Khiel Coppin, an unarmed Black 18-year-old killed by police.

Khiel Coppin has joined the ranks of Sean Bell, Timothy Stansbury, Ousmane Zongo, Patrick Dorismond, Amadou Diallo, and a score of others whose names are already fading in memory. These are names that appear on no bronzed monument, but if they did, they might simply be headed this way: Killed in Error, NYPD Police Bullets. On November 12, he was killed because he might have had a gun…it was a hairbrush. The shooting of this unarmed, mentally ill Brooklyn teen two has reignited a debate over whether the NYPD’s tactics for responding to emotionally disturbed suspects are adequate or even constitutional. He was laid to rest on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving at Nazarene Congregational United Church of Christ in Bedford-Stuyvesant. The Village Voice reported…

Most of the mourners were middle-aged, and, aside from a handful of white reporters there to report on the event, all were African-Americans. A half-dozen local elected officials came to pay their respects, as did Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott, who came as a representative of Mayor Bloomberg and who happens to be black as well. Not a single white elected official felt the need to be present. The city’s Public Advocate, Betsy Gotbaum, whose own daughter-in-law died a few weeks ago in police custody in Phoenix amid circumstances Gotbaum rightly questioned, was among those absent.

In my opinion, they were not there because it’s not their problem.  It’s not their sons, friends, fathers, husbands, loved ones who are dying.  It’s our problem Black People…we need to do something about it.  If we are not willing to demand action and to act…what do we think elected officials are going to do?  If they do come to a funeral…that’s more about perserving their reputation…it’s not really in support of the victim.  What are we going to do with our vote?  Will we stop supporting the officials who are no where around when our brothers are dying?

Source: Village Voice

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  1. this is crazy what are we paying these cops to do kill when ever they please. and no justice for the killings of our young black sick of hearing this and i say our because no matter the colour we are all brothers and sisters.we give them a gun and a badge and they think they rule the world.cops are crooked we put our lives in thier hands and they get away with treating a human less then they want you to treat wonder we hate cops yes even us whites hate them too.only god has the right to judge and trust me they willl have to face him someday.god bless our young black and white children that have to face these bad nasty cops.

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