Obama or Reparations?

All you Obama supporters…I wonder how you’ll answer.  If you had to choose between Reparations for slavery for African Americans who have ancestors who were enslaved in America and Barack Obama being president, which would you choose??

If we get a black president, you know we aren’t getting any reparations for slavery, you know that right?!?!  LOL  Can’t have both, Negro.

Oh wait, we weren’t getting any anyway! LOL


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43 Responses to Obama or Reparations?

  1. President. If we didn’t get reparations by now, we’re never getting them.

  2. Wouldn’t classify myself as an “Obama supporter” yet, but I’d certainly opt for Reparations for those of Afrikan descent. (And I agree that a Black President would find great resistance to anything that even gave the hint that she/he was seriously examining righting the wrongs that pervade Black folks’ experience in this country.)

    While the possibility of us receiving reparations of some kind still appears bleak to many, I am encouraged by the recent congressional hearing on HR 40 (back in Dec. ’07) and the “apology” and “profound regret” bills that have passed in a handful of states. This keeps the ball rolling and its up to those within this movement to keep the pressure on.

    I certainly would recommend Dr. Ray Winbush’s book SHOULD AMERICA PAY? as a resource as well as ON THE COURTHOUSE LAWN by Professor Sherryln Ifill. While her book is primarily about lynching in Maryland (particularly Maryland’s Eastern Shore), she does a great job in Part 2 of her book addressing the issue of reconciliation and broadening the idea of what reparations could look like for those of us who have been kissed by the sun.

    Keep up the great work.

  3. I’m always struck how Blackfolk pose false dichotomies because of the lingering effects of slavery.

    Suppose this was 1964, and Johnson was running for President (very popular among Blackfolk) and someone did an imaginary blog that said (“Johnson or the Civil Rights Bill?”). Or how about during the Bush I era, if someone had asked the, “Bush or the MLK Holiday” (relevant since today is King’s actual birthday). Both questions, including the one in the title of this blog are anchored firmly in self-hatred since they imply that the only way Blackfolk can achieve their liberation is to link up with white folks.

    We’re the only people that link our “success” as being essentially intertwined with another group. Jews don’t. Palestinians don’t. The Japanese don’t. The Sunnis don’t. The Shiites don’t. We simply cannot dream of a “Black world”, and thus Obama’s *possible* election as President cannot exist in the same world as reparations. We must always remember that the struggle for reparations is *independent of whoever is elected president*. If this wasn’t the case, we would have remained in formal enslavement and Montgomery would still have segregated busses.

    Struggle is never easy and voting for Obama has nothing to do with reparations.

    Hmmmm, maybe Hillary would “give” them to us…

  4. tobytash

    Well, since I’m of West Indian descent and wouldn’t be eligible for any type of reparations, I’d have to say I’d want Obama to win.

  5. Kimberella

    Reparations? Chil’ pleez!
    Obama now!

  6. I agree. Obama will be the next president of the United States!!!!!

  7. Chabria Thomas

    I would have to agree with Dr. Winbush’s statement about Black People not having the mind capacity of creating and developing a Black World..We’ve been bombarded with mostly oppressive thoughts of liberation, that it’s quite challenging for us to become independent of our suppressors (that’s for those who still remain oppressed-whether in mind or in spirit)..We continue to have conversation that have undertones of a white persons definition of being free, that we haven’t even began to scratch the surface of what freedom and liberty truly is..Is it possible for Us to see ourselves as ourselves and within all of Our originality?..Is it possible for Us to have a reality that’s based on Our concepts alone?..Is it possible for Us to speak of language that’s supremely opposite of whites period?..I’m sure if we all went around and surveyed Black people and asked the simple question of, “What kind of world would you choose to exist in?”, we would get a reply that would sound like this-” We need to have more grocery stores, better schools, better pavements, more money…” And if you asked the follow up question of,” Who will give Us these things?” The answer would be,”them.” Nevermind asking who’s them because we know who “them” is…

    If we don’t begin to think outside of white people, then we’ll never have a chance of real separation in order to experience freedom and equality in this realm of existance..We’re taught that the only “heaven” is the one in the sky and not here for Us to have on earth…

    As far as Obama becoming President, I stand on the belief that if any Black person, in a position to ulter the reality, would have to bring in his or her own staff, fire everyone else, build upon something new, so that we could have Our concepts being at the core of any progression toward change..And besides, there’s more of Us on this earth than it is white people so, why shouldn’t Our concepts be made manifest?…

    Peace and Blessings

  8. Mary Prescott

    I’m all for reparations – FROM blacks! You people have ruined our cities and crime runs rampant where ever you live.

  9. Mary,

    What about what the British Empire did across the world, destroying culture and lives? What about how white folks just “discovered” the “Americas” where cultures were already thriving and living. Whites have been running rampant for centuries. Let’s not even talk about the Crusades.

  10. bruce

    what a bunch of snivelling whiners !reparations, what do you think welfare payments and affirmative action are some kind of right? what did we get for our money we got a bumper crop of criminal bastards breeding like cockroach’s.it would be better if you got off your lazy ass and went to work and made a contribution to america in stead of being parasites.i find negroes to be the biggest gang of racist in our country i remember the duke rape case where Negroes were foaming at the mouth but i knew it was a whores lie.how did i come to this conclusion, because of justice dept. statistics on rape negroes rape 15,000 white woman where as whites rape about 100 negroes a year.you use slavery that happened 150yrs ago as an excuse for your own failings yet you do nothing to correct it.you know do things like go to school and learn something,stay out of trouble with the Law, do not get pregnant when you can not care for a child and work.how come you never complain about slavery going on in africa or the africa sport of rape ,robbery and murder going on in the congo or is that some one else’s fault?i am sorry you hate white people because we work hard and pay our bills and don’t gripe to much when we see your boy school bus nagin screwing up chocolate city or the nit wits destroying detroit.i belive it past time for negroes to take responsibity for your own lives.

  11. A Great American

    What on earth makes any black person in America think they deserve reparation payments for their ancestors selling other blacks in to slavery?

  12. A Great American…smh. Even you know that your comment is flawed.

  13. angrygoy

    How about reparations for the families of the 600,000 Civil War dead? How about reparations for the genocide currently being committed against White Americans from black criminals who prey on them every day? Maybe White America needs reparations for the trillions of welfare dollars that have been wasted since the 1960s? Blacks need to stop whining or go back to Africa.

  14. Natural Law

    I’d like to know how a white freedom is different from a black freedom? Some of the worst injustice in this world is committed by blacks against other blacks at a local, national, and international levels. Darfur as a recent example, Congo, Gabon, you name it. Blacks have demonstrated almost a universal inability to form a functional government with the exception of corrupt and brutal dictatorships of improvised and diseased countries, many of which have substantial mineral and agricultural wealth. Most black civilizations never created a written language. African blacks cannot even maintain white farms homesteaded by white farmers, taken away and given to blacks. Without the organization and infrastructure created by whites, blacks would be on their way to extinction even faster than they are currently.

  15. Natural Law, you are another example of what I’ve always known. Racists don’t read. List some examples of white hate and treachery along with the examples you’ve noted. There are tons of them.

    It’s so interesting to me that most racists come to this site and comment, as if African American readers will be shocked by their statements. Guess what? We deal with racism all the time. We aren’t surprised. We’ve come to expect it.

    I actually approve racist comments so that I can show my white colleagues that not everyone in America is color blind. I like to remind there that there is still racism out there, despite the fact that they accept their black “brothers and sisters”.

  16. peter

    Reparations? I’ll be damned if I am paying one cent. I never owned slaves. I already pay too much in taxes that go right to black parasites. How about the gun I had to buy, the failing schools I have to pay for, the fact I cannot set foot in many urban areas of my own country because the blacks make it too dangerous. What about the hostile glares I get from my “fellow americans”. Please negroes, do me a favor and form your own country and leave us alone already. You’ve asked for too much, and we are all getting very tired. We don’t expect your own country to be much of a success. Look at Rhodesia… a wonderful country with a great infrastructure… and the blacks ruined it. They couldn’t even maintain what Whites had built for them.

  17. Robert

    Black people. Please get jobs. Please work. Please stop blaming your failings on others. You appear as ignorant parasites to the rest of the world. The Asians laugh at you. You need to get off your asses and produce. You put all of your energies into complaining and making up new excuses and silly arguments for why you fail. If you put these energies into working instead you could make something of yourselves. I know, you already have your defense mechanisms in place. Anyone trying some tough love on you is just an evil racist. Well, it’s your lives. I have 9 years of college and plenty of assets. I support my family, pay a lot of taxes, and give to my church. If you’re satisfied sitting in a ghetto and complaining, I guess it’s your life. I just wish you’d drop the anger and bullshit and start to make something of yourselves.

  18. Harsh Opinion

    Slavery in America is the best thing that EVER happened to the black race (counting everything going back 40,000 years).
    That coupled with white guilt has made the black race the beneficiary of a myriad of opportunites (free stuff) they would NEVER have had otherwise.
    So quit looking for the usual handouts and GET A JOB.

  19. Reparations is by far more important. Unless Black People are going to get organized, a so-called “Black President” is worthless. What is “The Value of a Black President” (see Blog) if the Black Community reaps no benefit?

    Then again, “Reparations” (in the form of a check) are just as worthless if Black People do not GET ORGANIZED. All we’ll do is return that money to the shitstem.

    Come and Get Your Reparations!

  20. steve

    you will never get reperations, you where never a slave!you cant force whites to pay you even if it would somehow pass, i would purposely not pay those taxes. the whole idea is retarded, maybee we will give native americans there land back? or fix what happened to the jews, which had it way worse than the blacks ever did, whole argument thrown out the window, so all you reperations people always trying to make free money need to shut your dumbass mouth.

  21. Anyone looking for repartions is at the very least uninformed. The North African Barbary Coast Pirates Kidnapped 1.25 Million Christian Europeans MORE THAN BROUGHT OVER TO THE COLONIES, so recently that it led to quick developement of the US Navy in this countries intial formantion. Some one explain to me why buying slaves from AFRICANS is worse than kidnapping and enslaving. It’s time to realize EUROPEANS DID’NT ENSLAVE AFRICAN AMERICANS, AFRICANS ENSLAVE AFRICAN AMERICANS. The sad fact is if you were’nt being sold to us it would have been the Arabs or the Native Americans or anybody that came along with the money and/or supplies to buy you. White people have giving you so much and gotten nothing back. You think we could’nt have found someone to pick our cotten, so don’t feed me this line about how your helped “form this country”. There are more black people on welfare than white people even though there are SIX TIMES as many of us as you. The prison system is about as out of whack as that. You wonder why there so much so called racism. Its a reaction to how your people act as a whole. Just like the another stereotype, a black man can’t get a cab. Why is that, are you telling me people, people that are mostly non white, are just throwing away a good fare becuase there racist, or is that they have been robbed by 2 blacks guys in the last 6 months and black people are such a small part of thier business. Call me racist all you want but without us you are suffocating in a 3rd world cesspoll, without you nothing changes but for the better. There’s nothing left to say after that.

  22. Tainopower

    Ok give them the 30 acres and a mule then what? United states will not have enough land and burros to give away .this are just dream for my black friends that will never happen.

  23. I aint doing it

    Reparations my a$$. My family moved over here in the late 1800s, early 1900s. My grandfather on one side came from Ireland and my great grandfather on the other side came from Scotland. They were broke and were essentially indentured servants for their lives. Where do I sign up for my free check?

    Here is a better idea. Give people the reparations they think they deserve, put them back on a ship to Nigeria and ban them from ever stepping foot in the US again.

    It is time to get off the victim mentality. Mexicans and Asians come here, get educations, get jobs and are happy. Yet the National Association of Always Complaining People still gripe about something that someone else did 160 years ago and won’t get off their butts and take any responsibility for their lives.

    Obama is a fraud, representing gays, abortionists, socialists and the other fractured sects of the economy. He does not represent any monolithic mainstream sect.

    Go look at the transfer of wealth already happening. The top 10% of tax payers pay 71% of the taxes. That is the biggest in the history of our country. And he wants to tax them more? Why, so we can create more families where 70% of them have no father in the home?

    Catch up with the rest of the world and stop whining. You see Jewish people asking for reparations from Germans? I haven’t.

    Slavery is a horrible blemish on the world history – not just that of the US for those of you who never learned history. However, blacks sold other blacks into slavery. This is not just a whitey doin a number on the brother.

    Read history. Learn the facts. Get an education. Stop whining.

  24. mhu.cao

    I don’t want that shuckin’ and jivin’ fool Obamadababadaboo in the Gray House.
    Black, white, bullllll. I want green. They owe it to us. Reparations now, reparations, tomorrow, or there’ll be a heavy price to pay.

  25. “or there’ll be a heavy price to pay” come on you can’t be serious. Have you done the math, we outnumber you 6 to 1.

  26. Putting peoples life on hold while they wait for a big reparation payout is how black leaders keep you under their control.(Enslaved) Blacks don’t think things are fair if the determining factor is based on skin color except when it comes to reparations and then it is ok. If a black person became a citizen yesterday would he or she be entitled reparations? 80% of blacks would probably say yes even though that person lived in a different country and did not have any relatives that were slaves in this country. How sad that you waste so much energy on something that should not, cannot and will not happen. There is still time to change course and throw off the chains of Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc. and take responsibility for your life and actions. And be free at last, free at last!

  27. Rev. Howard

    Blacks should not recieve reparations for their ancestors being slaves. Some guy owed my great grandfather money and now his decendant owes me that money plus intrest for all these years, otherwise I will not fully fell like a man who has a place in this world. That is the same logic that reparations are based upon. We make our own place in this world and we leave our own mark on it when we leave it. History clearly shows that it was black people’s own ancestors that sold them into slavery and they still do it to this day. Why not seek out the decendants of those slaves sellers and make them pay reparations. As a matter of fact, my ancestors paid good trinkets and beads for those slaves, and if my tax dollars have to go toward paying reparations, then I want my trinkets and beads back plus intrest compounded to include todays fair market value for those antiques.

  28. M

    What makes you think you deserve money for something that happened to your ancestors? Bullshit. That shit is in the past. Let it go and stop asking for handouts.

  29. M

    Sista. “Racists don’t read”? That comment is as ignorant as any racial slur in this blog. When I was young I did not have a single racist bone in my body. But, you know what made me “dislike” a large number of the black population in north america? The constant whining about racism, and how everything is a race issue. GET OVER IT!!! I’m an avid reader. So there!!!

    Blacks do not deserve reperations. Period. It is a ridiculous concept. I understand that you still suffer from racism everywhere you go. But, guess what? So do many latinos, asians, hearing-impaired, gays, etc. Life is tough. No one else is asking for a handout for what happened to their ancestors years ago. We’re all struggling to make it in this world. If you don’t like it here go back to Africa. See how you like it there.

  30. JD

    Sista – You are so right, racists don’t read. They also can’t spell and have yet to grasp the basics of grammar. My “people” embarrass me. What am I saying? I don’t claim them just because we have the same color skin. You have the right idea letting their comments stay, it shows just how ignorant people can be.

  31. M

    It’s funny how you cling to details like grammar and spelling, as if that will prove a point and get blacks the handouts they so desperately think they deserve.

    Well, JD, if you’re so keen on making apologies for “your people” then be sure to also pay extra reparations for those of us who won’t pay a cent.

  32. h

    Welcome back lady’s and gentlemen for our next installment of WHO WAS WORSE!!!

    Group A Bought several hundred thousand slaves from group B

    Group B Kidnapped and enslaved millions for Group A


    White guy- Group B by a longshot




    Think about that the next time you complain about my ancestors and your treatment by them.



  33. Nothing quite as stimulating as adult conversation…….

  34. This site should be named HelloNegroAndAngryWhites. Look, regardless of our different cultures and viewpoints we all end up helpless and without dignity at the end of life. We have that in common, so let’s sympathize.

    My anger is about the way reading is taught to both blacks and whites, no matter what school they attend. Reading skill is the Golden Gateway to success in our culture, and those who don’t have it are assigned to a very unpleasant underclass the rest of their lives.

    Administrators don’t care, they just want job security, which isn’t affected by reading failure in their little kingdoms.

    City officials don’t care as long as their children can attend private schools or be served by high-priced tutors (ever check out Sylvan? Wow.)

    Education professors don’t care; they have magnificent contracts with textbook publishers. (Publishers make FAR more money from remedial programs if their basal reading programs fail in the classroom. Ever think about that?)

    So who cares? Probably classroom teachers (at the beginning of their careers ) but their little failures get passed on to the next grade level, so it’s a transitory thing.

    PARENTS CARE. But by the time they find out their children are educationally damaged, it’s usually too late. And don’t think spending most of your childhood in the resource room struggling to learn to read isn’t tough. No wonder those kids turn to drugs when they’re older. It’s gut-wrenching to think what they suffer. Black and white.

    Parents, while your child is three, four and five years old, go on the internet and google a few sites. You can help your child become a reader with only a few minutes a day and save him a lifetime of pain. Look for:

    preschool reading
    home schooling
    reading program

  35. LouAnn

    Some questions come to mind: Would it just go to poor black people who couldn’t pull themselves up by their own bootstraps? I assume it wouldn’t go to those who made a way for themselves — as they were able to transcend race (defy a racist society) with their God-given talents. What about people who are biracial — those who are black by heritage but light skinned and whose forefathers perhaps received preferential treatment over the generations? To be true reparations, the money from taxpayers funding this couldn’t come from any black people in the upper or middle classes, as their forefathers, presumably, weren’t slave owners (unless there were interracial relationships in the past). The money also couldn’t come from white people whose people moved here after the end of slavery — as there were no slaveowners in their families. What if a person comes from a family where half of the forefathers owned slaves and the other half were just poor sharecroppers, who worked alongside slaves. Would they pay the bill — or half the bill? Would the value of affirmative action programs and other forms of modern “reparations” be deducted from the reparations bill? Would those whites who have taught in inner city schools to serve poor black children be exempt? Would white nuns, who take a vow of poverty, and work in the trenches of the homeless and destitute also be exempt? Would Spain participate in these reparations, as they were the ones responsible for slavery in the state of California before any Europeans arrived? Would the West African countries with descendents who sold slaves hold some responsibility? Would those American blacks who migrated to the Caribbean after slavery have access to these reparations — their forefathers were effected by it, after all?

    And then there is the scope of reparations:
    – Native Americans
    – Chinese in California
    – Japanese in WWII internment camps
    – Those held in Guantanamo
    – and on and on …

    I think what we need to work for here is a just society — now how can we do that?

  36. Tyrone

    I fo sho wan sum reprations dey don evn be skoolin me ryt. crakas ned b payin.

  37. jana

    OMG why do many black people think they are owed something? Reparations for blacks at my expense hell no why should your group be considered so special? when you have caused the majority of your own misery

  38. Jana…really? Really? Read a history book or something. Blacks, Native Americans, the Japanese who were put in camps during the war (well they actually got paid…good for them)…there is a list of people who have issues with what the “Europeans” did to them. The Europeans here just happen to be the ancestors of American whites. I’d much rather have the advantages of white privilage…bump some reparations. Money is fleeting…Power is a tad bit more lasting. But, the demographics are changing and as the boomer generation loses power things will hopefully even out.

  39. texas

    Sista, can’t you feel all the hate in this room! Such sad people to think just cause they white they right! Please fools! Like sista said, read a history book or go to the library and read upon your united states history! I am a decendant of indian and african slaves and i love who i am! If you white people dont like the different skin colors you see on a daily basis then what you need to do, like yall tell blacks go back to your own land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Elijah

    You are all in for a what the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called America’s “rude awakening”.

    It fact, expectantly, the “rude awakening” of America will ignite the same globally.

    “And he shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers, lest I come and spite the Earth with a curse.”

  41. When animals cant/wont feed themselves, they die. This seperates the wheat from the chaff. This ensures that productive animals live, and lazy or sick animals do not reproduce. It works, and always has. Its nature, and she is smarter than you. Make you squeamish? Too bad. Thats REAL life. If it wasnt for the white man, your race would be almost gone. Because you are the race that cant/wont. Your race calls itself African American. You dont give a flying crap about Africa. None of you. You just like wearing the stupid colors to distinguish yourself from me.(Stop please, you look like a strange crackhead McDonalds employee) You are an AMERICAN, and if not get out, please. You seperate, then act like we want to convert you to something. It isnt that simple. All we want is peace, and for Black Americans to contribute, instead of poisining its own culture, and dragging us down with them. We do not want cities and towns that look like somalia. Africa is a macrocosm of Tuskegee, Alabama. Go there, friend. The ONLY place in AMERICA that walmart closed its store in, during good economic times, because of theft. More went out the back door than came in the front. I have more, if you would like them. I READ QUITE A BIT. WHITE people are the reason you are typing on that keyboard and spilling leach B.S. to the world now. Do you run to the mailbox once a month? Or HOP, to make sure the fake handicap thing stays safe? I must admit you have a set of balls, to brush off what someone above here called tough love, and say “racists dont read”. Thats funny, considering you would be clicking at your friends in zimbabwe if it wasnt for the horrible white man. Slavery was aweful, but YOU DO NOT OWN IT. The word SLAVE comes from the latin servus =-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavery-=the word slav, guess what color they were? WHITE. READ THAT. Not that the black community cannot change, I assure you. The issue isnt racism, it’s the black culture and lack of self responsibility that seems to be the mantra of almost all of you. Take the high road, and it wont be easy, but youll come out better, we all will. But until you quit standing there with your hand out, and dreaming about something THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN, you are kinda stuck, friend. White people, most of us, moved on, you didnt.

  42. This message is for all blacks people alway speaking on Reparations for blacks people; from Washington D.C. The Capital will not give black peoples Reparations; because blacks people has a constitution and a BY-Law approve by Congress, Haile G Sellassie I. SINCE 1945. Which we is federally Recognize as a 501-C-4 Social Welfare Civil League, a Act of Congress. Black people wake up. Congress will not give no reparation, because they know what black have when it come Reparation. You peoples is wasting your time. Go to web and read about the Ethiopian World Federation Inc; Then E-mail me back and let’s try to, work this Government. My Names is H. Glen Fuller I; SENIOR Director. On my way to Shashamanee, Ethiopia, about Sept. 2010.

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