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Clark Gable gave a damn about racism on the set of Gone With the Wind

Clark Gable almost stalked off the set of “Gone With the Wind” when he discovered studio bathrooms were designated “White” and “Colored.” In an excerpt published by the New York Post of “Victor Fleming,” a biography about the film’s director, … Continue reading


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Pastors endorsing McCain over the Pulpit

This is hardly news to me because I recall this kind of activity during other elections, most memorably, the 2004 election when people were urged to “vote your conscience”. This is, however, a blatant attempt to override the 54 year … Continue reading

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Palin should step down…Biden should shut-up!

I’ve never noticed Vice-Presidential nominees so much in the past, but the two in the 2008 election are really worrisome. I think Biden was the smart, responsible choice for Obama (sorry Hillary supporters) because of what he adds to the ticket. … Continue reading

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Lifesize Obama cutout hanged from a tree at University

Racism is alive and well…and a factor in this election (just in case you didn’t know). Sept. 25 (UPI) – Custodians at George Fox University in Oregon found a lifesize cardboard figure of Barack Obama hanging from a tree on … Continue reading

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After the Couric interview, I feel Palin is unfit to lead

This woman can not lead this country and is not fit to be VP. Click here for the video from CBS NEWS. I’m sorry, I just needed to say that. She sounds stupid…actually. I know she’s likely a bright woman, … Continue reading


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McCain “Suspends” campaign, does some interviews, cancels on Letterman…what about Washington, John?

John McCain called Wednesday for the first presidential debate, scheduled for Friday in Mississippi, to be delayed (to Oct 2 in St. Louis from what Politico is saying…isn’t that supposed to be the VP debate date? Crafty, John, crafty. They … Continue reading


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I know one of you Hello, Negro readers did this.


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Minister Louis Farrakhan on Obama

This needs no introduction…Just watch and enjoy the true humility of an elder in the black community celebrate the accomplishment and potential of our future.

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Bishop Weeks Looking for Wife # 3

In recent videos on his website, Bishop Thomas Weeks, otherwise known as Juanita Bynum’s ex, lists his criteria for the next Mrs. Weeks as someone who can bear children, is sensual and can’t be ugly. How very holy of him!  … Continue reading


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WTF: Jennifer Hudson engaged to I Love NY 2′s “Punk”

Um…what? When??? Huh? (I thought I’d tell you guys about a some very, very light news today to break up all this election stuff) Actress, singer and former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson is engaged to David Otunga, aka Punk! … Continue reading


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