Duke Lacrosse Rape Scandal Accuser to Write Book

When I saw the headline something just told me that the media is going to drag her through the mud…for the second time. I hope Obiden doesn’t comment on this, but you know some dumb reporter is going to ask their opinions.  Sigh…Anyway. As you can imagine there are a lot of different takes on this possible book already. Here we go…

Since three former Duke Lacrosse players were declared innocent of rape and assault charges, the alleged victim in the highly publicized Duke Lacrosse case has remained out of public view until now. In a press release, Crystal Mangum’s manager has announced plans to release a tell-all memoir entitled “The Last Dance for Grace: The Crystal Mangum Story.””

BET NEWS“”It is “the only definitive account of the life and struggles of the woman at the center of the Duke Lacrosse case, the alleged accuser,” said Clark, who is also Mangum’s manager, in a news release. “Were it not for the Duke Lacrosse Case, she likely would be described as a bright, young woman from Durham, North Carolina, who has had a difficult life.” He said that the alleged victim plans to donate $1 from each book she sells to help battered women.”

The Duke Lacrosse Rape Accuser Memoir That Nobody Asked For – “So, remember that Duke University lacrosse rape case? Remember how they were cleared of all charges and the only reason it really got any traction was because a politically ambitious district attorney forced the issue? Yes, that case. No, Duke lacrosse players didn’t forcibly tag team a stripper they hired. But the aforementioned stripper, who made the accusations on three men who were indicted then ultimately cleared, remember her? Well, she’s writing a book about it. In what will make Miley Cyrus’s upcoming memoir look like The Audacity Of Hope, get ready for…”

Fox News – “The press release for the memoir says that Crystal Gail Mangum has been “called an exotic dancer and a prostitute, and the public was led to believe she wanted to frame some ‘good college students’ from Duke and put them in jail. … “Published reports throughout 2006 and 2007 portrayed Crystal as a gold-digging hooker searching for a big payday or as an unstable, troubled young woman. The truth about Crystal’s life, her account of what happened on March 13, 2006, accusations and the motives of the people criticizing her were never seriously explored,” the release continues.”


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3 Responses to Duke Lacrosse Rape Scandal Accuser to Write Book

  1. Terence

    Of course some reporter will pose the question to Obama/Biden. Obama, like always, will do what`s politically expedient. Biden can, more or less, be true to himself and speak his true feelings if so desired. This country can NOT run away from the issue of race.

    Katrina exposed a deep rooted wound that has yet to be dealt with, much less begin to heal. Whether it be in politics, education, entertainment, the media, religion, judicial etc. race plays a major part in our everyday lives.

    This has been true way before The Duke Lacrosse case. The Kobe Bryant case was the latest before Duke Lacrosse. Like Duke Lacrosse, one could reasonably argue, that case had more holes in it than a golf course.

    The same dynamics only with the races of the defendant and the accuser reversed. The case was covered much differently with the presumption of innocence not on the defendant`s side. There were many questions/red flags about the accuser.

    Yet the media didn`t vigorously pursue those questions/red flags. Why? Duke Lacrosse only exposes an unspoken, yet loudly/lucid, conveyed message that sounds like a crescendo. Absolutely, Obama/Biden will be put to the test.

    I can only ponder what, my HERO, Malcolm X would say about the social ills/state of the world today. Hmmmm. He`s wouldn`t be running for President I`m sure. Therefore he could/would be TRUE to himself…

  2. Crops

    Dont defend Crystal Mangum, what more proof of her LYING do you need. SHE WAS IN THE WRONG, LIED & GOT OFF destroying those young mens lives.

    I’m disgusted w/ women cosigning everwoman like its a bus ride or something.

  3. andrea moetteri

    When I saw the headline something just told me that the media is going to drag her through the mud…for the second time.

    Yeah, imagine a women tries to get 3 men lynched for a crime they didn’t committ…. and people have the gall to criticize her! She had confided to friends at the time that she did it to get money off of “rich white boys!” She wasn’t dragged through the mud, she was ALMOST, held accountable. But of course that didn’t happen. If she was white, it would have. I’m sure you are a sympathetic to white women whose lies have gotten black men lynched too, right??

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