Been Watching CNN’s Black in America?

What do you guys think so far of “Black in America“?  Are they telling you things you already know as an African American?  Do you think the content of the shows will help non-blacks have some insight into what it truly is to be “Black in America”?  Do you think the content is watered down, right on point, or TMI?

Are you like me and feel that the timing of this has a lot to do with getting people ready (warming them up) for a black president?

I’m looking forward to the “Black Woman & the Family” episode tonight @ 9pm.  How about you?


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6 Responses to Been Watching CNN’s Black in America?

  1. I do think the potential of a black president has heightened the awareness of America’s view on our race, but this presentation hasn’t delivered the provocative and harsh realities of our struggle for relevance in America.

    It shows that we are just like anybody else, but that our perspective is very different because of our history here.

  2. Do you think that CNN would deliver a more provocative and harsh telling of our story to their viewers?

  3. I liked the MLK Assasination piece, but I wasn’t a big fan of the Reclaiming the Dream segment, mainly because I felt it didn’t delve into anything substantive most of the time. I am looking forward to tonight’s segment on the Black Woman and Family, but I hope they dig a little deeper than the last piece.

  4. Terence

    This is really nothing more than a “superficial” view on the subject. Funny how the mainstream media insults our intelligence as a people. This country is hypocritical because it`s not anywhere near having a “true” and “genuine” discussion about race or our struggle.

    Yet, they will try to pacify us by airing this insincere series to keep the masses asleep. Hell no they`re not going to deliver a provocative presentation of our sojourn/reality here in the Western Hemisphere.

    Hell, they`re still in denial and refuse to hold the mirror up that will reflect their injustices towards us. CNN is perpetrating a fraud for ratings at our expense, but what else is new? This country has never been about truth and justice and its history bears me witness.

    It was founded on deceit, murder and slavery of us and the native Americans. Do you think they`re ready to deal with these atrocities? If you answer in the affirmative then you, too, are in denial. The criminal can never be rehabilitated until he comes to terms with the reality of his crimes…….

  5. Nate Wesley

    Terrence, the type of documentary program you want wouldn’t be shown on commercial television. Hell, it probably wouldn’t be shown on PBS. It’d probably be made as a DVD video series. And as good as it might be, it too wouldn’t tackle everything.

    I didn’t have high hopes for CNN’s doc series “going there” in the first place. It’s a summer special for ratings on an ad-supported medium. And I agree with you that its light tone seems to underestimate our depth on the subject. (Welcome to journalism in 2008.)

    But they are highlighting issues and topics that need constant visitation, so I’m not going to damn the effort to hell. Well, at least not until I see what my media crush Soledad O’Brien comes up with in terms of “The Black Man”. She CAN do wrong in my eyes…

  6. Oh, hell yeah. I DEFINITELY think the series is a “warm up.” :)

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