Over 1,400 African-American babies are aborted each day

“Abortion is so critical to us, because this is essentially a genocide. According to the census of 2006, African Americans are reproducing below replacement level, which is 2.1 children per household, and we are now at 1.9. We need to turn this around quickly, because over 1,400 African-American babies are aborted every day. That’s going in the wrong direction.” – Walter B. Hoye II, executive elder of Progressive Missionary Baptist Church of Berkeley

I’ve posted about African-Americans and abortion before and it’s a very very touchy subject.  In the black community, I find that most people have a don’t ask don’t tell policy.  Whether someone has had one…you don’t ask.  That’s med’ling in grown business, if you will.  If you had one, you only tell the people you trust or you keep it to yourself.  But of course, the topic is not one that anyone would consider cause for casual conversation.  Why?  I think the major factors are the huge black christian community that considers it and premarital sex sinful and community stigma around abortion.  The stigma part of the equation created in me an internal struggle.  I really couldn’t say that I was pro-abortion, because I don’t believe a life should die because you and your partner don’t want it or made a mistake and didn’t use a condom…etc.  However, I don’t think that children should be born into families where they are not wanted, will not have proper parenting, or will suffer as a result.  I also don’t think that it’s my job to decide whether other women should have the option (especially in cases of rape, incest, or when the mother or child is endangered by the pregnancy).  It’s a very very touchy issue.   In the end, when it comes to questions of life and death, I believe that there is a place for government, church, and personal choice.  Ultimately I think that each individual, male and female should have the choice of many informed choices when it comes to pregnancy.  Abortion, adoption, parenthood, It’s not my choice to make.

But enough of what I think…I want to know what you readers think about African-Americans and abortion. 


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6 Responses to Over 1,400 African-American babies are aborted each day

  1. Marilyn

    Before I found the Lord Jesus Christ, I too was guilty of this crime. I praise God for his forgiveness and after many years and much prayer, I have been able to forgive myself. People who are lost (don’t know the Lord as Savior) are abt to do anything, even kill their own children in the name of self preservation. Looking for love in all the wrong places, you will surely be used. But unfortunately you find that out too late. Ever praying for those who have done this terrible thing and encouraging black girls and women not to kill our future.

  2. “Ultimately I think that each individual, male and female should have the choice of many informed choices when it comes to pregnancy.”

    What should we do about the baby’s choice to live?

  3. That is an interesting question Paula…who is responsible for the rights and choice of the unborn? Are the mother and father who would have parental rights to support and defend a birthed child have the same responsibility when it comes to the unborn?

  4. -ty

    I think that when it comes to this topic its always one of those things where you are damned if you do and damned if you dont. I think of it like this, people shouldn’t get abortions because thats killing someone[your own child for Christ sake], but then again should people bring children into this world who they know they arent going to take care of??? What if they know that they arent fit to bring a child in at that point of there life…. should they continue the pregnancy? Just something to think about.

  5. RE: Over 1,400 African American babies are aborted each day. Those are some shocking statistics.

    I was watching a documentary on late abortions and it was so upsetting the way they are aborted is horrific.

  6. crisco

    Not meaning to step on people’s toes , beliefs or non.
    Isn’t there other issues that blacks face in the world besides this topic? Let’s take one nationwide example; gays are able to carry their “life partner” on an insurance policy and health insurance, but I can’t carry my elderly grandmother.Isn’t there a growing epidemic of AIDS and other STDs, some that don’t have a name to them as yet? What about a decline , more now that ever of our children (that are living )are classified as special needs and constantly failing academically because they can’t pass state exams? No offense, but you don’t hear a consistent babble of gang or drug warfare that plague our neighborhoods, and these issues are addressed , why is abortion always connected? You mean to tell me all this is connected to black folk, and we are allowing ourselves to constantly be brainwashed to issues that are affecting livelihood? Whose affected by abortion but the person who followed through with it anyway? Has abortion stopped women to eventually have babies and live normal healthy lifestyles as well as their babies? NO IT HASN’T!! You know why? Because termination of ANYTHING is between a person and God; be it an abusive relationship, a career, hope, you name it , it’s between our God and us. If God can forgive us time after time, why do we still harp on abortion? If you think about it, prostitution and abortion have been around longer than we have. Think it’s going to stop?

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