DC: Another Black Man gone in a Prince Georges County cell

This June 28, 2008 image provided by the Prince George’s County Department of Corrections shows Ronnie White. Maryland authorities say the death of White, 19, found slumped in his prison cell, was a homicide, a day after his arrest for running over and killing a Prince George’s County police officer. The Maryland Medical Examiner ruled Monday, June 30, 2008 that White died from asphyxiation and strangulation.

His family is “outraged” over his death, their attorney said Tuesday.

Ronnie White’s death is being investigated as a homicide by the FBI and Maryland state police. He died Sunday in the Prince George’s County Correctional Center from asphyxiation and strangulation, the state medical examiner said.

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NAACP calls for suspension of officers after inmate’s death – Baltimore Sun

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Officials said seven guards had access to White at the time of his death, as did an unspecified number of supervisors. Authorities are also investigating whether anyone from the outside had access to the inmate.

The FBI’s Baltimore field office said it has opened a civil rights investigation into White’s death. The Justice Department said Tuesday that federal prosecutors have been in contact with the state police and FBI as well as county prosecutors and the department’s own Civil Rights Division.

But some of the guards who had access to White have initially refused to talk to these investigators, said Ramon Korionoff, a spokesman for Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Glenn Ivey.

Sources: AP and CNN

Disclaimer – I’m not in anyway saying the Mr. White’s alleged actions were right (who would say that mowing down someone with a truck and killing them is??). However…people who are in police custody should not turn up dead with no one wanting to talk and rat out their fellow officer. This is a mess that doesn’t help the public image of law enforcement, especially the Prince George’s County PD.


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8 Responses to DC: Another Black Man gone in a Prince Georges County cell

  1. joe blanton

    Look,the asshole killed a cop on purpose,hang his ass high !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LaToya

    I agree with Joe. He killed a police officer because he didn’t want to face the consequences of stealing a car. What’s the most he would have gotten for the theft of a car? Even with his criminal record probably not more than a year in jail. But instead he chose to run over this man and end his life while he was just trying to do his job. I find it amusing that the family keeps insisting that the community is outraged over these events. I live in the DC metropolitan area and I’m not ‘outraged” and I am hard pressed to find any other people who are as the family says ‘outraged’. Yes its sad that yet another young black man is dead, however where was all this family that is coming out of the woodwork and demanding justice when this young man was building his rap sheet? Where was all this family when he needed a support system behind him so he wouldn’t be compelled to turn to life of crime. The black communities lack of family values has created this subculture of young black youth that have no fear. They have no fear of their parents, if they are even around, they have no fear of school administrators, teachers, police officers, jail. The fact that a lot of young black men don’t fear the police or jail only undermines our legal system. Maybe some of these criminals will think twice before they decide to murder a police officer. The one thing I do find outrageous is that this poor excuse for a family will probably win a substantial monetary settlement from the county for the death of this man that likely would have spent the rest of his natural life in jail anyway. Is that justice?

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  4. I think what Joe and La Toya are missing is this:

    Officer Findley died upholding the rule of law. To conduct vigilante justice, by strangling a suspect in his cell instead of having him convicted by a jury of his peers, cheapens our status as a nation of laws and dishonors the memory of Officer Findley.

    Additionally, I find it very depressing that the law enforcement community is closing ranks and witholding information, while at the same time railing against the “no snitches” code of the streets.

    I don’t think it’s OK to kill cops, and I’m generally in favor of the death penalty. But the Constitution and the rule of law were at stake, and somebody committed murder to bypass both. Vigilante justice, revenge, and mob rule may get the job done in other parts of the world, but America strives for something better.

  5. I agree what he allegedly did was wrong. But we shouldn’t be living in a society where people (especially guards), take the law into their own hands.

    The fact that people are resistant to speaking sure sounds like a cover-up. I hope they keep the pressure on and get to the bottom of this.

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  7. man fuck what all yall is talking about, so what he killed a police officer, the officer shouldn’t have jump in the way of a moving car. Them motherfucking guards didnt have no right killing that young black man. To his family dont worry about nothing, GOD will handle them and be strong cause life goes on. PEACE to his family am on his family side, so in does words FUCK DA POLICE

  8. Terry

    Correction! He was accused of killing a police officer he wasn’t CONVICTED of killing a police officer. What he deserved was a fair trail by a jury of his peers as he is/was guaranteed under the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. The person that killed him and the people that covered it up need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law………

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