes of the Old Darkland – Dr. Charles Finch
    Man, God, & Civilization – John G. Jackson
    Ancient Future – Wayne Chandler
    Pyramids of Power – Dr. John Chissell

  61. Esther Phillip

    First of all, this is what the devil wants for the body of Christ to act like a fool. Where is the Love?????? Second, I don’t care what the pastor did that lady should have never I repeat never should have put her hands on him. Let God be the one to judge him. We have to pray for our leaders, b/c thier are only humans. None of us is perfect. Again, We have to use wisdom and not allow our emtions get the best of us.


    Everyone has posted their opinion and quoted scriptures to this mess. But let us not forget, the human factor here. My God is a forgiving and understanding God. That is why he allow all of you to come on this site and place your opinions and be critical of others. Judge NOT unless yea be judge. You have no idea what your responses would have been in this particular situation. He did not react to her as a woman he reacted to her as a human being would react in a situation. Woman / man / child no one should hit ANYONE if they do not want to be hit back and I know most if not all of your parent told you that. Keep your hands to yourself. So this is not WWJD or how is God judging those who do wrong. This is plan and simple do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This woman was WRONG to hit anyone. She needs to check herself. How dare any person slap another and not expect a REACTION. So people do not be so self righteous and say what a person should or should not do in this situation. Until you yourself are put in this situation you CANNOT say what your reaction would be or have been. Hitting has nothing to do with the Church and the situation they are in. Take it to the Lord and leave it there. The Battle is not yours its the Lord. Now everyone take a breath and make sure your house is in order before your judge anyone else.

  63. jaraman

    how about turn the other cheek? did not some one say that? How about Abraham was neither jew, christian or muslim but believed in one god supreme over all. He was opposed by his father and all those of his community. He boldly said worship neither man nor moon nor sun nor anything fashioned by man’s hands. All Gods men followed suit, Moses, Jesus, and yes Muhammad. If you have ever been hit, you know its not something to look forward to. Hitting back is not always the best answer. Especially if its someones mother. Preacher, Deacon, father mother sister brother friend and as someone once said even foe. Hard to live up to?

  64. Lance Fuller

    This what happens in Denominational Churches, where mans rules exist and not Gods rule. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in a long time. If I was’nt so deeply rooted and grounded in the Word of God and not the rules of man and denomination I would truly be ashomed to call myself a Christian. I know this type of behavior has no place anywhere, let alone a so-called place of worship This is a prime of example of what my wife and I were talking about this morning peop;le that are so-called saved people that just go to church on sunday (Cultural Christians) and are so far in the outer court they can’t see there way in.

  65. This is what happen when the Love of God waxes cold.Two wrongs don’t make a right. The church is the pillar and ground of truth. God’s house is a place where peace, love , and compassion live. We as children of God must allow God to work things out instead, we want to help thte Lord do His job. I think we missed the central thought on this one. Our churches are under attack from Satan and his demons, he could care less about your position in the physical structure(church building) and the line of persons who are responsibile to lead the people of the Lord. His job is to “steal, kill, and destroy.” He will never have rule over the church, at the back of the book we win!!!!!!!! We WIN. We should pray for the Rev. and his congregation.

  66. Lady M

    This is really sad. But what’s worse is the fact that a PASTOR threw a “PUNCH” at a woman. I am not condoning her actions…but he is pathetic.

  67. twyla

    the LOVE of money is the root of all evil…………….this all started with how he was handling “church money”

  68. Rev. DB

    She had it comming. That punch was a reflex response.

  69. Tetra

    Religious folks… gotta love them. /sarcasm

  70. There is a lot of unruliness here. Disrespect for the House of God and the Man of God to say the least. One would even wonder if God were even present in this house. Who has God placed as the Shepherd of this flock?

    Members and Trustees, if you are not comfortable in the tutelage of your Pastor, the door swings two ways. There are hellions everyshere. Don’t go to hell trying to take over a physical temple. This goes for pastors, trustees, board members, deacons, mothers, choir members, ushers, and laymembers as well.

    Pastor if you have to exit to the end of the city and knock the dirt of your shoes from that unruly city, get out of Dodge. It ain’t worth it. If God told you to stay and deliver His message, do what He said. He will fight your battle.

    Any man who would allow his wife to slap a Man of God is less than an infidel and she is les than a heathen. This woman is truly out of control. How dare she? This is a hellion. All on the downward road. You’d best repent because God is not pleased. There is nothing to judge here. It’s all on camera. How can any human feel that they have been ordained to slap one of God’s called men?

    Bottom line, if you can’t get along with the leadership, vacate the house before you make a specticle of God’s temple.

    Love and Peace left here a long time ago, that is if it were ever there. Repent! Repent! Repent! For the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand!

  71. John

    Respect yourself and respect others.

  72. alajahwonr

    I believe in divided truth. Meaning that God has placed truth throughout the world, in the hands of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddist, and so forth. In these responses the ultimate answer lies. I congratulate those who have expressed themselves so eloquently. The mental capacity contained in these responses casts a shining light on the African-American culture. Let’s do some Math out of all these POSITIVE responses….there was only one NEGATIVE action. Do you understand? We win. If two people mess up but 50 people realize their mistakes we are winning the race. We lose when stop caring. Yes, it was wrong…but to each its own. I’m not going to quote any Bible scripture because they weren’t working on a Bible scripture. I’m going to say this….(Nothing)….because to do so will be to judge and and any critical response is judging….so May GOD, ALLAH, JEHOVAH, BUDDHA, JA, or who rules your life….have mercy on you.

  73. Fighting in the church is nothing new. Saints have been boxing each other for years. At some point in time, we will learn to turn the other cheek.

  74. There is nothing to be said let us pray; to be better christian. And know God is God and he will prevail. To God be the glory he his is blessing us right know.

  75. Mandela

    this is why we don’t need religion it’s a tool to divide us. study the knowledge of self our egyptian roots and i gaurantee we won’t have this problem. religious people are some of the worst hyporites and judgemental and contradicting people i’ve met. religion disconnects you from the real beauty of life.

  76. Brother Jim

    First, this is an abomination before God and man. Jesus and his disciples taught salvation thru the water baptism in His name (not titles) and the receiving of the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:38 & Acts 19:2) which is God’s spirit. If those involved in this disturbance had Jesus on their side, things that lead up to this altercation and the altercation itself would not have happened. Jesus was meek and humble, His disciples were meek and humble, one of the main themes of His ministry was Meekness. One may only receive the meekness and humbleness Jesus and the disciples preached through the water baptism in the NAME of Jesus and the infilling of the Holy Ghost evidenced by speaking in tongues as the spirit gives utterance. Again, the answer to the problems leading up to and demonstrated is Prayer and Jesus in their lives!

  77. spoon ninja

    no shade…….god bless’em both

  78. Marnitta

    I do not think this is any reflection on the Church, nor any religion. This is a reflection on two human (or several humans) who are unable to resolve thier disputes in a peaceful manner or in a manner that is reflective of God’s Will. Its sad that so many people will look at this as some kind of testimony on the status of the church or as a reason to not go to church. Oddly enough, when there are missionaries walking through the community feeding the hungry, and no one You Tubes that … and no one writes for pages on the benefits of the church. No, but we will look at these people and judge them and thier actions. Odd.

  79. Ray Tee

    I have read all the comments and listen to all the quoted scripture, and I was suprise that no one touched on the actual situation, which is all this “mess” transpired outside the Church.Had this business been conducted between those four Holy Walls, we wouldn’t be talking about none of this. When you do business in the street this is the results you will get. God was not a part of this , I assure you, what I am hearing probably was the duties of the Stewards of that church. Some people’s need to stay in their own lane and understand their duties of the AME church, A lot of healing will take place in that church from all this publicity. The Bishop will do the right thing come their next Annual Conference. I llive in Alabama and it hurt me as much as it does the members of St. James. If this had been inside, Youtube would not have been present. (That Camera ) God Bless All that were present at that Kangaroo Meeting!

  80. Andrew Henderson

    Two wrongs do not make a right. If the parties involved would have stopped and thought about what they were about to do,and the consequences that would follow,we would not be commenting about this. Is not our goal in life to emmulate the the one person who according to scripture set the example for us to follow?

  81. ladyT

    Now this is what I’m talkin about, how are the elders of the church going to attract young people if they are behaving like children. They say wonder why we (young people) sometimes turn our backs on the Lord. Well, here is the answer. We have not turned our backs on the Lord, we turned our backs on the hypocritical so called christians who judge us for the things that we do. Remember, we have all sinned and come short of God’s glory. Anyway, as christians and leaders of the church, it’s common sense that they cannot vote anyone out of the church or is that just another “saying” that they use to get you in the church. I must admit that I straddle the fence too at times, but in a moment like that pastor or not I would have KNOCKED THE “T” OUT OF THAT TRUSTEE!

  82. Ministerkb

    This is RIDICULOUS! The person that posted this should not be commended. This is showing the world that people in church are no different and is EXACTLY why people, especially young ones don’t want to come to Christ!! HYPOCRITES!!! What type of witness is this to a dying world?? You all need to read your Word! Gal 6:1 & I John 4:20 – 21! What kind of Love of God is being shown. Shame on us ‘SAINTS’!!!!! Would God be pleased???????

  83. BIG GAME


  84. Lachon

    I THINK IT’S FUNNY that you all have so much to say and are quoting scriptures like nobody’s business. I would like to know how many of you have been in his or her position. I don’t care how long you have been saved, until you have been placed in a situation, you don’t know what you’d do. You hope you’d do the right thing but you don’t know. None of us pass every test with flying colors. So shut up, sit down somewhere, and pray for these people. Make intercession instead of passing judgement.

  85. Preciouskay

    I must say, the woman was wrong first off for hitting the minister. I think they were both caught up in the moment and should pay for their actions. What happened to turning the other cheek? A man is not God and therefore the trustee has the right to find another church home rather then entertain the madness. I say punish them both accordingly.


  87. Leon

    This is why our young black men feel they can beat women.Real men do not hit women for any reason.This also why our black men do not go to church. This is not what GOD would have done.

  88. LeeBlue

    An unfortunate occurance,which was unfortuantely passed to this arena. As adults, hopefully they will all ask each other for forgiveness and move one. We will all be judged and answer to a higher being. Let our lights shine while we can.

  89. IlovetheLord

    Stop judging and pray for them. Pray for how blacks are protrayed in the media, and I am sure this goes on in many churches as we are only human, but why is it shown when blacks do it.

  90. Ameeya

    That woman knows she was wrong and she got what she deserved, he is a pastor but he is human and she had no right to slap that man and that was a sensitive moment anyway. Touch not my anointing, do my profit no harm. She will pay for that later.

  91. Meia

    A message for Lachon, everyone is entitled to their opinion so you need to post your and not worry about what every else has to say. Worry about what you would do in the situation.

  92. Mark

    I through the in dwelling of the holy spirit, write this prayer:
    Father, ONLY you know the inner workings of our hearts; I pray for these you have called, who are suffering; bring healing Father in the name of your precious Son, Jesus Christ; Lest we forget Father, those who don’t believe, and need our testimonies as living proof of your majesty, In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen

  93. Tracy

    This is very sad. To me the Trustees only want power over the man that God has appointed. It’s always all about power, control and the love of money. I feel for the Pastor because he is doing the best that he can. He is trying! And the Trustee Board thinks that they can control him. From watching the video, I can see some sincerity in the Pastor eyes and it appears that the Trustee Board has tried to run over him for the last two years BUT he is not having it no longer. He wants to work for the Lord. Now the bottom line is the church is to help the lost souls..those who want to be saved. If the pastor focuses on the lost souls things will turn around. God’s house is a place of worship. The enemy knows that the church has a future and so he uses those Trustees to fight against the man of God. The Bible strictly says.. “Touch not my anoited and do my prophet no harm.” I have one question, what does the church need. They need more love. There are some true demon spirits in the church today and before God returns he will separate the weak from the tare.. God speed to that Pastor and the Lord will take special care of him. She was wrong for slapping him whe he suspended her.. She and the rest of them are hell raisers pure and simply.. Time out for hell, it’s time to do what God says regardless. You cannot please man, so do not try! And God said on this rock I shall build my church AND the very gates of hell shall not prevail.. Let’s get right church and let’s go home.

  94. Shannon

    Wow….For those that are believers and non-believers…Just know that the Devil is everywhere..ESPECIALLY in the “Church”. The Devil can be sitting next to you in the pew. That is why you have stay HEAVILY in studying and living by the word of GOD because it is not easy living a Christian lifestyle in a WORLD of sin. Let’s all pray the for St. James AME Church in St. Paul, MN. & their pastor. May God wrap his arms around them because he is a forgiving GOD. When you deal with EVERY situation, ask yourself before you do it—“Is this pleasing to GOD?”…And I am sure you will have your answer quickly…Be blessed and be a blessing to others….

    Sister Shannon

  95. Delores

    My faith in the last few years have been tested by an anointed (?), called (?), looked for a better paying job, pastor. I was INVITED OUT by the pastor when I questioned one of his/her actions. I understand the pain of the lady, that cause her to react. However, I was able to walk out of the pastor’s office rather than reply to the DEVIL.
    The same as Jim Jones, was able to maintain followers, some pastors have that personality that will keep some folks following thier leadership even if there are, questionable actions, half the congregation leaves or members refuse to take positions.
    I refuse to start hopping from church to church, but go to other sources to receive a decent WORD, and keep reading the word.
    That church, other churches and my church need prayer.
    Remember to Pray Daily.

  96. Terry Cloth

    He tried to “turn” the “other” cheek alright! LOL.

  97. Chantal

    “Dear Lord, please help us.” These must be the last days.

  98. Denny004

    why is this news. why are they wasting air time on this crap. why are the meembers of the church talking to the press. what ever happened to airing your dirty laundry.

  99. Darren Suddoth

    This just shows the moral standards that many churches have sunk to. We wonder why the world is having a hard time recruiting non-believers, it’s because we’re not aware of our behavior. I’m quite sure if you asked the woman or the pastor, they would both believe they we’re right.The church has gotten too far away from God’s laws, they continue to be lead by the spirit, but unfortunately it’s the wrong spirit that leads them. We must learn to pray for our churches, our pastors, our polical and religious leaders and the world as a whole. James 5:16 says “Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and wonderful resuls.” Man has decided not to pray for others , but to beat righteousness into one another and then claim it was all done for God’s glory in the name of the Lord.

  100. Rev. E. Phillips

    What happen to LOVE,and turn the other cheek, if we preach Love and do not practice it we are liars.We are CHRIST reps while we are here on this earth and we must act like it, by that I mean that we ask what would CHRIST DO?

  101. Sandy B.

    This is heartbreaking to see those that lead follow into the trap that is always ready to catch us slipping. Pray for them and pray for us as a whole.

  102. B. Wills

    I don’t know what I would have done had I been in that situation ,however I hope it would have been what JESUS would have done so lets not judge them but lift them in prayer.

  103. esan

    Musicians catch it too. Two confrontations I received out of 40 years of playing. We were moving into our new church and one lady brought a gun because I would’nt play a song she sang very well, but she just wouldn’t come to choir rehearsal, and I had over 40 other voices to deal with that were faithful and could sing too. She punched me in the back when she walked around with her offering. my my. Later that evening she came to my mom and dads house to apologize. Another church, I didn’t have an opinion on an event, and the choir member gritted her teeth at me and was going to make me talk. I told her to come to my house to discuss the matter, because the way she was looking and acting, she was going to make me go there with her at church and that’s not the place for that. I church house and grounds are sacred and should be happy times. This has been going on for a while,it was over 30 years ago when the first incident happened. Beware and be aware of where you are. Keep God’s place sacred.

  104. Rev. G. Taylor

    I know that God is able to do all things, even in this sad situation. This is another black eye on the body of Christ. We must lift the church and its leaders up in prayer. It does make you wonder, however, where was the Elder, and why did the Bishop send this man back to a church that really did not want his leadership. By the way, my mother told me that a man, for no reason, should hit a woman. But she did slap him real good! Touch not my annoited, you might get slap back!

  105. Mrs. J

    While there are a lot of pastors and preachers that are stealing, lying, and leading people astray, God is still Lord over all. He sees all, knows all, and will take care of it ALL. I don’t know the whole story, and nobody that didn’t attend that church knows the whole truth, perhaps nobody but God knows the whole total truth. Whatever the case may be, she was wrong for hitting him and he was wrong for hitting her back. No matter how our emotions may rise, the Bible says “Be angry but sin not”. And like the Bible says, Jesus will have to come soon before this world gets so bad that none of us will be saved!

  106. Carlos J

    Damn shame that we as black people who have been taken from our homeland & fed their religion & had our culture taken from us, act like our oppressors in this day & age.! Wake up Carlos J NYC

  107. cynthia

    i would like to straighten out a common misconception of people…God says judge according to the word!!! i get so tired of people saying ohhh you are not supposed to judge…that is not biblical – you are to judge according to the bible – not according to your own thoughts….people like to get around this point so they can tell people not to say anything about what they do – if God speaks against it then that is it – anyone can tell me anything about myself if it is in the word of God….as far as this church goes i don’t believe members should have that type of attitude towards a man of God – the bible states that God will deal with him….if he isn’t right it is not up to the members to remove him – it is up to God and his leaders….they sinned themselves by being so disrespectful to this man and making such a scene in front of the house of God….let God deal with our leaders – we have no say so in who God appoints or who the leaders of any ministry appoints…in the bible their were bad kings and good kings – and God wouldn’t let another take over unless he said so – David could not kill the king b/c God said he couldn’t – he had to wait until God appointed him….many churches have it backwards – the people are not to run the pastor – the pastor is the angel to the church

  108. Who won. It is really a shame, to be fighting in front of the house of the Lord, yet its true the female through the first stone. The Pastor should have turn the other cheek, and start practicing what he been preaching. She didn’t really slap him, she just laid hands on him. The Pastor knew his place, and it wasn’t in front of the church fighting.


  109. Nichole

    You have got to be kidding me!!!! Pastors are regular people like you and I. That’s the mistake we make as “Christians”, which is placing another person above ourselves in terms of accountability. If he held a public position such as a mayor, senator or president – voices would be louder as it pertains to scrutinizing his inept actions. No one should hide behind titles – pastor, bishop or whatever. When person accepts the responsibility of the office, the person should walk worthy of the office or face scrutiny like everyone else. Sure God will take care of him but there are local and national laws that govern this country, not to mention the world, that have been set in place for order. So too, in the church. There should be checks and balances, for the good of the people who worship and support the church. Contrary to the opinion of last posterm the pastor is not an angel to the church. The pastor is a shephard, who should lead the flock in the ways of the Lord. I agree with the poster cynthia regarding the fact that God raises and sets down leadership in the church. That’s the word and it not debatable. But if he breaks the laws of this land, he is subject to the laws of this land, end of story…Be blessed as prosper as your souls prosper!!!

  110. You all folks should be ashame….giving christians and communist a bad name….LOL….that sh$/ was funny….keep it up folks!!!

  111. FEMI


  112. Markesha

    LORD HELP US! I mean there are many things that I see wrong with this picture. No matter how wrong the leadership appears to be you have not the right to put your hands or mouth on he or she. Touch not his anointed do his prophet no harm…….. however for that leader to hit her back was not showing the love of Christ…… what happened to turning the other cheek…..????? For those of us who look at this and shake are heads and think that this does not apply to us we have another thing coming…… don’t judge……pray! Some people get so caught up in the “politics” of religion that they forget about the relationship we are to have with God. I can go on about this subject but I was not put on earth to analyze wrong doing….. but learn from it. Lets continue to pray ya’ll!

  113. misstianna

    This is sad. We ought to trust God more. That was wrong for that woman to slap a Pastor. No matter what he does. I pray for her life. Secondly the Pastor shouldn’t of hit her back. He should of fell to his knees at that moment. This is what happens when were not prayed and fasted up.

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  115. Diana

    Wouldn’t it have been appropiate if the pastor would have turned the other cheek, but let’s be real. She should not have slapped him either. There’s a lot of “Pimping in the pulpit going on in a lot of churches.” Sometimes we as christians have to pray for other christians. Let’s pray.

  116. Cookie

    Fighting on the church grounds is never a good look however that woman is old enough to know that if one passes a lick they should expect to get one back.That broad knew to keep her hands to herself. I am willing to bet that she won’t do that again.

    Hopefully the pastor will learn from the error of his ways and the true functions of the church will be restored.

  117. Four J's

    This is ridiculous, outrages,horrific and ashamed before God . What is wrong with this video you suppose to be able to hold your temper, set examples and more importantly turn the other cheek. Come on Pastor read your bible, I know it’s a time and place for everything but that wasn’t the time and place for anything that happen there. Yes she was wrong but two wrongs don’t make it right. You being the pastor should have made and showed your leadership instead of reacting by hitting a woman with your fist in her face, what would you have done it she had press charges against you? Think about who you are and where you were at!!!!!!

  118. rod

    I think that the lady should not have hit the pastor:however,the pastor should have not hit her back thats what the legal system exsist. The pastor a better aperson and remove himself if not wanted there . Preacher needs to do the godly thing leave there if they don’t want you.They both need to be save. Yes you both need the LORD. Sure make black folk look BAD

  119. Michael Gordon

    I don’t know what all the talk is about. What is the point of having the video? why are people talking about “people” fighting. It was clear as it could be. SHE STRUCK HIM!

  120. lLYNNIE


  121. Keeva

    Do unto others as you would have others do unto you…

  122. Joanne

    It’s sad when we loose respect for each other as a people. I is even more sad when respect is lost for the one who is suppose to be our leader or shepherd. Egos get in the way. Frustration starts to build. The church conference probably should have stepped in sooner. What was seen here has nothing to do with christianity. She should have never struck him but he really should have never tried to strike her back. Something is missing.
    They need much prayer and counseling so the church can come together again; without that pastor.

  123. Mrs. C. Wright

    I would have slapped granny back as well. But, she would have hit the ground.

  124. Derrek

    All of you all need to read “The Cost of Discipleship” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. It is a profound litmus test for where you are relative to your walk with Christ. The reason why the body of Christ is in such bad shape, is because many of us, particularly, church people, have “NO ClUE” what is means to be a Christian and a disciple of Christ. Should you decide to get the book, you’ll understand what I mean when I say that the majority of us operate in “Cheap Grace” and I’m not ashamed to put myself in that category, however, I’m going to change and I pray that those who need to do as well.

  125. Stacy Cade

    The thing that is truly unbelievable about is that I have had the oppprtunity to witness it. This is not news nor news worthy. This is just a smoke screen of the horrible realities that surround us everyday. I choose not to cloud my mind with this meaningless garbage. Instead I choose to continue to evaluate the potentials, probabilities and possibilities of the Blackmans future in America. To be or not to be, that is the question.

  126. black atheist

    Ha! That was funny. I thought Christians were supposed to turn the other cheek… silly theists.

  127. roddy

    that shit was funny. What is wrong with the two. They both need to be whipped as a child. This is what happens when you are peoplethat just go to church.

  128. Black Christian

    It was funny to me too. Because it looked comical. So naturally I laughed. This is the reason why the goal is to be like JESUS and not like Rev. Hubert or the woman who slapped him. There is always a battle between flesh and spirit…that’s where the grace of God comes in for Christians who consistently see the need to change and be like Jesus…cuz somebody will always temp you to haul off and slap them. It’s not a sin to be tempted that’s gonna happen the sin is when you follow through with the temptation…once you do that repentance needs to take place. If they are truly right before God they both still have a place in heaven if they choose to change wholeheartedly. People who believe just pray for both of them. Because none of us are any better then them…so just stop getting self righteous all you so-called Christians and you atheists need to find your unknown God–that’s Jesus. Peace.

  129. Terrie

    My grandmother used to call these types of church folks “Hell Raising Christians”

  130. l brown

    I think that alot of churches have these same issues they just aren’t caught on tape I strongly believe that everyman is accountable for their own deeds so slapping him wasn’t the problem if he has done wrong and as sure as he has breath the Lord will take care of him..I agree that the trustee should have never put her hand on him but a true man of God would not hit a woman although a pastor is human also a true man of God has special qualities and is annoited and know how to walk away …We as people of color need to stop giving the other races something to talk about it starts right with us!!!

  131. vera ware

    I’m not sure where this originated but I do know that is a device of satan to futher tear down and rip God’s people apart. If we are to busy fighting each other the devil slips in to steal and destroy It’s sad to see and I will be in prayer for these people and every other congregation open in Jesus name.You know I could just as easily post something on the web saying “hello white people or peckerwoods, and begin to show clips of Oprah’s show interviewing the white preacher’s wife , who shot and killed him, but because we all live in glass houses I dare not throw stones.

  132. Mike Williams

    O-Mazing Graze

  133. Kay

    Church has become big business. It’s not longer about the calling or the saving of souls its about passing the incorporation of the church to your son or your favorite deacon. Its about holding interviews and discussing contractural agreements to include how much of a bonus the pastor/bishop will get if membership increases over his term. Its about getting bank loans based on donations, size of congregation and current debts. Its no longer about God unless God wants every church to own its own community center and record label. I long for the moment when all of these folks so caught up in “the building fund” realize that God giveth and he will certainly take it away. It is not necessary to scould your congregation because you believe they are no longer giving their “required” 10 percent to the Lord; the Lord can fight his own battles. It scares me that so many folks are play with God these days. How long do we expect him to put up with this obvious disrespect?

  134. F

    Look to me like they ALL got the devil in them. Just because a man is called “pastor” don’t make his dookie smell any sweeter than anybody elses. We all sinner in the eyes of the Lord, and it is he that controls himself and does opposite of his animal urges that is the bigger and better person.

  135. As someone stated above, this clip is old…at least 12 years. And, here it is 12 years later and we still have people in the church fighting just like this and worse. Anger and present then, and anger is present now. Healing was and is available for all, but all are not embracing the user-friendly acceptance process of what is available. The end is here, and the exposure will be greater than this which we have seen. The wrong was not in her slapping him and him retaliating. The sin was committed in their heart before the physical manifestation. The sin had been there all along and the opportunity finally prevailed for the anger and hatred to show itself in a more than verbal manner. However it be, even some of us who are writing have done more detestable things than this, and lest we REPENT, forgive, and be forgiven, it can be us on UTube and someone will be writing a script about our shortcoming. I’d rather show my own wound and be free than to have it exposed and be full of shame. BeLoved!

  136. Heavy Heart

    This is sad. These people are part of the body of Christ. This is what happens when sin in the body is allowed to grow. Please stop passing this clip on to people it is a form of gossip.

  137. Shaee

    There have been a number of read worthy posts and I am in agreement with some. However the one that speaks the Loudest to me, is the prayer rendered by “Mark” Thank God for people who are true to the cause! Be Blessed All,

  138. Heavy Heart, Distribution of video of something that happened…actually happened is gossip? Someone better pray for the news media (yes I know, I know)…and Youtube is doomed. ???

  139. i don’t care what nobody says, that was funny as hell. i had 2 rewind that 10 times. lmao

  140. $Diva

    First look outside of a religious standpoint. A minister has a job, his position is to administer and interpret the Word. In that he is also to act in the best interest of his congregation. If this minister or any minister is doing a good job, I don’t believe things would esculate to this. So on any other job, if you’re not performing as required, you’re let go and I don’t see ministry any different. Appointed doesn’t make you annointed. Not all ministers are chosen by God to be ministers. Majoirty of them are chosen by man and they act as a man 24/7. I hope people will eventually come to understand the difference between passing judgement and holding someone accountable. Removing a minister is not judgment, declaring his incompetence is not judgment. To feel he is not fit for this particular church is not judgment.

    I’m appauled with this man’s actions but its clear he forgot his place. In any other position, its grounds for removal. Minister’s, in my opinion, have no business with their hands in the pot. That’s what the treasurer is for. Church records are public information and the congregation has the right to ask questions and get answers. The minister or treasurer can not plead the fif. Whether we like it or not…the institution is a business. It’s for the people it intent to serve and should operate as such.

    Spiritually, to know things like this goes on is simply sad. Congregation should have more respect for the ministry. Accept that the ministry is there to give you a whooping. If the MINISTER is being true to the Word, you’re going to feel it. Know that, that is good, it’s love and his heart is in the right place and as he delivers the Gospel he’s acting as a man of God (I know this too is subjective). As a student, as a child learn discernment. It’s one of the many lessons in the bible so you won’t get taken. So you won’t put your trust in man but the Holy Spirit. Learn how to challenge your ministers but with Love. As a child, its ok to ask WHY, its ok to want a better understanding, it’s ok to say that AINT right. If you’re a minister reading this, i hope you also understand it’s your civic and spiritual duty to make yourself openly accountable for your actions in regards to the ministry and those receiving it.

  141. Rev. E.D. Bowers

    The Pastor should in christian fellowship rescend this pastorship and move on. Let Bishops and Elders settle this matter with the members of the church..The Pastor himself, commited a grave error, never, never haandle the monies of the church, that is why all churches have Trustees(bonded) to handle the funds.

  142. Bokie

    My husband is a pastor and all I will say is, AMEN to the reply from Lachon.

  143. Neither one of them was right. He should have turned his other cheek and let GOD do the rest. They both will pay for their wrong doings. If the Pastor is misusing the church’s money the saying is “you reap what you sew” and besides that . One wrong does not make a right.

  144. My God!, My God! Remember, he said “he’s coming back for a church without a spot or a wrinkle”. When you know better is when you do better. And yet we say, we are “walking in the light and letting our light shine”. God is definitely watching us. The pastor did not show any self-control when his hand went up to a female. (What kinda man is he really)? And the sister act as if she was sent here to chestise the minister, wrong, wrong, wrong. We all have to stand before the judgement. Remember, that man is someone’s father, husband, brother, uncle, cousin and definitely a member of the body of Christ.

  145. Norman Silas

    I’d rather my pastor punch a woman in the face than molest little kids.
    Why are we putting our trust in any human being to guide us?
    We are not what God intended

  146. what a terrible thing to happen. with all the problems of the world the church and the pastor should be your safe place. The lady showed extremely poor judgement in slapping the pastor of the church. the pastor who is the leader of the church also showed extremely poor judgement by retalliating to her slap. Please let someone of authority and power step in to resolve this problem. that person everyone in the church needs to call on is God. He will resolve all problems and bring peace to this church

  147. Rhonda

    The pastor like the rest of us roaming the earth is human, he makes and will make mistakes; too bad the congregation’s concerns fell on deaf ears and really too bad the trustee took it upon herself to hit him, she was dead wrong for that. If I couldn’t find another church home I’d stay at home and get in my own prayer room with God……get it together St. James, God is watching us all.

  148. LaToya Sneed

    The only thing that I would like to say is when a Pastor does wrong in any kind of way we have to remember that he is first human, which means that he will fall short sometimes. That goes for all Christians we are going to fall sometimes and that goes back to the beginning with Adam and Eve. These people need to repent and try not to make the same mistake, because the world is watching us and this is the very thing that could keep someone from coming to Christ. So there is no need to sit around and point fingers, we need to pray and we need to pray now for that church and their pastors, and for churches all over the world.
    Thanks and have a Blessed day!!

  149. Tahtee Metoyer

    Please, all you need to go to Cottonport, LA’s Baptist church, Rev Augustine goes to all the local bars, picks up on women ( I was one that declined his invitation), his assistant Pastor has so many children out of wedlock it’s a census problem in this little town. This church has mainly one family, everyone in there is related except the Pastor, Im assuming that is why he stays there versus where he lives, because none of his family attend this “church”. All of these black males that belong to this “church” are womanizers, don’t know the meaning of Monogamous, deny their children conceived out of wedlock, treat all females like they are a lesser human and christian than them. She needed to slap him, him the man, because the him as a true pastor wouldn’t do anything to warrant this slap!

  150. D. Alexander

    He will be held accountable for anything that is going on in that church. It is not up to the people of God to watch over what the Pastor is doing. We must assume that the Lord is working throught him and that he is heeding to that small voince (Holy Spirit) and things are being done in divine order because God is not the author of confusion.

    What was displayed outside of this church was not of God and I pray that they have confessed, repented and asked for forgiveness and whatever is going on will surely be brought to the light.

    To God be the Glory!

  151. vb


  152. Once again, technology can be for us or against us…church matters should be handled at church, slapping a pastor is too disrespectful for words…Pastor punching back was unacceptable! We are responsible for our actions, no matter what position we hold- what ever happened to look before you leap, think before you speak, do we just react now? This is all a non-believer needs to see- how many were just turned from Christ watching u-tube?
    We need to be careful at all times- it’s not about me, you it’s about who? GOD!

  153. Ms. Lady

    The fight seems to be over the money in the church. When you pay your tithes it should go towards the up keeping of Gods house and not missed used. I do know of another church that went through something like this but the pastor found out that money was missing from the church so it was a big up roar in the church until they got to the bottom of it. But God sees it all and know who is doing what, weither it be the trustees or the pastor. God is very unpleased at this behavior. May God have mercy on this church

  154. greg

    wow. Ol Otis don’t take no mess

  155. Ann

    Sorry to tell you that this incident is dated. Rev. Armstrong died on August 8th of this year. Very sad that this all-too-common an incident arises in our houses of worship. But please, if you trust in God, pray for our churches, our members and the family of the late Rev. Herbert Armstrong.

  156. Yes, this is a dated clip, but no one cares. It’s funny. I’m sorry for those of you who don’t agree…it’s sad and funny.

    The saddest thing is that because these people did this, boldly, in front of cameras for the world to see, now the whole world can see it. It is part of the Reverend’s legacy. This should be a lesson to us all. You really don’t want to be in the grave and the main thing known about you online by thousands of people are images of a fight you had.

  157. Craig R

    This is what I’ve been saying all along. Black people…we are losing, losing badly. Not ALL OF US. But a lot of us are. Ok, the pastor was slapped. WRONG. Pastor hits back…and a woman…dead wrong. I know things happen can happend in church as well but it’s far deeper than that. We have got to come together as the black community. It seems we have lost our pride, dignity and self respect. We are losing sight of the fight that so many before us has fought that we may have some of the same opportunities as others. Our teachers are now, BET, MTV, VH1, Flavor of Love, New York. We might as well be in black face. What happened to the pride that we had as blacks? When did we stop taking care of and mentoring our children? When is ENOUGH, ENOUGH? One of the main problems is when another black airs OUR dirty laundry we gang up on them, call them out, chastise them and beat them over the head for doing so. WHY? We see our own people self destructing and we’d rather keep it in the closet than to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH. The Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharptons fought the 60’s fight. We need fresh blood, new leaders who understands todays blacks and go from there. There’s no more being passive. Yes, to many of our young brothers are dropping out of school left and right. Most think they are going to be a rapper. Some of ur beautiful young sistas are acting like hoochies instead of ladies.

    I just have to ask. When will we get it together? When are we going to stop being scared of offending our own people when we are see our own self destruction. I dont get it.

    Black people. For once. For once, tell your child no, he/she cant play PlayStation and to read a book. Tell him/her you will take your *ss to school and come home with a better report card. Tell him/her no, you are not hanging out all night, I dont care who’s house your going over. In other words. DISCIPLINE. We have taken it out of the Churches, the Schools and the neighborhood. That’s why they dont know/understand consequences of what they do and will go out and shoot someone or rob someone without a second thought.

    Enough is Enough black people. This statement is starting to be true in the black community…”Divided We Stand…United We Fall.

  158. Sad, but at least she didn’t pull out a gun and start shooting. They passed a few licks and others intervened to prevent further harm. Both were wrong, but both are alive and can now rectify or at least try to bring a mutual resolution instead of somber with regret.

  159. WHO POSTED THIS IS THE QUESTION……where did this come from and are we watching to see who is watch “us” It seems to me this has been posted by someone white…and it has all us black folk in a uproar….this crap is old..very old…look at the clothing….old news….let find out who posted this NEGROS…WTF

  160. Pingback: Empowerment

  161. Des D.

    Heaven help us all – we are suppose to lead by example.

  162. yolo

    This is hilarious, and at the same time disturbing. Sounds like we may neeed to re-evaluate how we are serving ourselves through spirit and when institutions long overdue for upheaveal need to be renewed….

  163. Nebo,NC

    We as a people should learn how to control ourselves. Not just in public, but mainly in the sight of the LORD. I will pray for them.

  164. Wow! What do you expect. We are the products of our environment. He’s 60 70 maybe 80 and for him to rise throughout the Chuuuurrrccchhh means that he was able to navigate the turbulent waters of the Mississippi. It is what it is! There is only ONE judge and him no live on earth! Let’s look beneath the surface, both of them, realistically, had alterior motives. Him power…her Who knows. I’ve read alot of the reponses and its the same garbage. Look…its up to each individual to ACCEPT their Trials & Tribulations, ACCEPT how, what, where and why you are just that…and Adapt & Overcome. NONE of us are victims for life breaks down to Decisions & Consequences and Knowlege plus Experience begets Wisdom.

    PEACE (To My Birth City St. Paul)

  165. Lorraine Findley

    I truly agree with the first lady (Janice Wright) comment. This is truly what happens when we trust in people and not God, This is why so many people don’t like going to church right now today because of all the foolishness that goes on in more churches today. and Janice was right with saying that the church is a hospital for sick souls.. or at least thats what it should be. there are so many people in the churches today that goes to church every week but have so much hate and bitterness in their hearts. All we can do is pray for them and ask god to have mercy on their souls. The real problem here is that people have turned our churches into businesses instead of a place where people can come and heal their souls and just enjoy the true word of god. I pray that we as the people of the world will get things back on track with our churches.

  166. Donnecia

    Unfortunately out of the 165 responses I did not read anywhere where someone actually offered up prayer instead of simply giving their opinion. For those of you who are really sincere and have the heart of a christian please join me in prayer. “Heavenly Father I lift this church and it’s members up to you right now. Lord we know that we are imperfect people but you left us with your Holy Spirit that will lead and guide us in all things. Lord we need your help right now. We can’t make it without you. Forgive us for all that we said, did and thought that was not pleasing to you. Lord we are all part of one body in Christ and we have some members of this body who are hurting. In the name of Jesus I ask that you Help us to show love and mercy towards our brothers and sisters instead of condeming them. Help us to stay mindful that we would all have to hang our heads in shame if you were to publicize all that we have done wrong. Lord I pray this prayer in your son Jesus’ name. Amen.

  167. Big deal! They’re human and people get mad, period. The reporter sad that tempers cooled. They also DIDNT ARREST ANYONE, SO IT’S OVER EVEN IN THE EYES OF THE LAW AND EVEN THE PEOPLE INVOLVED, OBVIOUSLY, DIDNT PRESS CHARGES. WOW! They’re soooo horrible, right?

  168. Plus, Snap, with good observation, posed a really interesting question and perspective.

  169. Mimi

    Shame on the AME Conference for returning a minister to a church where he is not wanted. The incident is senseless and could have been prevented if the matter was handled differently.
    The woman that slapped the minister was wrong and the pastor was wrong also. Read Jerimiah 23 and Ezekiel 13
    My pray is for the members of this congregation to experience healing.

  170. chapahill

    That lady whoopped that pastors doonnkkey…….And he knock the devil out of her didn’t he ya’…..

  171. EMANUEL R

    Unfortunately, this looks bad and could possibly be looked at by some as a reflection of what goes on in THE CHURCH as a whole.

    There may be some underlying issue or issues here that are not known by all, but most importantly… This situation needs GOD’s intervention.

    Please pray for GOD’s people…

  172. Never heard of this site before. I just received the link about this story. The sad thing is that it reflects on all Christians by having something like this happen in public. The trustee was just wrong to slap him. The ruling Bishop or whetever he is called should have been in town the next day. This is also a example of how it does not work to have someone other than the congregation call the Pastor. Among IFBs we would have voted him out and that would be that. They should pull out of the AME and start an independent church, call their own pastor, and solve the problem. I pray for peace for them.

  173. Francisca

    We all need to pay attention to what is happen, around us, the devil is pretty busy and when we get all worked up about anything we need to drawback and take a breath and have the Good Lord do his work.

  174. When a woman hits a man, she becomes a man at that point.


  176. mommasigma

    Why continue with the propaganda? This is not edifying the LORD; is it?

  177. Nancy S,

    “Everyday, people are straying AWAY from the church and finding their way back to GOD!” I have seen and heard enough with the so-called Church! There is very little difference bewteen church and “clubbing” these days. Same kind of action and the same kind
    of people.

    Actually this has always went on in the church. It was just more “discreet” back in the day. I saw it as a child. The affairs, the stealing, the fighting and the hypocrisy. In today’s world it’s just more obvious because of the media.

    I love the Lord and I KNOW that I have an intimate relationship with the Lord but I refuse to be a part of the “circus” that goes on every Sunday in these churches. I worship God at home with my family and HE always shows up!

  178. Annie K.

    She should have did just what she did,slap the hell out of him.

  179. Dickie

    youtube does not have cameras. That scene was taped by someone in that group. And someone had to send it to your media.

    Next, that is not “his” church.

    Next, who told y’all that man is “anointed” or “called”.

    How can he be above reproach just because he’s a preacher. Stop worshiping men – and that what you’re doing if you can’t see a preacher as just a man. Some of you actually see only the woman as “wrong” (and even her husband). How can you judge the situation and you weren’t even there before, during nor after.

    And God did not sit down and write that book. When you git through quoting, you’re quoting the MEN who wrote it. And it has been REwritten many, many, many times.

    The church has issues that need to be resolved, but we don’t know what they are – and I, for one, don’t need to know.

  180. Dickie…did you even watch the video??? It’s a clip from a television news cast. What do you mean “youtube does not have cameras”? No one in that group taped it. The media was on the scene.

  181. CC

    I aint mad at him. You can dish it, you can take. If he wouldna hit her back, she probably woulda kept on hittin him. If she woulda restrained herself, there would not have been a need for this site at all. Yall crazy fa postin it. Yep, prayer is a definite need in this situation. Too many people are lookin at this as a “spiritual” matter. This was not posted for prayer. It was posted to make “negros” look just the way they did (unrestrained and uneducated). What yall need to pray for is for this to be replaced with a more serious issue. Yall need to leave them old folks alone. Just forgive them. God already has!

  182. GH

    There’s a whole lotta folks in the church who needs ta be slapped! Amen!

  183. Tantrangle

    This is a great example of how natural instincts rule us over all of the teachings any religion can muster… besides, it’s all lies anyways.

    Do yourself a favor and look into the history of your religion, no matter what it is. And watch The God Who was not there DVD.

  184. DJ Majestic

    Totally out of order! There were many things that went wrong with that situation. But just like our own personal lives, many of our problems today can be traced backed to one crucial decision that was made in error. In this case, the altercatiom started because the woman failed to restrain herself. It does not matter whether she was angry. The bible says to be angry but sin not. Anger and frustration was not the problem. I have no idea about the financial distresses of the church. That is up to the AME church to investigate.

    Prayer is needed for every church, not just this one. Each church has confrontations like this one, just maybe not physical. In these last and evil days the enemy has tightened his grip. Isn’t about that the saints of God increase their “power”.

  185. ~ God said touch not my
    anointed and do my prophets no harm.~

    Yes, it says that in the word of GOD. However, the people in the pews are anointed vessels, they carry the Holy Ghost too, and so it is the HOLY GHOST who has been slapped as well, and yes, there is deep soul sickness in this congregation. There are so few checks and balances in some churches and denominations. People are hungry for the true Word of GOD and for the deliverance it brings, but if it isn’t being taught, and imparted correctly, these perish for the lack of knowledge. The pastor probably deserved to be slapped! God is not mocked, but mere men are. Yes, GOD see’s and knows all, and the Holy Spirit will reveal things to come and teach us all things as well. Thanks for this post. I love the site, Hello, Negro. Hilarious!

  186. no comment. foolishness to me.

  187. MINNIE


  188. EK

    This is really sickening to watch. First of all, how did I know that money was at the forefront of this fight before I even watched the video? Simple, because like I tell many people church is a business just like any other business. I find the hypocrisy of church to be downright sickening these days and that is why you won’t find me sitting up in anyone’s church. The woman was wrong for slapping the minister but I was even more disturbed by the minister punching this woman in the face. They are always preaching to us to turn the other cheek but he had no problem punching a woman in the face. And then he said to let her go because his punk ass wanted to fight a woman. I have no respect for a man who punches a woman. If he was that angry then he could have at least smacked her back with an open hand, but to ball up his fist and punch a woman tells me that he is in fact a punk.

  189. Trying to see Jesus

    If we all spend 6 months working on ourselves and 6 months minding our own business we would all be better off. Get of the judgement seat and get on the mercy seat. Especially since the pastor is gone on.

  190. jada

    It seems like we, as black people, are also in the media. The media loves to portray us on wellfare, fighting, killing, raping, and on welfare. When is it gonna STOP !!!! My people are lost because of a lack of knowledge.

  191. Renata

    I like what black christian said, ditto!

  192. Renata

    This is a plain embarrasment….and look at their ages too! At that age they really should know better, and the fact that they’re church folks is really a plain doggone shame.

  193. DLBrooks

    Truly, this is sad! However, it happened. It only brings light to the fact that there are issues that we need to pray about. Pray for your families, as well as, your leaders. We sometimes get so caught up with what’s going on in our own house, that we forget to pray for the church-house, the statehouse and the whitehouse. We need God to send a revival to all of these houses! In the words of Spike Lee, “WAKE UP!” (School Days)

  194. Ohio

    All have sinned and fell short of the glory of God. The bible says we must pray for them who have charge over us. When Jesus went into the temple and found them selling, and stealing, he beat them out of the temple. So, if the trustees are doing their jobs right. How is the preacher sticking his hand in the funds. Someone writing checks and giving out funds to the Preacher. That is if it’s true. With banking of today. There should be 2 signers of the check.

  195. I prefer nigas stay at they side.

  196. bill

    this is so sad . . . you do not have to judge in this situation, for it is as you see it . . . Not only should this “Man of God” be removed immediately he should also be sanctioned by th AME District . . . this also speaks to their leadership . . . Sad . . . “we must pray”

  197. Maria

    It is definitely sad to see that members of the clergy are engaging in such unseemly behavior. The most discouraging thing about this situation is that people look at this as an example of God’s church and this is not what all churches are about. The members who left the church because they didn’t agree with the pastor’s actions were the most appropriate in this situation. Pastors are the shepard’s that God set to watch over our souls. It is not our jobs to determine if the pastor is sent by God, but rather to decide if that church is right for us. If the church is not, then we need to seek a church that meets more of our personal teaching/preaching style. The answer is definitely not to go to church, because the bible states how can you hear but by a preacher. Let’s not turn this into something it is not. This is not proof that all churches are bad. This is an example that preachers and church members are people just like me and you and have issues they are working on personally.

  198. I am a God fearing man that believes that the beginning of this confrontation started when the trustee decided, whether by ego or committee to confront the Pastor about allegations of mis-use of funds that obviously were supposed to be in her control. If she was so concerned with the situation she should have alerted the proper authority to her suspicions; the Bishop or the Police and let them investigate and not let her ire be demonstrated in or outside of the church (House)
    It is not the trustees responsibility to chastise or berate the head of the congregate giving him or her more power that an administrator is subject to.
    Deacons, Elders, are the supporting cast for all ministry and no one should be forced to contribute funds toward the church especially if you expect a review or report on how the funds are distributed as long as the reason you joined this congregate was to either offer some service and receive the word in love! not become an accountant on why God chose to bless you or me.

  199. oops upside ya head, say oops upside ya head!

  200. Lucem ferre

    I think it was funny as sin. (Pardon the pun, I guess.) Why is anyone so surprised and/or upset to see so-called Christians fighting. Christian history, from the Catholic dominated frist 1200 or more years to the Protestant movement on through American slavery and on to Hitler and now with George Bush, the name of Jesus has been used along with the violent bible to justify genocide, rape, mass murder, war, slavery, anhilation and total destruction. Hell, it was God Himself who sent the flood and killed every man, woman whether pregnant or haven just given birth to a little baby, every older person every crippled child and disabled grown-up, every sick and infermed person over the entire planet except for Noah and his family and it’s God Himself who predicts He’ll do it again but only this time with fire instead of water. Now What is more violent and less loving or mercyful than that?

    C’mon folks! Read your bible with a clear mind and study history with an open eye and you’ll see that slavery was totally justified by Christians using the bible which supports slavery from Genesis forward. Read a little about Hitler and you’ll see that he was a devout Christian/Catholic and now look at the Catholic Church and how those Christians raped little boys for two thousand years and had it covered up. I said c’mon folks! And you’re shocked and sickened and surprised by that video of a man slapping a person that slapped him first. HMMM? Strange, very strange.

  201. SandyC

    We should, first, remember that the Church is the Lords. We must lose the Pharisaic mentality. The Church does not belong to us. It is God’s by ownership and the ours by stewardship with the Pastor as the visible head. Money given to the Church belongs to the Lord. Once given, it no longer belongs to you, it belongs to the Lord. For instance, if I give you a pair of shoes, I cannot tell you when and where you can wear them. They belong to you, not me. God is well aware of what is going on in His Church. It’s very funny, when God “sends” a Pastor, there are always members who think God is wrong. If we spend more time being the members of the church and stop trying to be the leader/head (Pastor) of the church, there would be more peace in the church. “We are many members but one body;” not many heads with no body. In nature, anything with more than one head is considered a freak and this applies in the spirtual, too.

    Next, we must remember that we are all human. We can all say “What would Jesus do?” but we are not Jesus, we are yet here and alive. When we become perfect, the Lord will call us home to be with him. (Absent from the body and present with the Lord.) No, we don’t judge these people for God has said He is the judge. As we mature spiritually, we aspire to become more like Jesus and we are made the righteous through him. As the children of God, we need to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ, that we (God’s children) become beacons for the lost in this world. Let’s stop talking about it and be about the business of the Lord. That business is leading others to Christ, not worrying about money that belongs to God. The church is a “Theocracy” not a “Democracy.” Matters that apply to the world (natural) do not apply to the church (spiritual).

    One more thing, the Lord has many churches. If you find yourself in one that does not meet your spiritual needs, you can always ask the Lord to lead you to the one that does.

    God is not mocked and He can handle His business!

  202. typical church politics; one of the main reasons I got out of the AME denomination as soon as I was old enough to make my own decisions. Typical!

  203. ChitownDiva

    I see postings where people are saying – she should not have put her hands on the pastor of the church. Please she should not put her hands on anybody. That is part of the problem. In these churches people have elevated folks and are not cultivating their relationship with God. If they were this mess would not even happen as everyone would keep their hands to themselves and PRAY or leave that particular church for another where they can get along more peacefully.

  204. whitesides06

    This is sad for adults to be acting like ignit children. See why the lost don’t come to christ b/c we have poor examples of christ all over this world. It’s basic we have to learn eg conflict resolution, conflict avoidance..The basic man!

  205. Skate

    Well, first of all I would like to know who taped this? Second of all, no matter what he shouldn’t have hit her. I don’t care what anyone says, a woman cannot win in a match with a man. So he should have taken the slap, cause he ‘stole’ on her. He could have just grabbed her up real quick to protect himself from additional blows, but he was wrong for slapping her. Plus I know it couldn’t have hurt that bad. Now he was wrnog for terminating her on like that. Very unbefitting of a Pastorhe is lucky that he fired her and not the other guy, lol!

  206. Lee

    Nobody knows what happened to start this mess in this church, but it was definitely handled wrong. This is the kind of thing that destroys the churches witness. How can we tell anyone else what “Thus saith the Lord” if we react in such a manner. The world is watching the church, just waiting for it to mess up. This should have been handled behind closed doors and settled in a christian manner. I know, I’ve been there and it destroys and does nothing to build up the kingdom of God.

  207. Love covers a multitude of sins. Who ever put this on the net is in many ways far more greatly responsible for the demeaning of Chrisitanity than those who participated in this confrontation. Where perhaps only thousands saw this when it was on the news now that it is on the i internet millions have seen it and of those millions many
    who crticize or make mockery at Christians and the Christ who died for them have more fodder
    for their ridicule. As a result ,I can assure you I will not forward this on to anyone. In my small way it will stop at me and no one who is in my network will receive this. What good can possible come from forwarding anything that is not edifying to the Lord? Who ever started circulating this through the e-mail will certainly answer for this one day.

  208. Victoria

    I agree with Lee White. This is not edifying to the LORD, however entertaining to say the lease as if this was a joke. Sadly it is not. I only pray that those who have seen this truly has the spirit of the LORD and trust in him and not man. Man will always disappoint you for our Heavenly Father loves goes past our imagination. Is this when Jesus weeps?

  209. David

    I understand, but cannot fathom some of the responses to this travesty. I fully support the biblical teaching about turning the other cheek, these words guide and correct us that follow the Word. However, society dictates actions that are sometimes contrary to sound doctrine. I believe in my heart that the womans’ actions were premeditated, and as such needed to be reminded that anyones actions have consequences. Anybody (man, woman, girl or boy) who decides to take matters in their own hands needs to recognize that for every action, there is a reaction. The Bible states plainly, “touch not my anointed.” When she stepped in to the man’s role of her relationship (especially when her passive husband stood by to allow it) she should have expected a lot more than she got. Point blank. That does not excuse the reaction of God’s Man, but I respect him a lot more in this scenario than her. Then, to hear her husband start to sell “wolf tickets ” after the fact, was even more infuriating.
    I think that the most to be gleaned from this unfortunate situation that there is a season for everything. If the Pastor was not handling his end of this transaction to the trustee’s satisfaction, there are ways of handling the situation without reducing themselves to be laughing stock for anyone who happens on to this footage. Conversly, if the trustee board is not handling their business, the Pastor has the same group to express his concerns. It is just a fact that we have to emulate the world, instead of practicing what we hear preached, and read. Just my opinion.

  210. EdwardG

    Wow…clearly someone needs MUCH prayer. The lady that slap the pastor needs her ass whipped. The pastor who would punch a woman is beyond words…a true heathen.

  211. God's Anointed

    regardless of this situation, and circumstance, this lets us know that if the devil is that loose in the people of God, the day of the Lord is soon to come. Its not for us to critize these people, but to pray for them, they need to realize rather whose right or wrong, that as people of God we wrestle not against flesh and blood, and that when we start fighting against each other, that we are giving the the devil just what he wants. Its him we fight not each other.

  212. Jetre'

    Bottom line! The lady should have kept her hands folded in prayer and not upside the Pastor’s head.

    His response was pure reflex. He was a bigger man then the rest and went forward to shake her hand in hope of a resolve. Instead she bought violence to the situation.

    It is probably she who created the mess in the beginning and just plain mad cause she ugly inside and out. Idle mind with nothing to do. Just plain evil. Every church has this type.

    She probably had a crush on the minister and he has in some way rejected her and she mad. MAD!!! I tell you.

    Is she the great example of “SAVED???? “

  213. Angel Without Wings

    I have read the majority of the comments here. In my opinion, everyone is entitled to there opinion regarding this matter. I did not get this video until today, when it was found in my email inbox.

    Obviously, it is still being circulated, for whatever reasons.

    Hey, there is a reason for everything! Maybe, I got it in my inbox, at this particular time in my life, to keep me stronger in my faith, maybe for another reason. I do not know yet, and may never know the true reason it hit my inbox.
    But here it is! I did not ask for it.
    After seeing it, there really was no strong emotion, since this type of thing unfortunately, happens all of the time.

    Wow! Funny? Sad? Against the church? Against God? Violence against women? Blacks being exploited in the media negatively? A reason for youth not wanting to go to church? Atheists confirming their beliefs (or non-belief) in religion, and how religious people carry themselves? Anger? Judgemental? Sarcasm?

    Look at all of the responses we have had. This has really made people think, or not, depends on how “you” look at it (smile).

    This has brought us all together in one place to talk about………..?

    God, Jesus, the Lord was referred to over a hundred times here. He is powerful!

    Who knows? Maybe “that” was the purpose. To get lot of people from various backgrounds, with many different opinions together to talk about God.
    Maybe not?

    “Everything”, “all” things have to do with God. God “is” everywhere! Even in this conversation.

    There is a reason for everything. We do not always have to know the reason. Just do and say what is right, even in situations such as this, and watch what God does for “you”!

    Do not submit to wrong-doing especially in the face of sin. Do and say the “right” things, and God’s will be done. His will “will” be done anyway, you know?
    The Pastor and the Trustee could have been you or me. I have to remember to watch what I say. Think it before I say it, because the tonge is very, very powerful. The words you all have left here today effect someone, in some way. Please be responsible for your words. If I have offended anyone with my opinion, it was not my intentions, and I humbly apologize to you.

    God is good isn’t He (smile).

  214. Blessed Woman

    First and foremost, passing a comment or opinion would be passing judgment. In this case, I plead the fifth. However, it is real –prayers are needed in every aspect of our lives as well as every day of our lives. I shall pray for this church (members) and pastor as many may know the people is the church. In conclusion, pastors will be judged more harshly so lets pray for this pastor’s soul and pray for one another for every day is a struggle. As christian people we have to learn to pray together and stand on his everlasting word.

  215. Berry

    Psalms 34:11-14 (NIV) Come, my children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the Lord. Whoever of you loves life and desires to see many good days, keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies. Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.

  216. Berry

    God is real, alive and worthy to be praised. If we would read His word and allow it to become alive in us we would not be so easily moved by the devil.

    Another point for the devils team!

  217. Over 25 years ago, the late brother Keith Green shared a message with the church that is worth considering again. Keith’s message came in the form of a satirical comic that appeared in the magazine he published called the Last Days News Letter.

    In this cartoon there were many sheep looking animals grazing in a pasture, along with something that looked like a shepherd watching over them. Picture this: in this pasture, there was a donkey with a sheep skin on its back passing itself off as a real sheep. There was an elephant with a sheepskin on its back passing itself off as a sheep. There was a skunk, a dog, a pig, a lion, several snakes, and many other animals with sheepskins on their backs passing themselves off as sheep too.

    Of all of the animals in the pasture, there were only two or three real sheep left among them. One of the remaining real sheep said to another of the real ones left, “There is something funny about that shepherd.” This sheep was concerned because clearly sticking out from under the shepherd’s hood was a long wolf’s snout with sharp teeth protruding out of its mouth. And from under the shepherds robe, a long bushy tail was sticking out of the back side–it looked just like a wolf’s tail! However, the sheep to which this question was posed answered the concerned sheep with calmness, and said, “You know that we are not supposed to judge.”

    For all y’all that think that Christians are not supposed to judge, you are doing so based on an erroneous understanding of Matthew 7:1. I want to encourage you to read the rest of the passage in Matthew 7 (7:1-5). Mt. 7:5 says, “Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Yes, it is hypocritical to stand in judgment of some one for the same sin that you are doing. However, this text does not forbid us to judge. It encourages it! And it does not say that the person calling it like it is must be sinless, have never done anything wrong, or be heartless. It is just saying don’t be a hypocrite when you judge. Get it together first, then work to help someone get it together!

    We are commanded in the Bible to hold each other accountable. This means that we have an obligation to God and to each other to judge righteously, according to biblical truth, and with a spirit of meekness (Gal. 6:1). Take a look at these verses below:

    • 1 Corinthians 6:2 Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the world will be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters?
    • John 7:24 “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.”
    • 1 Cor. 5:1-4 ¶ It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you, and such sexual immorality as is not even named among the Gentiles–that a man has his father’s wife! 2 And you are puffed up, and have not rather mourned, that he who has done this deed might be taken away from among you. 3 For I indeed, as absent in body but present in spirit, have already judged (as though I were present) him who has so done this deed.
    • 4 In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, when you are gathered together, along with my spirit, with the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, 5 deliver such a one to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.
    • 1 Cor 5:913 ¶ I wrote to you in my epistle not to keep company with sexually immoral people. 10 Yet I certainly did not mean with the sexually immoral people of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or idolaters, since then you would need to go out of the world. 11 But now I have written to you not to keep company with anyone named a brother, who is sexually immoral, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner–not even to eat with such a person. 12 For what have I to do with judging those also who are outside? Do you not judge those who are inside? 13 But those who are outside God judges. Therefore “put away from yourselves the evil person.”

    One of the hardest things that I encounter when trying to share Christ with the lost youth in my community, is that they encounter too many “we mustn’t judge Christians” living lives that are shameful. These young people tell me that they encounter Christians in the same clubs, dancing the same dances, after the same things they are after, drinking what they drink, etc. They tell me that if this is what Christians are, than they don’t need to be a Christians. Could it be that Satan has tricked us in saying “we are not supposed to judge” to the point where we have rendered ourselves irrelevant? Jesus warned us of this in Matthew 5:13 “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.”

    Wake up Church. Pay for revival

    Pastor Eric

  218. Funny how someone who devotes their life to religion can lose their cool thus contradicting everything they stand for in a mere moments time. It only justifies the lady for slapping his bitch ass. What a shitty pastor.

  219. Juicy

    Ha hahhhhhhaaaaaaaaa

    Whoaaaaaaaa Negras Negras Negras Negras Negras.

    ahhha aahhha ahah lol lmao

    You find a church. You find all of this all the time. It was just caught on tape (by white folk) lol.
    They get mad and make another church, churches, churches, churches. They can’t get along.
    It’s that slave mentality.
    They did remember the lessons of the Bible!……..”he who is without sin, throw the fist punch”……..ha ha ha
    Whose to determine, who turns the other cheek?

  220. LOL @ all of the people who are acting surprised that something like this has happened within a church organization. The church is where all problems start, and never end. This video is nothing compared to the harm that X-tianity and all other organized religion has caused/ causes/ will cause the world. This is a show of church people at their best. Now is the time for you people to start being REALISTIC! Violence, angst, manipulation, extortion, passing judgment, arguing, contradicting, etc are all acts of organized religion sheep (as depicted in this video as well as in your everyday lives). Now I’ll leave you tools to type messages such that “jesus loves me,” or “god loves me” like you always do. The others of you are going to try to go against the grain, and– now that I’m mentioning it– refrain from swearing / judging me, but let’s face it…you have it in you. It’s a part of you. Go ahead…attack. I won’t be back to read it.

    Before I go, I must state how much I love the comments about how a person “should not hit their minister”. LOL!!! When will you people stop quoting previous manipulators, and start thinking for yourselves? The bible was written by the most untrustworthy people for the sake of controlling the mass / manipulating the tools. It’s a wonder that such a meaningless conglomerate is still capable of rearing the weak at mind, and yes people…this means YOU!

  221. Dee

    Granted, the lady shouldn’t have hit the pastor out of respect to his position, but I’m a little tired of hearing “touch not my anointed”. If you’re saved, you’re just as anointed as a preacher, a pastor, an evangelist, a worship leader, a prophet etc…because the Holy Spirit lives in you just like He lives in those people. You’re a mirror image of God just like they are. Just because the pastor is anointed to be a pastor doesn’t make him any better than a “lay” person in the congregation. We’re all “anointed” to SERVE and to lead lost souls to Christ before it’s too late.

  222. ne should ever put there hands on a woman. so what if she slapped him, he should be man enough to not go and hit or punch a woman. what a jerk.

  223. Marvin

    Wow, what a disgrace, those are not just grown people but senior citizens and suppose to be people of the church. First I cannot believe the lady slapped the pastor but even significantly more troubling is that the pastor hit the lady back, not just a return slap but the pastor tried to punch the lady in her face. The pastor’s retaliatory response to the lady’s slap although the former an assault on the pastor is as disgraceful as the former. Certainly the pastor had a right of self defense but it appears from the video the lady was not going to slap the pastor again, but the pastor’s punch to the ladies face seemed to escalate the initial slap to the pastor to what would have been an all out fight had the two men whom intervened had not, and it seemed apparent that the two men whom did intervene would have intervened if the lady had attempt another slap, plus the pasture could have defended himself on the occasion of another slap until such intervention was either apparent or not apparent and then lashed out with offensive action. But, as it looks on the video they are both guilty of assault. Whatever happened to a man taking a slap from a woman with dignity and not retaliating back with physical force intended to hurt the woman but merely to restrain or defend. I guess that concept left us or has been degraded with the advent of woman’s liberation and the somewhat affirmative actions used by our governing bodies to compensate women for allegedly past injustice. What kind of a society are we to become if such action as the two characters in this video is a product of or society and then is tolerated, excused, or made light of? They both should be punished but the pasture should be expelled from the church; he should have at least turned the other check, i.e. the New Testament. Neither one of them should ever again ask for a senior citizen discount.

  224. mike

    I wish I would’ve been there! He NEEDS his azz beat for striking a SISTA! The QUEEN of the Earth, deserves better than that!

  225. denise

    What in the world was that ?? I think that is a very poor example of “christian behavior”. That women was not under the guidnace of the Holy Ghost. The Pastor SHOULD NOT have hit her back either! I think they need to go get in there Prayer closet and get themselves right before claiming they are leaders in ANY Church!

  226. Joanne

    What an unfortunate incident. Words from the Apostle James are certainly in order:
    5″If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.
    19&20 Wherefore my beloved brethren, let everyman be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath: For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.” (JAMES 1:5, 19&20)
    Apostle James admonishes us to pray to God for the ability to make wise decisions and not to be hasty in our action.
    God was not glorified in this situation. We all need to pray!


  227. Stu

    Be angry and sin not. Turn the other cheek. They are both wrong for this, however the largest tragedy is the example they have shown to the country. I don’t think any one who saw the video or read the story would attend that church.

    Someone on the blog said she should have hit the minister. He is a man just like everyone else. He deserves no different treatment than anyone else. He preached about the bible, then maybe he should have read it and turned the other cheek. It seemed like he was not being a good steward of the Lord’s money. No one is right in this situation, they need to repent and reexamine themselves and how they stand up to the bible. They don’t have to show me anything, they need to show God everything. Remember our standard is not man it is the bible. God Bless

  228. I think that is a shame that church people would act like that in public. I believe that there is no God in anything that they do. The people left this church because God had left first.

  229. Mikelash

    Well, what can we say. It is what it is. We also must realize, there’s is no ‘black’ unity. We, like white people, are diverse in our thinking and doings. There’s no ‘one’ black voice, we aren’t unified no more than whites. We need to stop thinking that we all are alike.
    We also need to stop this ‘Kings and Queens’ stuff. We didn’t come from kings and queens in Africa. Think people, there were very few kings and queens. Everyone else were servants. You and I most likely came from ordinary black worker bees, not kings and queens.
    As for the so called black muslims. Who gave you the corner on blackness? You have done almost nothing for blacks as a whole. Yet you always putting blacks (and christianity) down. You’ve done nothing for our rights, you’ve not helped pass any kind of legislation. All you do is speak what’s obvious, and say white folks are the devil. Give me a break. Rev. King and Jesse Jackson has done more for black people (jobs, housing, education, rights) than ‘any’ black muslim has done, including Elijah, Malcolm, and Louis put together. Don’t get it twisted. Who remembers anything that was said at the Million Man March. Farrakan had a great opportunity, but he blew it. Don’t get me wrong, he gets an A+ for the gathering itself, but his speech was forgetful. I left there very disapointed and empty about his speech, but I must admit, I was inspired by the gathering.
    I think I got off track, didn’t I?

  230. Eugene Holt

    I have read most of the comments about who was right and who was wrong. Noone should be removed they both were wrong. If we were all perfect, then there’s no need for the church. The church is a place for “SICK FOLK”. We all are striving to do whats right and sometimes we lose it. This is what this pastor did, He lost it. The bible states that our God is a forgiving God. We just need to pray that they get this right……Because of HIM! E. Holt Griffin GA

  231. joyce

    This is just like church folks and thats what they are, because true christians would not be behaving in this manner. But my observation of church folks is that they are a bunch of hypocrites.

  232. joyce

    In all ways acknowlege Him (God)

  233. Lloyd L. Smith, Sr

    To Whom It May Concern:
    There’s an old saying that Good pitchers stop good hitters and vice verses. Good leadership in anyplace will prevent fights, but: ( Satan have many people especially non christ like pastors making a mockery of God’s word in the building called church) and the mockery is not discovered until a fight break out in the building or in the parking lot. Persons whom fight for any reason are people whom definitely don’t understand that vengence belong to God alone: ( Also any persons whom fight on any church ground don’t have respect for themself, God nor the person or reason which they’re fighting for) they just want to fight. Within my years of military services and experience with people whom fight in and outside of the church: (Their basic reason are either their pastor is having an affair with another female or male and/or the money given for God’s grace has been discovered to be utilized for a satanical reason and: ( Some one were neglected ). Personally I have had reason after reason to fight another person in the church building, on the church grounds but the words of Jesus keep me idle: ( You will know my people by the fruit of their spirit). Have a great day and enjoy God’s blessings and: ( If you happened to be one of the church ground fighter it’s forgiveable) but please put into practise: ( Inviting someone whom you have a problem with to a general discussion regarding ” What’s Right instead of Who’s Right”.

  234. This is ashame, and to have it aired is a disgrace to the Black-Christian Church!!!

    What would a Non-Believer think?

    How can we help win souls for Jesus when we act out like this?????

    …..And you wonder why folks don’t go to church? I wouldn’t either with MESS going on like this.

    I would change churches as well. To me it’s abomination to God on both the Trustees side and the man that was slapped. But yes I think she deserved to get hit back. Couldn’t have been me!!! They are not on one accord and I hate to say it in the AME orgination if the congreation does not like you, you’re gone? Is this inline with GOD’S WORD?

    The man of God was sent to Preach the WORD, not win likeness competions for the Community!!!

    GO FIGURE!!!!

    Anyone that has a problem with what I have stated, please feel free to contact me Via E-Mail

    inquiring minds want to know what’s really going on in today’s churchs’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Marco Algernon
    Athens, GA

    Best Reguards :-)
    Smile Cause he is so WORTHY TO BE PRAISED!!!

  235. SGREEN

    This is ridiculous. I’m sorry to say and you may disagree, but the lady that slap him was wrong; even the pastor. He has to be like Jesus. Jesus came to this earth to show us how to live righteous. I didn’t see any righteous in the pastor or that lady. Scripture says in Matthew 5:16 Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. There was no light whatsoever in that pastor or that lady nothing but evil. Satan is just sitting back laughing. Sorry to say that pastor should have turn the other cheek and not said anything. Matthew 5:39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also. That pastor needs to repent and get back in line…. Hopefully he is a truly Holy Ghost filled pastor.

  236. Mark

    Well if “negros” were not riding on the slave masters christianity in the first place, (africans did’nt come over to this country uttering any jesus christ), then this would’nt even be an issue. of course it is not right to hit a woman (or a man)common sense. There are two issues going on here and the “god” issue seems to be underlying the abuse issue. we can’t find peace on a false foundation.Chritianity is a myth based on kemetan (Egyptian) astrological principles also (Look up “good ship jesus/john hawkins” to start with on the net.) peace.

  237. albert

    peace and love for everybody

  238. Katchi

    I saw the video and read the comments… It went from two people fighting in the streets to people fighting for their beliefs and opinions on the internet. This is all just a part of the plot of the Fallen Angel and the plot of his agents. We don’t want a world of peace. There would be no use for youtube, the news, etc. We thrive off the discontent and the malcontent. Then we thrive off being able to judge or justify their actions. We feel the need to feel ‘better than’ those we judge and justify.

    What are we learning from this video? Are we learning about human nature? Are we learning about tests, temptation and turning the other cheek? Are we learning about how our people are being caught on tape by the media? Are we learning anything about business? Are we learning anything about the acts of God and his appointed’s appointed? Are we learning the outcome of mismanagement? ARE WE LEARNING ANYTHING?

    I cannot judge the pastor. He feels he was justified in his response by suspending her, firing her, then punching her back after she slapped him and participated in having him removed from his appointed office.

    I cannot judge the woman. She feels her response was warranted. (She paused before she was slapped. She only slapped him after he said she was fired, not after he said she was suspended.) She felt he was not the right person for the job, took steps to remove him from his position and wound up losing hers. She probably felt disgraced and publically humiliated. Her action may have been a reaction.

    I cannot judge the media, nor the camera man, neither can I judge you all for your opinions about what happened. I will not ask you to pray for them, and neither will I send out curses of vendication for their actions. What happened happened. It has been done and now is over. It had happened before, and will probably happen again. That is the nature of man in dealing with these and other religious politics and practices.

    Long ago, people were killed for being Christian, later they were killed for not being Christians. I don’t know if the rules (for religion refers to binding laws of man and morality) are too hard to adhere too, or if man is just too hard-headed to follow them…but whatever we are doing to come together and be as one is not working.

    We know what we should be doing to bring peace, but we refuse to do that. As such, this will just continue to keep happening.

    Let the faithful witness see this and record it.

  239. Whaaat. That video was a shocking video.

    PS: I hope you had a happy new year!

  240. Kela Mclin

    I honestly am tickled by the reality that the old school is no better than my young generation. But she was wrong as much as he was wrong but the reality is to me that old folks is old,anal,and always mad when their way is not excepted, Ihope that this does not effect the young souls like mine looking for aplace to govern themselves with one another. Can it be done?……….
    —Kela S. Mclin

  241. Katherine

    I would like to know what has happened to the Church since then. Please send update.

  242. Katherine, somewhere in the comments someone gave an overview of the whole situation…you’ll have to scan the whole 241 comments though.

  243. tory

    Lord bless every person on this page, take the negativity from their hearts. Bless this church,and every other church in this world. We all need You.
    In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

  244. Erin

    God has a way of fixing all things. I read most of the messages on this page. Everyone is criticizing the pastor and the lady for fighting then you all started a war of words. This is sad. We have got to do BETTER.

    I shall pray for you all!

    Be Blessed and know that through GOD All Things ARE Possible.

  245. signs of the times

    Prepare, pray and seek God The Most High, for mans time is near,our Father which art in Heaven hallow be thy name thy Kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we fogive those who tresspass against us .and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for yours is the Kingdom on Earth and in Heaven, forgive us all Father God and protect us from those who serve the beast that seeks to take us from the path of rightousness and steal, rob and murder your Children, Father God this i ask in the name of the Son,and the Holy Spirit. amen Halleluehah, Halleluehah, Halleleuhah God forever.

  246. Dr. Robert B. Clark,jr.

    Wrong will never be right no matter who does it. In this case I see three wrongs:
    Locking the Pastor out) (Woman slapping Pastor)
    (Pastor hitting woman.)
    Vengeance is mind saith the Lord. We Christians need to pray that they all be forgiven and that the cause of Christ will not suffer because of this obvious failure.

  247. lord jesus what a mess i’m at the library i could’nt here what started the fight because theres no speakers but that is a disgrace to the whole body of christ . all this church need is to pray and hard that don’t make no since and for them to be old what are there example for the younger generation i’m just shame she was wrong and he was to so . so be it but i hope they both repented before they got some shut i will continue to lift up St. James AmE

  248. This woman had no right to slap a Pastor of the church. He had a right to sit her down if she is out of order. It is only one overseer of the local church. It is Jesus Christ and the man whom He placed over that local church which is the Pastor. The Bishop of that church is the Pastor. This is why churches do not need to people running the church. Churches only need one Sheppard and that is the Pastor.

  249. Brother Blair

    We need to realize that there’s no perfect man, so instead of talking about your Pastor or trying to remove him, what we need to do is look in the mirror first; then pray for him, because we all have sinned and fall short of the Glory Of God. We’re not saved by our good deeds, but through grace and mercy; so what we need to realize, is that how can we ask God to forgive us, when we are not willing to forgive ourselves?

  250. Holding Firm

    The pastor is not God, people are putting too much confidence into a man who is flawed also. No one is perfect but the father, not the pastor who does sin. The touch not my anointed comment is very often taken out of context like a lot of the scriptures. The pastor was nominated for the position and as trustees and board members they can vote him out of the church. It happens all the time, not sure how the appointment by a board is biblical but nonetheless that is how it is. I don’t agree that she should have slapped him, but I am outraged that he punched her like he was fighting with a man in a street brawl. Everyone is pointing fingers at the lady for the initial slap, is the pastor not wrong for his retaliation? After all he is a man and should have been the bigger person. To do this all on camera and have the audacity to tell the guy to let the woman loose like he was going to break her down. We want to know why people don’t want to have anything to do with the church, let alone get saved. Now I can plainly see what Jesus was up against when he dealt with the Pharisees and Sadducee’s. As the old saying goes “there is nothing new under the sun”!

  251. Rev. Pat

    First of all, this is something that had to happen before July 1992. How do I know? Because the name of the A.M.E. Bishop on the church marque is Bishop J. Haskill Mayo, who retired as an active bishop in 1992. Yes, pastors and boards will have conflicts, and yes, the woman wa wrong for slapping the pastor, and the pastor reacted like I’m sure many of us would have. My point is that whoever posted this did so with the intent of discrediting not only the A.M.E. Church, but churches in general. I’m sure this is behind them and they have gone on to serve God and God’s people. Remember, prayer changes things and prayer changes people. Pray!!!!!Amen!!!

  252. Nicole

    WOW!! That’s all I have to say. Just pray for them…..

  253. regmetc

    what i find most interesting is the constant chorus of commentators suggesting that “prayer” is the best response to this (or to anything for that matter). as a “non-believer”, i can only wonder if MORE religion is really what’s called for here. maybe reason and rational behavior have a better chance of resolving this and other issues in the world, big and small, than superstition and mythology. isn’t it about time we give them a chance?

  254. damon

    all churches need to be burned down to the ground. God is so not the physical element. We do not need anymore preachers saying the word then fucking other guys wives after church. Parishoners ned to get a CLUE when it comes to religion and God.

  255. Fav

    Racism will NEVER STOP!
    I am black and i bless God for making me black.
    We are all created in the image of God but these people still see them selves as more important that us black.

  256. Fav

    Let God be God and all men liers!!

  257. Regina

    I agree that a pastor should be the shepherd of a church-only if that pastor has the proper training to do so. Many Black churches will allow anyone to become a minister without adequate guidance which leads to this fiasco. A.M.E. bishops especially in the MN/IA area are allowing pastors to become too powerful which leads to loss of humility and integrity. Yes, prayer helps but when you dust off your knees from praying, God looks for us to ACT. I don’t believe God expects to do it all by himself.

  258. REALLY?


    I’ll never be the one to challenge one’s faith, still…

    Let’s pretend there’s not a Christian God or Christ himself. Can we not, as women and men, discern right from wrong? Are we not all moral beings, regardless of race or religion? And is not religion, the word of God, being interpreted by “man” himself?

    There are flaws in our social matrix, in our perceptions and projections, that we have made, and that only we can repair. How? Awareness. That’s when you go inside, not outside, your Self. Not the the self that rants and discriminates and hates…the Self that knows love and compassion when s/he feels it.

    There is work to be done. Prayer helps in so much that your intention is global, not personal…full of love, not fear. Start from inside and shine out.

  259. Dat's a doggone shame!.

    No matter what he did, she had no right putting her nasty hands in his face, so it is only natural to re-act it’s just begin human. I would have done the same if some “stankie” woman put their hands on me to. I’m a member of the A.M.E church since birth. When my family moved to another state, Rev. Armstrong was our pastor many years ago. I remember him as a kind person, whatever he did as a pastor was between him and the Lord. Sad to say Rev. Armstrong is now with the Lord. A.M.E. 4 life!

  260. Denise Gilmer

    now that is wrong in so many ways. The pastor should set the example. Any man that hits on women can’t tell me nothing at all! What about the beatitudes belssed are the merciful, and blessed are the meek, and blessed are the peacemakers, and blessed are the pure at heart! And then don’t forget about Phillipians chapter 4 verse 8. Also in proverbs chapter there is a verse that says keep my commandments and live. To the shepherd that leads his sheep down the wrong path woe is he. Now that is not scripture but the bottom is the same. The devil is very busy. It just so happened that this situation was published throughout the world. What would Jesus do?

  261. Denise Gilmer

    I agree with the Queen, not man of God would hit a woman, no matter if she did hit him first. Remember the beatitudes blessed the merciful, blessed are the peacemakers, blessed are pure at heart, if you don’t know check it out in matthew chapter five. The book of Phillipians chapter four verse eight tells what to think on. The book of proverbs reminds us that there is no counsel, or wisdom against God. Now this is not scripture, but to the shepherd that leads his flock down the wrong path woe is he. That man can’t tell me nothing at all because he has already perverted the gospel of christ. The word christian means to be Christlike

  262. I laughed and laughed, until I started to cry. We know that the devil goes to church also, this fight proves the point.

    Lord help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  263. Rev. Paula Dascola

    This is also what happens when men become nothing but hirlings in the church. He reports to higher ups like his Bishop not the people. Jesus answered up to God..Jesus did not answere down…and that is the same…people in authority do not answer down. That woman was totally out of line. They do not respect the position that was given to him..prayer would of been nice…

  264. commenter

    What I see here is not a failure to communicate but THE MOST SINCERE form of communication between two people, expressing their deepest feelings to each other. Its almost refreshing. Nothing clarifies and uplifts (literally) quite like a brisk slap. If the pastor did not know how she felt, he certainly does now.

  265. What is happening to today’s churches? Married pastors having affairs with half the congregation. Catholic priests going with little boys.

  266. style

    The AME Church Corporation is out of control. Rowdy , greedy men and women have hyjacked the ame church.

  267. RICK

    It is obvious that God was nowhere in this conversation. The holy Spirit was nowhere around. That’s the first wrong move. Then they locked the doors. If he is wrong in his actions the presiding elder should have corrected it. The members should’nt be laying hands on him in that manner. The trustees should be handling the monies. How did the media know what was going on in the church? There must have been a Judas, leading the media to the church, minus the 30 pieces of silver. Every church has them the spirits of Judas,Jezebel, Athaliah, and Delilah causing division and strife among the brethern. Thats why we are to pray without ceasing, to keep at bay the tricks and schemes of the devil. Love would have prevented this, but it didnt because it was not employed. But be of good cheer, because eventhough this event took place it will stop nothing. Jesus overcame the world and defeated satan on every hand. This will not stop the cause of Christ and God will get the glory even from this. Satan has lost the battle and the war.
    We just need to have the courage to expose satan in our ranks and drive him out so that these things arent found amongst us.

  268. @Keisha Malone
    Do you remember this happening in houston

  269. jessica

    you Should Never Fight In Church In Your Life

  270. Rev Smith.

    I see the church as God’s house
    in his home love and understating
    In his house forgiveness with
    His house peace and joy.
    His house there is peace !

  271. We seen to forget how Christ
    die so we may have external life.
    If any respect is needed it always
    should be his place of worship,
    not our.
    The Pastor’s and Minister are human
    who makes misstakes.
    we all are call out from call into
    his divine light, come on let not
    act like the world.

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