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Chris Rock’s 2008 Election Analysis

This is from a few months ago…still love it!!!! Hilarious! Click here- (for some reason I can’t embed the video)

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Kwame Kilpatrick’s public apology

At the time, a lie seems like a good idea, especially if your ass is on the line. For good, professional liars, a lie is not complete unless it includes an expression of utter outrage or insult at what you’re being accused of … Continue reading


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Help for African American Teens embracing 80s fashion

They will be ok, as long as they stay away from biking shorts. Lord please! The post I did on black youth and 80s fashion has been very popular. The comments are interesting to say the least. Well, there is … Continue reading


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Black Cop Shot to Death by Other Officers in NYC

“They’ve done it again,” the Rev. Al Sharpton told The New York Daily News, drawing a parallel to the 2006 slaying of Sean Bell by four New York officers in Queens. Officer Christopher Ridley, 23, reportedly was shot to death … Continue reading


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Edwards has left the building

After coming in 3rd 5 times in a row and his old running mate Kerry endorsing Obama (ouch), John Edwards is now out of the Presidential Race.  He told supporters in New Orleans that it was time for him to … Continue reading

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The Debate over Afrocentric Schools in Canada

‘‘Black school is segregation. Martin Luther King and how many of our fathers fought to come together, so blacks and whites could be together. Sitting at the front of the bus together. This is 2008. Please. What we’re doing is … Continue reading


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Ohio Police Shoot Black Mother and Infant

Unbelievable!  *sigh* From The New York Times – “This thing just stinks to high heaven, and the police know it,” said Jason Upthegrove, president of the Lima chapter of the N.A.A.C.P. “We’re not asking for answers anymore. We’re demanding them.” … Continue reading


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Bill Clinton and Liberal Racism

There is nothing like a conservative voice…lol. I don’t always agree with what most conservatives…classic conservatives…say. However this conservative had some very interesting points to raise about Bill Clinton and Racist Liberals. First Black Prez Turns out to be a … Continue reading


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Text Addicts could learn a lesson from Detroit’s Mayor

BET reported last week that, Married Detroit Mayor,” Kwame Kilpatrick, is facing the political storm of his life. The flamboyant, controversial CEO of the Motor City could be on the outs after lying to a grand jury about his affair … Continue reading


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Toni Morrison backing Obama for REAL Black President

Toni Morrison, the author who dubbed Bill Clinton the nation’s “first black president”, has announced she is backing the man who would actually be the nation’s first black president, Barack Obama. In explanation Morrison wrote: In addition to keen intelligence, … Continue reading


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