Prankster who threatened to put poison in baby food on YouTube caught

Anton Dunn, who is black btw, was arrested yesterday after a video he posted a video on YouTube in which claimed he poisoned bottles of Gerber baby food because he wanted to kill Hispanic and black babies. It caught the attention of Manhattan prosecutors. He posted at least three videos of himself in which he boasted about the poisonings and bragged about the fact he couldn’t be caught. Guess he was wrong. He faces charges of sending threats in interstate commerce and falsely claiming to have tampered with a consumer product. Those crimes could earn him 10 years in prison upon conviction. So far, Gerber and the Food and Drug Administration have found no evidence of tampering with the baby food.

Dunn is the same guy who previously claimed to have infected 12,000 girls with HIV, because he wanted to teach black and Hispanic women aged 15-30 about safe sex.

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  1. Po'Sha

    I’m so glad they caught him…I had been seeing his videos on youtube and they were sickening…what an evil world we live in..*sigh*

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