Call for Disbarment of DA in the Jena 6 case, Reed Walters

I wanna join Black Star News in this call for Reed Walter’s Disbarment. I suggest that people write letters to the Louisiana State Bar Association as well.

“It’s wrong for a DA to come in and talk to kids who have not yet committed a crime and make that kind of threat. Then, for him to file an outrageous charge of attempted murder against these students after the next fight in the case says that he had it out for these kids,” said Dr. Watkins. “That represents a gross abuse of his power as a prosecutor.”

Dr. Watkins, working through the popular African-American website, has also spoken with Santita Jackson, the daughter of Rev. Jesse Jackson about ways to proceed in the case. “The goal is to find a way to make people aware of the fact that freeing 6 kids is only the tip of the iceberg,” says Watkins, who is seeking an investigation into Walters and the entire Louisiana justice system.

“This protest by Marc Lamont Hill and myself is an effort to seek justice for the other hundreds of thousands of African-Americans who went through the same situation without any media attention.”

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Finance Professor at Syracuse University. He speaks regularly in media on issues related to people of color, including CNN, ESPN, FOXNews and MSNBC. For more information, please visit Email or call (502) 640-8155 for interviews.

Black Star Publisher’s Note: We must all act now! The six teenagers are facing 80-100 years in prison without parole. They range in age from 15-17 years old.

Their names are: Bryant Purvis, Jesse Beard, Carwin Jones, Mychal Bell, Theodoore Shaw and Rovert Bailey. Mychal Bell was recently convicted of aggravated battery and conspiracy to commit aggravated battery. An all-white jury took less than 2 days to convict him. He faces up to 22 years in prison. His sentencing is set for Sept. 20, 2007

Write immediately Office of the Governor Attn: Constituent Services
P.O. Box 94004 Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9004 Facsimile: 225-342-7099

You can also call, 866-366-1121 or 225-342-0991 or 225-342-7015


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18 Responses to Call for Disbarment of DA in the Jena 6 case, Reed Walters

  1. I would absolutely support any endeavor to ruin this disgusting worm of a man.

  2. Christie

    yes dis-bar him he is a disgrace to the America legal and bar system he is a joke he has no right to be an attorney of any sorts that just shows the racism and brutality and disgrace and unethical behavior we sometime have in the legal system the people we have our lives in their hands Get him out Lets Put him out

  3. Maureen


  4. Raheem

    Yes i do believe a disbarment needs to be arranged. This story can show everyone that racism still exist sadly to say. If them Young Adults do not get the fair treatment they deserve then our country will be looked at as hypocrites.

    you wrote a great review but I don’t agree with your sentence “It’s wrong for a DA to come in and talk to kids who have not yet committed a crime and make that kind of threat. ” the way its wrote makes it sound like you was saying that the black kids didn’t commit a crime but are bound to commit one

  5. james

    Content of character, not color of skin. The only true success here will be the uncovering of truth, and no more.

  6. Rob

    I am very disturbed at how this DA is handling this issue. First what gives this person the right to address a school and only look at the black community and say you need to stop. Then to say that the three ropes that we hung from the tree where not racial makes no sense to me. Its time stop this kind of discrimation. Then when being interviewed to tell citites like LA, New York, Chicago and other various cities to stay away. Who does this man think he is. I feel that he should be disbarred from practicing law ever again. He is abusing his appointment. I am going to say this I am a white male that thinks we should stop calling people latino americans, afro americans etc… We need to stop we are all AMERICANS. Look at people for what they have inside not what color there skin is.

  7. Hello, not a Negro, but I agree with getting the man disbarred. I did the dumbest thing today and sent the wrong DA a postcard in regards to his statement that Mychall Bell “blind-sided” Barker, when a coach that witnessed the punch gave a statement on the day it happened and the name of the kid was not Bell. The dumb thing of sending it to the wrong DA was the postcard had “America the Beautiful” and I had intended to say “unless you are black in Jeana” it had 3 scantily clad California girls on it. If I had sent it to the right DA I would not care. Color me red.

  8. He shouldnt’ just be disbarred he should rot in a jail cell for the rest of his life!

  9. Anon

    God Bless Reed Walters. How can people even compare the hanging of rope in a tree to six individuals beating a single individual unconscious then continuing to beat him until someone else intervened? Those two acts are nowhere near each other in the legal sense. Sharpton has alot of nerve crying injustice. Injustice? The injustice will be if these six individuals get off with no punishment. Even MLKIII stated that these six individuals should be punished for what they did.

    Many people looked in the Louisiana law books for a law that would be broken by the hanging of nooses in a tree and there were none. The closest law to that effect would have to have been done on private property which it was not. That’s why the other individuals were not charged. They broke no current law. Was it wrong? Yes. Did they break any law by doing so? No. But I’m sure an amended law is being written as we speak.

    The beating of an individual until he is unconscious by six others IS a law in the books that was broken. That’s why those six individuals were charged and the others were not. Four were already adult age and the others were old enough to be charged as adults under Louisiana law. No distinction of race is implied.

    Imagine if six white students had beaten a single black student unconscious, then continued to kick him as he lay defenseless upon the ground. Now all of a sudden it would be a crime to the black community, whereas now they are petitioning for the total release of the six black students with no charges applied. Total hypocrisy.

    The fact is, the six students broke the law and they need to be punished accordingly. The black community needs to look at their own racism and realize it’s not ok for six black individuals to beat a white individual. If they break the law they should be punished regardless of race.

  10. aaron stewart

    what is this world coming to..i cant believe its 2007 and people cant get past something that our forefathers fought over..apparently some dont want to get over it and try to make life better and not worse free the jena 6 or give them the slap on the hand the white teens received for fighting and hanging the nooses on the tree. as for da reed walters, go back to the corner of wherever it is you came from with your racist views and impositions..keep them out of the court systems and people like you as well then the world would be a better can you justify your actions and wants ?

  11. Michael Cousins

    Mychal Bell already boasts a surprisingly ugly criminal history, or so say his records. Looks like Reed Walters took note of this, and will ensure that Bell stays precisely where he belongs–behind bars. God bless justice in America!

  12. aaron stewart

    He should be so ashamed of himself and his actions but i guess since he is so surrounded by his racism and others he cant see the truth which is rather unfortunate but the governor needs to then step in and break up this charade! i cant stress this enough that those jena 6 teens need to be free as i believe they are the real victims.

  13. T. GREEN

    Oh my, Mychel Bell has a criminal history…You’re kidding. I think you can hit someone back and get charged with ASSAULT…or you can damage someone’s property bike and flatten their tire and it’s property damage. So who the hell are you kidding….don’t give me this shit about a criminal record until you no the circumstances. Expecially with this pig, white hood wearing swine of a District Attorney, KKK US representitve dog.

  14. Michael Cousins

    Negroes and white liberals in the U.S. increasingly display a genuinely foolish tendency to collectively lean on big government even while lamenting to the world that they want no one involved in their private business. If you find yourselves calling for federal intervention into what is in reality a squabble between locals in a small town in Lousiana, then you’ve already lost the argument, and you further highlight the bankruptcy of your cause. Place the six jailed black kids in a ring with six of Jena’s white country kids, let them have it out, and let that be the end of it. No guns, no knives, no weapons outside their fists. Only charade in this case is when blacks and white liberals seek to make a mountain out of a….

  15. look at what happend in the duke rape case. the d.a,. was disbarred for trying to convict 4 white boys of rape. a rape, which i believe took place. the great institution of duke university was not going to be brought down by a black stripper. if history dictates, reed, will keep his job.

  16. Michael Cousins

    Even male-caucasian Ivy Leaguers aren’t stupid enough to concern themselves with raping an obese, booger-eating black stripper, Robert. Moreover, I’m willing to bet that those Duke boys merely thought the woman a primate in Revlon. At most they were probably guilty only of thought crimes.

    Reed should indeed keep his job. It’s Al Sharpton and “the Reverend” Jesse Jackson who’ve long needed be put to pasture, my God-forsaken boy.

  17. I am a %150 percent in support of putting this racist man out of office. If it can be done with the Duke prosecutor it can be done with this law-breaking DA.

  18. Ralph Abernathy

    The Duke prosecutor was self-righteously defending a stripper who’s a proven repeat liar and perjurer even as he foolishly attempted to frame four boys whose supposed guilt could in no way, shape, or form be effectively established. Reed Walters, contrary to the opinions of a scant, apparently misinformed few, did not “break the law”–and neither did the culprits who reputedly hung nooses from that Louisiana tree. Only Mychal Bell–a troubled youth with a criminal record–and five angry boys broke the law, and they’ve since paid the price. It doesn’t require the intelligence of a rocket-scientist to understand any of this, and only a dyed-in-the-wool racist genuinely believes Bell a victim in this episode.

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