R Kelly got off: Don’t act like you’re surprised!

Aaron McGruder had it right all along (see video). And who’s surprised…no body! I mean it took more than half a decade to get him in court. One of the craziest things about the end of this ordeal is that a lot of people I’ve talked to are both happy and not so happy at the same time. They like R. Kelly, so they are glad he got off…but…they feel he was probably guilty, which could put a question mark in the mind regarding other people who’ve allegedly done similar crimes getting off too. Well, let me comfort you on the second point if you are similarly conflicted. OJ got off…that hasn’t made the courts soft on murder or getting someone to kill your spouse. The R Kelly trial is not a benchmark moment in legal history. Trust me.

Any hoooo, an interesting new legal term came out of the trial…

“I’m pretty sure there’s not one person on the face of the earth who honestly believes that some shadowy miscreants digitally altered the famous Kelly sex-tape, putting his face on some random dude’s body the way special-effects people put Shawn Wayans’s head on a baby in Little Man. It’s basically impossible, considering the costs and logistics and the general pointlessness of such an enterprise. And yet that’s what Kelly’s lawyers claim might’ve happened. The press even called it the Little Man defense. Reading the daily trial reports, I was totally dumbfounded that Kelly’s assuredly very expensive legal team couldn’t have come up with anything better than that.” – Village Voice


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2 Responses to R Kelly got off: Don’t act like you’re surprised!

  1. I personally am just glad it’s over. I didn’t care from the get-go because this is one of the crimes that people only cared about because a celebrity was involved. How many people who cried about this case go after this type of thing when it happens in small-town America.

    And honestly, I think the things celebrities get away with that we don’t see, are a lot worse than the stuff we do see… not that I’m insinuating R. Kelly is guilty, lol…

  2. msday

    This man is disgusting and I don’t understand why anyone would continue to support his music or his image. He married Aliyah when she was sixteen. Was there a courtship? When did it start? At the time, he was twenty-four. Then he has this allegation and all of a sudden, it is not him. He’s a pedophile. This is one issue that needs to be put to rest in the black community. The sexual exploitation of our young women and girls is rampant and always has been. Unless a black girl is raped by a white man, she is “hot” in the a— or “asked” for it. Girls are being molested, taken advantage of, raped, etc and not one person cares.

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