Are Brothers Dressed to be Opressed?


Wow!!!!  Ask yourself the question.  Thanks to What Black Men Think for posting this powerful image.   Pass it on to some teachers.  This would make a great poster for inner city classrooms when kids dress like this and don’t understand the mentality behind it.  Can you say “prison training“?


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4 Responses to Are Brothers Dressed to be Opressed?

  1. thanks for the post…JM

  2. Wow…. although I’ve been familiar with the “felon” origins of these styles for quite some time, I’ve never seen it presented in its totality quite like this.

    As far as bringing this poster into the classroom for educational purposes, as an urban educator myself, I think it’s a great idea. Just keep in mind the sad fact that many of our youth get the example and motivation to rock this style from home. Think about it. When a 7-year-old walks into school looking like this poster, who was the one responsible for dressing him?

  3. When you put it that way… yes. Yes, freedom of expression and all, but you have to be aware of the world you live in. It’s not saying that doing the Gap or J Crew thing is going to keep you from getting profiled.

    My own mother puts people who dress like that in one category and can’t tell one from the other. Her step kids’ friends dress like this and in 4+ years, she can’t really tell one from the other even though they don’t look alike. You can dress anyway you want to but you also have to recognize that people are going to put you in the same “thug” box, whether you’re volunteering in the community or selling crack. The discrimination is not right but you have to deal with the consequences of that

  4. That’s scary. These kids are being conditioned to go to prison….at such an early age.

    It’s mentality vs a system ready to send them.

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