CNN on Black In America

CNN is doing a whole lot of promotion and creating a lot activity around their “Black in America” series.  I’m glad to see it.  They’ve even teamed up with Essence Magazine for a special report, The Big Challenge
Those are some of my favorite black luminaries so I had to check it out.

“Abortion. Gay marriage. Immigration. For years we have debated these issues behind closed doors. Now GOP strategists are selling such subjects to us as the greatest threats to African-Americans, seizing on the conventional wisdom that we are politically liberal yet socially conservative. As 2008 approaches, we asked Black America’s keenest minds to weigh in on the real pressing issues we will need to deal with in the coming year.”  [Click here for what they had to say]

What do you have to say as an African American on the subjects of abortion, gay marriage, and immigration?

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  1. Alicia

    I don’t think that abortion and gay marriage are having a negative impact on Black America. The lack of heterosexual marriage is the true demise to our culture. Personally, I would not want to marry a closeted gay man, it is still a lie. And I still see plenty of single women raising their child(ren) without a man in sight. The number of abortions probably decrease the numbers of poverty stricken children born out of wedlock. While I do not condone abortions as a method of birth control, it is sadder to see Black women struggling to be everything while Black men are free to not contribute anything except their sperm.

    Black folk have been in this country long enough to take advantage of what education and entrepeneuriship have to offer. Immigrants come into this country, open up businesses, send their children to school and do quite well in a generation or two. Whatever your thoughts on the impact of slavery and Jim Crow on Black America, it takes money, power and education to thrive in America. It is time for us as a people to recognize that fact and become competitive. We do not have time to sit around thinking of ways to become our own sovereign country, go back to Africa, blame white folks for everything, etc. We especially do not have time to assimilate into the world of gangsta rap, because the only reward will be a long prison term or death. Let’s take a page from our proud foreparents and take back control of our lives and destinies. Sisters: stop having sex before the wedding or at least the exclusive commitment; Brothers: marry that woman that loves you enough to have your child(ren) and if you know that you do not want to be with any particular woman, also excercise some self control and use a rain coat; Children: pay attention in school, read books for the sake of reading, and do not believe the BET, MTV hype on being hood rats.

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