Have You Seen This Black Child?

From Ad Age – Campaign Makes Issue of Media Bias in Abduction Cases

It’s almost a punch line these days. Some attractive teenage white girl goes missing or dead and we’re guaranteed to hear about it for weeks or months or in perpetuity. It makes for a great SNL skit.

What would make for a better one — but in a funny-sad rather than a funny-ha-ha way — is Nancy Grace or Greta van Susteren worrying their fake blonde locks over the disappearance of a non-white child.

Of course, the reality is that never happens. And the reality is, while the talking TV heads’ story selection is even less diverse than the halls of a mainstream ad agency, there are people out there working to find missing Black and Hispanic kids.

Hadji Williams, author of Knock the Hustle, sent over some posters he created for a group trying to bring attention to missing minority children. They come in two flavors.

One set features a profile of a “composite” white kid “last seen on” CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc. (I think it might hurt the effort that the photo is of a real missing person).

The other set features missing minority kids — probably last seen at the spot they were abducted and maybe in a local newspaper or two. The cases are so similar to the mainstream cases that get all the media attention, one starts to wonder … Nah, let’s not finish that thought.

The “We Want Our Kids Back, Too” effort, said Williams, sprung out of the passion of sites such as BlackandMissing.blogspot.com and similar sites.

The effort lives online only for the moment, on the various blogs and through direct e-mail outreach. If funding and publicity start coming in, there’s a possibility they’ll branch out into print and TV. Williams said they’ll break Webisodes later in the year.

And, he adds, “No word from Greta Van Susteren or Nancy Grace. They’re both busy trying to crack the Drew Peterson case.”


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5 Responses to Have You Seen This Black Child?

  1. Everyone knows this is the truth… for example, while working this weekend (in news production) the top stories for these mainstream sites were the two white female students that were either missing or dead. Tragedies, yes, but it’s always the same – a pretty white girl with long flowing hair. They aren’t the only ones that go missing… but you know, the perps know they can rely on the media not giving a crap about the girls of color that get snatched or murdered, so they have a field day.

    I guess white folks only care about white folks?

  2. Play of the Day: Obama not running for V.P.

    can’t wait to hear your slant on this one. Guessing you’re on a subway somewhere, working, or plotting to take over the world….

  3. thx for picking this up! we added a folder on the page filled with ads it’s called “ourkids” feel free to click on it and circulate the pics as you see fit.


  4. Lucem ferre LeVan

    hey cooleyhigh, it’s so nice to see that generalizations have stopped, but I guess that since you made the generalized question/statement, (“I guess white folks only care about white folks?”)
    there could be nothing wrong with it, right!

    I won’t defend the White media but I will say that Oprah is the most powerful woman, not Black woman, but woman in the country and she has a daily tv talk show she hosts. When is the last time she did a show about missing Black or Brown people, children, girls, boys, men or women??? Just one show, let alone a weekly thing or twice a week thing?

    Tony Brown of Tony Brown’s Journal has been on PBS for so long I can’t remember. Every Sunday he’s on. I read his “Black Lies White Lies” book several years ago. he’s a great writer, host and man, but when is the last time he used his powerful media perch to get our attention on this matter? Where is Shapton? Doesn’t he have a tv show in NY and a radio show too? If so, what’s up with that? Are there not local Black owned and run tv and radio stations throughout the country, especially in cities like Atlanta, Harlem, South Central, Houston and so on??? What are they doing to meet this challenge and help find missing people of color?

    I remember when the Atlanta killings were being televised and Andre Young had people out scouring the state of Georgia to find these children. The entire country was captivated and many were trying to help, even Whites. Some of us White even believe/know that the Saunders Klan family was in on the killing of these kids and men and not Wayne Williams but it was the White run PBS station that did a great documentary raising just that question. I’m sickened to know that Williams, who I, a White man, believe to be innocent, will spend the rest of his life in prison while the Saunders family, known all too well by the FBI, gets away with killing those children and adults, but some of us non-caring White folk can only do what we can do, like speak out here and on the nation.com and on fannation.com, about injustice and teach our children about the subtleties of racism and sexism and bigotry. So please don’t wrap a bigoted statement up like that one in a question about all White people. It’s too easy for me to see through and detracts from your much greater point, which I believe is, this sucks and it must change.

  5. Dave Chappelle made a somewhat related skit about it (I say somewhat because he didn’t bring race into it) it was hilarious.

    This was a great read too, about the same girl Dave was talking about but didn’t mention race here.


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