National BlackOut Day – Should you go see American Gangster on Nov 2?

A group of Black radio talk-show hosts believe that Black folks – with an estimated purchasing power near $1 trillion – could force the U.S. governmentmoney to take a more aggressive stand against theseeming deluge of racial injustices, from the flurry of nooses and hurry to jail Black youths, to racial profiling and predatory mortgage lenders. They say that Black folks can show their power by refusing to buy anything on Friday, November 2,. Dr. Alveda King, Pastoral Associate of Priests for Life and niece of the late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.,endorsed the National Black Out Day, but urged that participants use the day to repent and pray. Raleigh, N.C., Attorney and radio show host Warren Ballentine says that if African Americans keep their money in their pockets on Friday, they will send a clear message that the Black community is nothing to mess with. He says he got the idea after joining numerous protest marches this year. “After Jena, [the Louisiana march that drew tens of thousands of people] I decided there’s so many things going on in this country as far as [injustices within] the justice system,” Ballentine, who calls himself “The People’s Attorney,” told The Atlanta Journal Constitution. Michael Baisden and the Rev. Al Sharpton have joined them. “It’s showing togetherness and unity, and it’s one thing we haven’t shown the federal government in a long time,” Ballentine said. “I know this is working because I’m getting death threats and advertisers are starting to worry that they’re going to lose money on this day.” Do you think this is a good idea? Will you participate in the economic boycott on Nov. 2? (Source: BET)

Here’s another question…will you go see American Gangster on Friday. Black people love to see movies when “they first come out”. Does it even matter. Black Folk who protest on Friday can give their money to “the man” on Saturday! LOL.

Ruffmicfreedomwriter had this to say:In this Nov 1st-3rd called boycott of (what exactly i’m not certain) non-Afrikan or anti-Afrikan commercial entities, why should we not support Denzel’s American Gangsta premiere?

The points made cover this not being Denzels film… Denzels work going down the drain… we support italian gangsta films why not black gangsta films… and why not wait until after the boycott period to go see it.

The viewpoints stated above are precisely the reason why the called boycott holds no power and will exact not one iota of change; we are far too nearsighted. If I may call your attention to the obvious:

1. Denzel gets paid no matter how many of us show up at the theater on opening weekend – his track record speaks for itself and his income is no longer tied to ticket sales

2. This ain’t HIS MOVIE…Blacks are the largest supporters of this industry and the least benefited by it

3. A boycott that lasts two to three days with no specific targets or demands is useless. Lest we forget the Montgomery bus boycott took cooperation of the community and a strong show of solidarity against a single bus company and lasted for 380+ days… yes, that’s right a year plus! Than they were ready to hear our demands… three days, and they know we coming back to give them our money anyway?”

I thought it was just a one day protest…interesting? You know how info travels in the hood. lol What are your thoughts on the whole thing?


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17 Responses to National BlackOut Day – Should you go see American Gangster on Nov 2?

  1. dsf

    No buses, no subways, no taxis, no tolls, no coffee, no donut, no newspaper, no lunch, no rent, no groceries, no bills.

  2. yes we should all participate. It is time for us to remember that our cause is for all of us! We need to tell our story to our children and grandchildren. they are completely clueless. They are stuck in a place called lack of knowledge. Some of you know the rest of this statement. We don’t tell them the history of our struggle. As usual we have those who are clueless and they were and are of that era. But they were dissenters then and certainly are now. We can go to the movie Sat. or next week. come on people this is for all, you don’t have to be black to want equality for all.

  3. Rachell

    I am in full support of the Blackout, my only problem is that not enough people are truly aware of it. I live in a small city and only heard of the black out during a trip to Atlanta. I was/am completely for it. We, as a Black community spend more money (needless & not) than any other race. However, I must agree with ruffmicfreedomwriter when he/she said that one day or a couple of days of a protest without a specific target and a specific demand, wouldn’t accomplish as much as a Blackout with a specific purpose. And the comment about going to the movie, RMFW is right again; Denzel has ALREADY been paid! It’s not his movie, it was his job. Again, I’m for a Blackout, but next time lets have a target, a demand, and national exposure, so WE all can get on board! :) (This is my first time ever seeing this site, and I’m still exploring…..but I like it!)

  4. Robert Ratcliff

    I think that it is a good ideal to boycott on Nov 2 and not spend any of your hard earned money,but it needs to go much further than just one day! We must first take a long hard look at our race as Afro-Americans and clean out our house before we look at taking an economic stand against a civil rights problem that has manifested in the past ten years! Blacks should first of all respect their own people! Children do not respect their elders, brothers disrespect their sisters, we rob,steal,rape and kill our own more than any other race!When was the last time that you actually said hello or how are you today my brother/sister as you walked by? We must uplift those that are not empowered, help out those that are less fortunate than we are! Stop buying all the “bling/bling”. Stop living with your parents, stop selling drugs..period, stop hating on each other and congradulate each other, stop doing everything your homies tell you to do [take a look at them and see how sucessful they are!].Stop tricking out your ride, its just transportation. Start saving your money, start your retirement account,start reading,start your education,start spending your money in your community,start treating our women like the queens that they are.

    When we do that then I know that we will be able to join together and fight against the civil rights reversal that is going on in this great counrty of ours!

  5. William

    I am doing all my purchases on Nov. 1st. I think a day of no money might raise eyebrows if they think “what if they do this a week?”

    That which is tolerated never changes.

  6. Joy

    I agree with Robert – it has to go further than one day.
    If we just boycott on a Friday, most will simply go out shopping that previous Thursday or the following Saturday.

  7. Tom

    Whatever. You’ve already established laws policing thought, speech, education, and hiring practices in order to combat “racism”. The U.S. taxpayer shoulders a burden for health care, food, clothing, houseing, child care, and education(including supplies) for the “less privilaged” Please. Stay home, boycott play games. I am a single, professional white male, no kids, morgage holder. My income taxes, personal property taxes PAY for all the programs the so called oppressed benifit from. Use the time tomorrow to plan the removal of Huckelberry Finn from schools(Dallas). Plan rallys for OJ(the man is out to get him) and contribute to the arts(ultra violent gangsta rap is my fav).
    And when you do end your boycott be sure to leave the usual 3%tip

  8. Renata

    I think that we as a people can’t stick to any one thing cause we lack true unity, true strong organizers, no strong media coverage (ie) or talk show commitments, as well as a wealth of commitment by all especially our youth, who by the way probably won’t even adhere to the request not to spend…… But we need try, and to remember that united we stand, and divided we fall.

  9. I think this is all wrong. Instead of boycotting everything, why not only support black businesses on those days or even in general? I try to only support small businesses as a rule of thumb regardless of what race owns them.

    Denzel is always gonna be amazing regardless of whether or not anyone sees his movies.

  10. TN_07

    I am so sick of listening to the black community and what they think “this country owes them”. I have never been a racist person AT ALL; but, a very good friend of mine was shot and killed by a 28 yr. old black male who was a well known gang member, for no F***ing reason at all. The murderer hit my friends car from behind so he couldn’t leave and then when my friend gets out of the car to ask him what was going on, the murderer pulls a gun and shoots my friend in the chest. THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH THIS COUNTRY!! The black community wants to complain all the time about what everybody is doing to THEM….how about what the black community is doing to US! How has it become that the White community has to live in fear everyday, because we don’t know if some black person might get pissed off cause we “look at them the wrong way” or “cut them off on the road” or whatever, and pull a weapon and try to fatally injur or even kill us. I am a 28 yr. old single successful white woman and I live in an area that is 62% african american….we have the highest crime rate in the COUNTRY; yet, the black community and all their spokes people want to say that the crime rate has nothing to do with race….WTF ever! I lived in a metropolitan area that is 2 x’s the size of the one I live in now and their african american community is 42% and the crime rate there is almost 2 x’s less than where I live now. PEOPLE LOOK AT THE NUMBERS!
    This so called “black out day” is nothing more than just another way for the african american community to try and get what they think they are owed. The african american community is owed nothing…nothing more than the white, hispanic, latin american, chinese, japanese, etc. Everyone that is born into this world has the same opportunity as the next to make something of themselves instead of continuing the circle of crime and poverty. These families who live off of the white communities tax dollars and have half a dozen kids and then still want to complain about how they don’t get treated equally…..well, you aren’t equal. Get out and get a freakin job, go to school, educate yourself and teach your children morals, standards, and just plain genuine curtiosy for other people. The more and more that the white community has to listen to this bullcrap, while we are burying our loved ones, the larger the racial divide is going to be.
    Instead of not spending your money tomorrow, use it towards something useful…like college for yourself, or your children.

  11. I don’t think Friday excludes the whole weekend particularly when it comes to supporting ‘Gangster’.

    I think there’s more to this film than just a man who helped destroy everything that was promising about Harlem: self-sufficient and for the most part prosperous with black businesses not linked to Lucas or Bumpy.

    It will also point some fingers at the CIA and the Nixon administration. Of course there are cautionary tales about what one Black man did to destroy what was special about Harlem (including Jazz-with most of those notables strung out on Blue Magic.)

  12. Afripino

    does anyone know if Warren Ballentine is licensed to practice law? I’ve not read anything that indicates that he is a member of a state bar.

    If you visit his website, it does not mention anything about the states in which he is authorized to practice law. See On his own website, he does not provide a telephone number or examples of cases in which he has been involved. Based on my short attempt to Google his background, I’m inclined to believe that Mr. Ballentine may be engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. If so, he is perpetrating a fraud. More importantly, it is another example of black folks being misled by a black man. I’m going to do more digging on this one. I’m hoping I’m wrong.


    to: Afipino

    check the above martindale link. I think its own by Lexis. I did a search on three friends and a cousin. One is in private practice and they all are listed at least with an ISLN number used to track legal professionals.

    I checked unless I’m spelling his name wrong he is not there.

  14. jawai

    We blacks are now so rich and influential that we can boycott America to show that we are poor and oppressed.

  15. Jawai, Speak for yourself. lol I’m still poor and mildly oppressed.

  16. Blackscorpian

    I don’t think t’s a good idea. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. I think we should take this day and spend our money in all the BLACK OWNED business in America. We (black people) seem to focus our attention on things that doesn’t make a difference. Why don’t we promote “go to church day”, “black family day” That’s when the mother and father and child hang out for one day. WOW, that sounds like a good cause to promote. Why do we always have to focus on the negative issues in life and start focussing on the positive.
    Why don’t we promote “stop snitching and start snitching”. It’s only snitching if you are in the game. If you’re not in the game and you witness a crime, you should report it to the police. We want the police and the government to patrol our streets. We need to stop allowing these thugs to run our streets. Where are all the pastors at for this. They are too scared to come out in the hood.
    But back to the original topic, I think it’s not a good idea the have a Black Out day. It will not do any good. That’s my opinion.

  17. jawai

    “spend our money in all the BLACK OWNED business”

    My landlord isn’t black, but he gets 40% of my money. My food store isn’t black owned, but they get 20%. My exwife isn’t black, but she gets another 20%. My utilities are not black owned, but they get 10%. That leaves me 10%, and most of that goes to the Mexican dude down the hall for weed.

    I’m not going to break my lease anytime soon. The only independent food store I know of is a health-food store (expensive at that) owned by a old white hippy couple. As much as I would like a different exwife, well, you get my drift, and the Mexican dude down the hall has weed almost anytime I want some and he always cuts me a bit of a break whenever I have to wait.

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