Divorce goes slow after Juanita Bynum’s Essence article

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that the divorce case of national evangelist Juanita Bynum and her estranged husband have broken down since the pastor dished about her troubled marriage in Essence magazine. Attorney for Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III said Monday that the magazine story has halted negotiations between the couple.  Bynum is featured in a story this month about her tumultuous relationship with Weeks. She discusses past incidents of abuse and the night of the alleged Aug. 21 attack that eventually led to the divorce.  Weeks’ attorney Randy Kessler, of Kessler, Schwarz & Solomiany, said the story in Essence “revealed a calculated, aggressive media attack on Bishop Weeks,” who has denied the alleged attack.

“The comments made by Rev. Bynum in that article has sabotaged discussions in the divorce case,” Kessler said.

The Bynum interview hit the stands this month just as the couple was negotiating their divorce settlement. Essence will feature Bynum in a January cover story where she will discuss plans for a domestic violence ministry.

Weeks is denying the abuse claims made in the article.  “Anyone who knows the truth about our marriage, knows what is in that magazine is a bunch of conjectures, misstatements, and dramatized events,” Weeks said in a statement released after a press conference at his church Wednesday.

Weeks said the interview made him look like a “villian” and that he is looking forward to being “vindicated” in the court system.


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3 Responses to Divorce goes slow after Juanita Bynum’s Essence article

  1. fivesolawoman

    What do you mean she “finally” speaks. Bynum hasn’t shut up since the alleged attack. She’s taking her “place in the world, not in the church.” She’s a Jezebel and out to destroy all men, especially Weeks. He should have stayed married to his first wife, and she should have stayed single after she divorced her first husband.

    Where is he? I’d like to hear from that dude.

    Bynum is all about money and fame. Look at her website, she never says anything about Jesus. She just promotes herself. She’s a pimp.

  2. I totally agree with fivesolawoman, she took this man from his wife and married him because this is what she wanted. (All about her) If she had did the right thing she would not be in this situation. (Remember you reap what you sole). She is milking her bad decision. How many other people have been abuses and they are not trying to capitalize off the situation. Think, did she speak out when the church assistance was assaulted?? No, she covered it up. She gets no sympathy from me..

  3. Please can someone tell me what is really going on?

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