Is Maxwell back???

In case you didn’t catch it, Maxwell was a surprise guest to honor Al Green on the BET music awards. He’s still beautiful and sounds good. I really hope an album is coming soon…


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5 Responses to Is Maxwell back???

  1. Oooh I missed that, thanks for the video. I would be quite happy with a new album from Maxwell!

  2. cezar

    The entire show was spectacular, one act after the other…Greatest show since montown 25th. oh yeah, its been plenty inbetween, but this one was really really good, kinda like fine wine, you know, just gets better with time.

  3. Keebee

    Beautiful! Just beautiful! I have missed him and looks great with short hair! Thanks for the video.

  4. Tanika

    Maxwell, please some back!!!

  5. Which came first, the problem or the sluootin? Luckily it doesn’t matter.

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