RIP Johnnie Carr

On Friday, Johnnie Carr, the childhood friend of Rosa Parks who took the reins of the Montgomery Improvement Association from Dr. Martin Luther King, died Friday. She was 97.  Carr remained active in civil rights, running the association that led the Montgomery Bus Boycott from 1967 until her death. “Johnnie Carr is one of the three major icons of the Civil Rights Movement: Dr. King, Rosa Parks and Johnnie Carr,” Morris Dees, co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, told The Associated Press. “I think ultimately, when the final history books are written, she’ll be one of the few people remembered for that terrific movement.”

During her tenure at the association, she worked tirelessly to improve race relations, helping desegregate Montgomery schools by naming her then-13-year-old son, Arlam, as the plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit.

Source: BET News 

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  1. Desiree` Jones

    Hello Readers “Mrs.Carr was a nice lady from all of the websites I have read.People are saying how intelligent, smart, brave, and any other good things about her. She was a proud mother and she died over a stroke. RIP Dr.Johnnie Carr. You will always be missed and still loved.

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