Making fun of Black Churches? Is this funny?

Going to a Black Church – Rich Praytor

Oh lord, the cartwheel…that was a lil too far. Is this funny? Would it be funny if it was a black comedian? Is this a bit insensitive…especially for a christian comedian performing at a church???

Black Christians (and I know you come to this blog…especially to see the “Black Folks Fighting Outside the Church Video), so what do you guys think about this? I know that the white folks in the audience thought is was hilarious, but whether they’ve been to a black church or not…that’s questionable. I say that’s questionable, because Sunday services are the most segregated places in America (by choice). How do they even know what he’s saying rings true? OH Yeah…I forgot. We as African Americans says the same things at our comedy shows, on television, in movies…and white people see it…and they laugh. Ask Dave Chappelle and he’ll tell you that they aren’t always laughing with you, they might be laughing at you.


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  1. aj

    Unfortunately we do have some preachers that seem to think all the hooping and hollering is necessary to get the message across. I don’t think it’s funny at all, I think both he and those that practice this nonsense are performers.

  2. I agree with AJ. The cartwheel was a bit much as well. Kinda interesting too in how the camera panned over to the black woman in the audience during the black church joke, then over to the white folk who laughed as well. I guess that was the acceptance factor. :) Gotta love this thing we call entertainment.

  3. I thought it was funny. Im an African American Christian woman and I took no offense to it. We are more animated with our praise and compared to mostly White churches we are much more robust in our praise. It’s fact. He make fun of both churches by showing the difference with exaggerations. I think we get so caught up on being sensitive to show how we are similar but we are cultural different. That’s okay, it’s the thought that we are not equal is the problem.

  4. OK. Before I offer my comments, I’ll let you all know that I’m a black, Jesus-Loving young woman.

    Anyway, that preacher’s comments totally reminded me of Reggie White’s comments — which were dumb and insensitive. I’ll use the same adjectives to describe this preacher’s comments. Cartwheels? It sounds like he just watched a throwback episode of ‘In Living Color’ or ‘Martin.’ That’s the only time I’ve seen black folks in ‘church’ bust out in cartwheels during a service.

    But we’re only human. We’re allowed to make dumb, insensitive comments once in a while — but hopefully we don’t repeat them once we learn how dumb and insensitive they are. If he’s a man of GOD, I’m sure that’s the last time that preacher’s made those comments.

    You can read Reggie White’s comments over at Wiki, if you want:

  5. BA

    It’s nothing more, nothing less than Christian COMEDY! It’s entertainment. Extreme exaggeration in comedy is the norm. Don’t get so spooky spiritual and look for the racist boogey man in everything. I’m African American and a preacher I found nothing offensive in the bit.

    As for those who believe “whooping” is just entertainment you ere in your understanding. Whooping has its place, although it’s not necessary all the time. If you don’t like whooping you just don’t like it. I’ve heard sermons with and without whooping and enjoyed both. Don’t be so spooky spiritual and judgmental of what you don’t understand.

  6. RMA

    I’m white, I’m a minister. First off, he totally nailed how it is in most white churches and I took no offense. Been in many, many black church services of all kinds, too. I know as black folks do just how diverse their churches are; this act is a basically respectful lampoon of many black churches, anyway. I’ve not seen a cartwheel, but I’ve literally seen everything else this comedian was joking on, and the satire rings true. What I thought was unnecessary and kind of ruined what was otherwise quite funny was The Jeffersons reference, but the sing-song effect was right on. I believe there are probably some things black comedians can say that white comedians shouldn’t, that’s just the way it is. But I felt this act didn’t really cross that line. I’d hire the guy.

  7. Jeanne

    Our comedians make fun of white churches. They ought to be able to make fun of ours too.

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