Friday Question: Will the N-word ever go away?

Hello Readers!!! We’ve seen some healthy debate around the posting on NAS’s new song “Be a Nigger too”. The N-word tends to have that effect when opinionated people are around, and I love the dialog. So, this week’s question is “Will the N-word ever go away?”. [The question is late…my bad] I know quite a few African Americans who absolutely hate the word and think it should never ever be used regardless of the circumstances. I know quite a few African Americans who think the word has been somewhat “reclaimed” by the community and is not always used in it’s historical sense. Many embrace it, and many abhor it.

The question is, whether embraced or banned in some fashion, will it ever disappear from use. Do you think it will become illegal, passe, or just archaic?

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  1. I’m definitely in the “abhor” column. It’s probably my generation/upbringing, but there’s no way that word will ever be seen as reclaimed to me. I find it a little funny, however that the roles have reversed: Whites used it offensively and blacks were horrified. Blacks now use it casually and whites are horrified. What goes around comes around.

    In my observation of culture, it seems like all sorts of horrible words are becoming totally passé, so I suspect there will always be people who bristle when they hear the word, but they’ll be surrounded by those that barely heard anything at all.

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