Hillary’s exit: Ungracious?

Is it just me or was Hillary’s exit completely ungraciousWhat does she mean by “suspend” her campaign?

Eh…she’s out.  I will try not to talk bad about her anymore and just move foward.

Yes We CAN!


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4 Responses to Hillary’s exit: Ungracious?

  1. Tyler

    When she said “suspend” her campaign, it was just a legal maneuver. She is millions of dollars in debt right now, and if she just ended her campaign, she would be liable for all of that money as of this moment. By suspending her campaign, she has legally stated that she cannot be charged for that debt because her campaign organization is “technically” still together in the name of debt protection.

  2. E Zora Knight

    LOL! Sigh! As a supporter I really would like for her to begin to use her power for the good of the PARTY!!! Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight. I imagine she is all over the place, as the Clinton name is not synonymous with defeat/loss. I only hope that she will “settle” her feelings before she suffers yet another dauntingly inevitable disappointing reality. Not being named the Vice Presidential Candidate. (Un)Fortunately I am a realistic, not a fanatic HRC Supporter.

  3. Chris B

    It was all about herself, I agree with that. I do appreciate how she was driving home universal health care and continues to do so. Some thought she was foolish to bring that up as first lady way back when. It was her very first issue and I will always appreciate her for that but I’m glad we’re moving on. Voting for Obama on Super Tuesday was one of the highlights of my life. Can’t wait for November.

  4. CY Brown

    Can’t wait for November either when all of you Kool-Aid drinking Obama supporters are going to wake up to a cold, hard reality….Well, it was good while it lasted….

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