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Are Black People Still Celebrating Kwanzaa?

“As family and friends gather to celebrate Kwanzaa, our citizens are reminded of the many African Americans who have contributed their talent and strength to this great Nation. I commend those observing this holiday for taking pride in your rich … Continue reading

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Female Sex Tourists and Caribbean Men

You can get a “rental dread”, aka. a contemporary Caribbean gigolo?!?!?  Wow.  This video is not brand new either…from the clothing.  I can only imagine that the trade is even stronger now.  I’m just mad that “old girl” said they … Continue reading


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Watch It: Goodbye Uncle Tom

This movie may be quite simply the most shocking, screamingly offensive blaxploitation movie of all time!!! is an unabashedly incendiary look at race relations in America during the early seventies that’s guaranteed to leave your jaw on the floor. This … Continue reading


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3 white men convicted of attempted murder for stabbing black man

The Associated Press reports that three reputed white supremacists were convicted Friday of attempted murder, assault and committing a hate crime for stabbing a black man.Joseph Dale McCool, 21, of Yucca Valley, Anthony Scott Allen, 24, of Big Bear City, … Continue reading

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Jury convicts Black man in murder of white youth

by SAEED SHABAZZ Special to the AmNews “What this jury has done is nullify 400 years of history in this country,” stated defense attorney Fred Brewington after a Suffolk County jury of 10 whites, one Latino and one Black convicted … Continue reading


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UW’s Bo Ryan cranks dat Soulja Boy

This dance is reaching epidemic proportions.  This is UW Men’s head basketball coach, Bo Ryan, doing the Soulja Boy Dance.  Oh Wisconsin…who would have thought.

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Recent deaths cause fear in Chicago’s Gay Community

People who have been oppressed can sometimes be prone to assume more oppression. It’ just the way things are. Some people cry “Get over it!”, but it’s just not that easy.  Many times fear and pain as a reality is … Continue reading

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Over 1,400 African-American babies are aborted each day

“Abortion is so critical to us, because this is essentially a genocide. According to the census of 2006, African Americans are reproducing below replacement level, which is 2.1 children per household, and we are now at 1.9. We need to … Continue reading


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White Racist Co-Worker’s Christmas Wish Granted

In the liberal multi-cultural City of Berkeley, California and home of the internationally renowned and respected University of California where diversity is as common as apple pie. On the eve of the New Year, the sole African American employee at … Continue reading

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RIP Benazir Bhutto, Assassinated

Such a tragedy…my heart goes out. RAWALPINDI, Pakistan (AFP) — Pakistani opposition leader and former premier Benazir Bhutto was assassinated at a party rally late Thursday, plunging the nation deeper into crisis less than two weeks before elections. She was … Continue reading

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