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NAACP Doesn’t Support Hate Crime March in W.Va.

The NAACP said Tuesday it does not support a hate crime awareness march that will raise money for a black woman who says she was tortured by six whites. Local and national NAACP officials said they disapprove of Saturday’s march … Continue reading

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Halloween in DC: Gentrificaiton and Candy

While walking to the Giant on O Street NW I thought of one of the great things about the Gentrification that’s going on in Washington DC, specifically NW. As I watched all of the beautiful children, most of them African … Continue reading

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White Kids doing the Soulja Boy Dance

LMAO, Lord have mercy.   They better do that dance!  That little boy in the front…somebody needs to check his racial identity records…one drop, one drop.  He’s got rhythm!


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National BlackOut Day – Should you go see American Gangster on Nov 2?

A group of Black radio talk-show hosts believe that Black folks – with an estimated purchasing power near $1 trillion – could force the U.S. government to take a more aggressive stand against theseeming deluge of racial injustices, from the … Continue reading


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Hello, Negro says “Negro, Please” to Merrill Lynch CEO

After Franklin Raines and the whole Fannie Mae drama, I thought that African American CEOs would act right, and represent blacks in business a little better. You know they’re watching you, anyway. But no, Stanley O’Neal was not able to … Continue reading

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Ghetto Handbook for Houston Police Officers, Cop Fired

HOUSTON – The city’s school system has fired a police officer for creating and distributing a “Ghetto Handbook.” The eight-page booklet, handed out to other police officers at a May roll call, said the definitions it contained would allow readers … Continue reading

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Video: What if the South Had Won?

“An audacious, frighteningly resonant faux documentary, CSA: The Confederate States of America asks what American culture would look like if the South had won the Civil War. Venturing a glimpse at such a world, it stimulates the experience of watching … Continue reading


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Single Sistas Looking for Love: White Men Welcome Too

Hello, Negros and Non-Negro friends!, I run another blog,, where I talk about African American Women finding love. As a single African American women, I’ve found that one of the major topics of conversation among my single sistafriends is … Continue reading


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No Black Lawyers at the Supreme Court in More Than A Year

WASHINGTON (AP)— Coming soon to the Supreme Court: a rare appearance by a black lawyer. More than a year has passed since a black lawyer in private practice stood at the lectern in the elegant courtroom and spoke the traditional … Continue reading

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Oprah Speaks to Allegations of Child Abuse at her South African Academy

This must be terrible, just terrible for Oprah who is a sexual abuse survivor herself.  My heart goes out to her and those involved.  :: Her school was hit two weeks ago with allegations of fondling and physical abuse.  The … Continue reading

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