Where am I at? With Mickey Avalon, of course

If you are like me, you said “Who the hell is that??” when you saw the new Boost Mobile Television ads featuring Young Jeezy and Jermaine Dupri. The “David Bowie Pretty” white “guy” is Mickey Avalon. Did this match up strike anyone else as WEIRD? I mean…

jezzy dupri avalon
photo: prohiphop.com

I just hear Sesame Street”of these boys is doing his own thing”…you know the rest of the song.

Who is this pretty guy? He’s a Rock Star and in his lyrics he talks about robbing gay tricks, but I could be reading it wrong. Are Dupri and Jeezy embracing the rainbow? Hey, it’s a hell of a market…lots of dollars in that demographic, so I’m not mad. I assume it has nothing to do with that and some marketing people and Mickey’s label, Interscope, thought that putting these guys together would be Cool. Oh I don’t agree, wholeheartedly I don’t.

Avalon is talented though. His “My Dick” song is a beast! “My dick cost a late night fee,/ Your dick got the HIV./ My dick plays on the double feature screen,/ Your dick went straight to DVD.” LOL


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13 Responses to Where am I at? With Mickey Avalon, of course

  1. Victoria

    Mickey Avalon is the shit (he is a rapper not a “rock star”). He is hot on the L.A. scene right now. As far as Boost Mobile “embracing the rainbow”? Mickey Avalon is not gay. He gave a couple hand jobs for money, yes, but has never even given any oral sex to a man. Certainly never for free either . Most of the times he was solicited, he just took the money and ran. Not that robbing anyone is a good thing, but at least he was robbing those guys rather than robbing the likes of your grandma. As far as him being gay, that is certainly not true considering he doesn’t “hook up” with men for enjoyment. Mickey enjoys sleeping with women. Anyway, your view on Mickey Avalon is totally wrong, do some research on him and you will see. Boost Mobile is not trying to involve him because they are trying to market to homosexual individuals. They are merely attracting the huge L.A. market…which includes everyone else in the U.S. who wants to be like the folks in Hollywood. See Paris Hilton checking out Mickey in his Mr. Right video? He is admired even by many celebrities in L.A. So smart move, Boost Mobile, on finding someone up and coming and hot!

  2. “He gave a couple hand jobs for money, yes, but has never even given any oral sex to a man. Certainly never for free either . Most of the times he was solicited, he just took the money and ran.”

    LOL! That’s the quote of the day!

  3. Maxxx

    I’ll bet there are very few people on the planet who even know Mickey Avalon’s situation, gay, straight, indifferent, whatever, I certainly don’t. But to get down on the guy for gaining recognition is pretty bush, man. I mean, look at a guy like Flavor-Flav, he has no actual talent. He never rapped, he never did anything, really, but he managed to make his way onto TV, and tons of people now love him. This Avalon character has definitely got more qualifications than a large number of people gaining recognition these days, and his whack mysterious sexuality is part of what makes him so interesting to the public. The guy is fucked, and that’s what’s so awesome about him. I think there’s alot of jealousy surrounding people who just gat paid and famous for being fuckers, I burn with envy from time to time watching Bam Margera and his crew, or even when I flip by Paris Hilton and her friend, but i believe we all need people like them so that we can at least see somebody else doing all he fucked things we want to do.

  4. wtfiswrongwithyou

    Flavor flav never rapped? How old are you? Does public enemy mean anything to you? Anyone that gives hand jobs for money should be shot it the face. I guess your 2nd favorite rapper is nick carter.

  5. dude, you dont even know. i just had my sweet 16 and he preformed at it. it was amazing, 300+ turnout. he is truly loved. pshh i fucking love himm

  6. Don

    Kaylee, if he just preformed at your sweet 16 then how come your MySpace says your 19. So, either you lied about him performing at your party, if there was even a party, or you lied about your age on MySpace. It doesn’t really matter what you lied about because your credibility is shot and you are a total liar with pants constantly on fire.

  7. JustAGuyWithAnOpinion

    Does any one consider that they threw him in there so Boost Mobile wasn’t represented as a phone company that is strictly black? I mean, I know this country has to be smarter than that, but I think that was for the sake of diversity. There’s still that irrational fear of being called a racist if everything isn’t diversified. Just a thought….

  8. medusas mom

    Mickey Avalon is a creative genius! He ws are always a party and he has the most staunch fans ever!has the uncanny ability to take a dark and tragic past and find humor there.As a rold model,Mickey is an inspiration to many who see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.His live show is always a party and his fans,the staunchest alive!Download the new Dyslexic Speedreader mix tape & http://www.themickeyavalonclub.com

  9. All I know is that the “my dick” song cracks me up. I also like “Animal Lover” by Dirt Nasty.

  10. Justin

    Mickey Avalon is making money, period. End of story. Who cares if he did or didn’t jack off a dude? He’s hot. Give it up for the androgenous white dude. Cha-ching!

  11. Maxxx

    wtfiswrongwithyou, I would like to point out that Flav didn’t rap seriously until the 1990’s.. Chuck D deserves all the creative credit for their work… Anyway, my opinion of Flavor Flav’s lack of talent aside, I brought him up as a comparison. Both men are figures who somehow made it to stardom in our media despite an obvious lack of substance, but we enjoy them anyway. I hope when you see Flav try and rap next to Chuck D, you can see which one displays the talent, and which one displays the entertainment value.
    And who the fuck is Nick Carter?

  12. MommaB

    HAHA! Nick Carter is a washed up Backstreet Boy….man….whatever.

  13. JC

    He played with another dudes dick, he is gay, that’s the way it goes

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