White female teachers and little boys

What is up with White female teachers and these little boys?  Almost every year some white female teacher suduces some little boy and it’s all over the news.  However, the stigma and the resulting sentencing is never equal to when men do the same.  These women are just as bad as the guys I see on “To Catch a Predator” and coverage of Catholic Priest Scandals all over the country.  These women even seem to get off easier than 18 and 19 year olds who have consensual sex with other teens.  I’m sorry but, I don’t see this happening every year with black female teachers It’s a terrible double standard.

Here’s the latest in a long, running trend…

petersonFrom CNN.com | Authorities searched Thursday for a 13-year-old boy and a female middle school teacher believed to be on the run from central Nebraska after police began investigating whether the pair had an intimate relationship.

Kelsey Peterson, 25, a sixth-grade math teacher and basketball coach at Lexington Middle School, was placed on administrative leave last week. A judge issued an arrest warrant Monday charging her with kidnapping, child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The boy, 13-year-old Fernando Rodriguez, was an eighth-grader at the school, but district Superintendent Todd Chessmore said he wasn’t sure whether Peterson was his teacher.

The Associated Press and CNN.com generally do not identify people who may be victims of sex crimes, but the boy’s name has been widely publicized as police search for him.

Court documents showed authorities had recovered several e-mails and letters in which the two professed their affection for one another.

In letters, the boy called Peterson his “Baby Gurl” and said their relationship was “just not about the sex but that it was pretty good,” according to court documents.

Court documents say Peterson’s school-issued laptop contained letters to the student, including one from April saying she loved him, thought he loved her, was “100 percent faithful” to him and would always be faithful.


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3 Responses to White female teachers and little boys

  1. JB

    AND they’re always molesting some black or Latino or ethnic boy… these women are sick and they should be treated as badly as the men. But they’re white women, so society thinks it wasn’t their fault; these little brown and black boys must have put the Mandingo root on them. It’s never white women’s fault when they do dirt.

  2. There are several guys my age(46) that see some of these teachers that are molesting these young boys and think, where were they when I had a crush on my 8th grade teacher?, and all my teacher gave me was some “P” for paddle…

  3. Larry Black

    I thought it strange that it took so long in the La Tourneau liaison for the ethnic difference to be revealed. Vili Falaau, the Samoan boy she started messing with when he was in the sixth grade. She was a married mother who’d given birth to four kids before she took young Vili as a lover. I have a theory that the sexual tension between white female teachers and black boys is what makes it so difficult for them stay in public school .

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