American Gangster: Finally Cuba Gooding Jr. in a good movie

I could give you the typical rundown about how good I thought American Gangster was.  I could tell you all about my favorite parts, and how GOOD Denzel and the other black actors (especially Chiwetel Ejiofor and Common) looked…dayum good.  I could rave and rave about how you should go and see it!

But I’m not going to do that.

I’m going to make some observations.

1. Finally, Cuba Gooding Jr. in a good movie where he’s not a shuffling fool or a walking punch line.  Thank God…now the Oscar can actually sit on a shelf in his home.

2. Black men will be hunting down beautiful Puerto Rican women as the new trophy chick to have as arm candy.

3. What will this mean for Snitching?  Could we see a change of heart in the hip hop community?

4. Ruby Dee scared me (you know the scene I’m talking about…*growl*)…and she was too  damn funny.  She pulled out the big momma voice.  I thought she was going to pull out a belt and start whooping butt.  I love her :)

5. When will we learn that crime doesn’t pay, no matter how glorified it is in the media and music?

6. How did Fab 5 Freddy get into this film?

7. I want to see a Rayful Edmond movie starting Will Smith next.  Get on that Ridley!

8. I still don’t think chinchilla is cute on a man…fur coats period I don’t like on a man.

9. They killed Stringer Bell…again!

10. That 2 hours and 40 minutes just flew by.  I really didn’t notice at all.  That’s when you know it’s a great movie that has captured your attention.


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5 Responses to American Gangster: Finally Cuba Gooding Jr. in a good movie

  1. Amen on #6! I sat there thinking ‘that was really, really random’.

  2. At least Biz Markie or Big Daddy Kane…somebody…lol

  3. Kittyhummerkitty

    Why do black people support movies like American Gangster?

  4. rdebose

    Cuba Gooding Jr’s portrayal of harlem drug lord nicky “the snitch” barnes was outright bufoonish and a dis service to barnes despite his having been an unrepentant dealer of social and physical death. Gooding’s performance in the grossly under appreciated “Men Of Honor” far surpassed his so-so Academy Award winning performance, he go more press for mouthing a over used catch phrase, “Show Me the Money” than he did for his acting in the film.

  5. don

    I thought it was a decent movie. Wished it would have been a little more detailed and what-not, but overall the plot, movie and acting was above par.

    With that said, I didn’t like the portrayal of characters too much. Especially Nicky Barnes. The movie weakened dude.

    Jay Z ripped the soundtrack as well.

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