Stripper pole: Black folk will buy anything

This Bamma said, “Don’t Laugh”…that’s the first thing I did.  He must have a degree in reverse psychology or something.  LOL  Where did he get a pole?  Online?  On Ebay? Are they selling collapsible poles in the hood now.  Is that the newest Ghetto accessory for the home?  Did he buy it originally for his girl and he’s just giving her a show in return for all the stripping she’s been doing since he got her this pole for her birthday?  Another example of how Negroes will buy anything.  Are we consumer slaves…think about it.  Who really gets all the money we work so hard for…Massa Mastercard.  LOL!  Oh, and Missy Visa.

My main problem is…why is your boy throwing out dollars???  The description on the video says “dont get it twisted cuz im wildin out wit my brothers this is only fa the ladies.”  Ok, but are you sure you don’t mean the Trans-Ladies?  LOL

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  1. vanity

    shame! all parties involved are WRONG! lol

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