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DC: Smithfield Workers, the N-Word, and North Carolina relatives

Thousands of people in the Washington, DC area have ties to North Carolina, especially African Americans.  Many of our family members migrated to the region for better work opportunities and–at times–to escape abusive working conditions.   I was suprised to see … Continue reading


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“Black” is in fashion at Vogue in July

Black is really “the new BLACK”…but we already knew that. I guess Vogue magazine knows too. Allegations of racism and discrimination in the fickle fashion world have surfaced after Franca Sozzani, editor of the global style bible Vogue Italia, confirmed … Continue reading


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Karl Rove on Barack Obama

For former Bush mastermind Karl Rove to portray Obama as a Gatsby-esque smoothie, as he did to a group of DC Republicans the other day, was a fascinating piece of race and class voodoo. “Even if you never met him,” … Continue reading


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Yearbook’s fake names make fun of black students

Officials at a California high school say they are trying to find out why students were allowed to have false names for black students put in the yearbook. Clint Harwick, superintendent of Charter Oak High School in Covina, Calif., said … Continue reading

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Friday Question: Will the N-word ever go away?

Hello Readers!!! We’ve seen some healthy debate around the posting on NAS’s new song “Be a Nigger too”. The N-word tends to have that effect when opinionated people are around, and I love the dialog. So, this week’s question is … Continue reading

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Is Maxwell back???

In case you didn’t catch it, Maxwell was a surprise guest to honor Al Green on the BET music awards. He’s still beautiful and sounds good. I really hope an album is coming soon…


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Were Black women in support of R. Kelly during the trial?

Here’s part of a recent Newsweek article titled “Why did so many African-American women support R. Kelly?” Were we in support of R. Kelly, Sistas???? Letisha Harlins made sure she took her lunch break early last Friday so she could … Continue reading

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Letting my SOOOOUUUULLL Glow, Baby!!!

This is how I’m feeling today: LOL LOL LOL (I stole this from Listen to Leon. It was so appropriate.  Hope you are having a good day too, My readers!!)

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“Wouldn’t you like to be a Nigger too?”

“I’m a nigger, he’s a nigger, she’s a nigger, we some niggers, wouldn’t you like to be a nigger too? They like to strangle niggers, blaming niggers, shooting niggers, hanging niggers, still you wanna be a nigger too?” NAS had … Continue reading


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Friday Question: Do African Americans care about what is going on in Africa?

In light of the famine, civil war, genocide, food shortages, and civil/political instability on the mother continent I raise this question” Do African Americans care about what is going on in Africa? If you feel that the answer is yes, … Continue reading


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