The RNC looks like a White People Convention

I know I’m not the only one watching the Republican National Convention and saying, “Are there only white people in the audience tonight?  I thought the Republicans have said they have a diverse party make up?”. I saw about 9 black people, 2 Asian people, one dark skinned Indian woman behind Cindy McCain, and about 10 people who I can’t say what they are.  Other than that the RNC is just a sea of White people, mostly in suits.  So this is what the ruling class looks like?!?!  Must be nice.

Sure, call me a racist for pointing it out, but the DNC was much more diverse.  It actually looked like MY America.  An America filled with all kinds of people.

I’m just saying, I’m a black woman and I notice these things.  Thompson threw them some red meat, at least.


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12 Responses to The RNC looks like a White People Convention

  1. Keebee

    Yes it does and was boring as hell! I couldn’t even continue to watch that mess. Bush wasn’t even there; it looked like he was accepting an award and didn’t want to be there. Saddest thing. Notice how they kept trying to show the hand full of black people? LOL! They’re funny. Keep up the bad work Republicans!

  2. Yes Keebee ! I noticed that too. LoL. They kept showing the same OLD black couple over and over on CNN. LoL. They the would flash over to this middle aged Indian dude (from India mind you) and then this old negro spiritual lookin’ dude as well. LoL. RNC will probably have the lowest ratings for CNN even after Sarah Palin’s “big” speech tonight. LoL.

    They can dog on Obama all they want to, but if this convention is an indication of what the next 4 years could be like … Another “cowboy I’d have a shot of whiskey with” then pray for us all cause its either their way or the highway.

    Good-bye a womans right to choose, good-bye equal pay for equal work, and good-bye to hope of reconciliation with the rest of the world for the last 8 years.

    Remember, friends don’t let friends vote Republican. LoL.

    *Stay Frosty people ! :o)

    ∞ Si, se puede mi amigos ! ∞ Obama-Biden ’08 !

  3. LOL @ “old negro spiritual lookin’ dude”. That is funny and I think I know who you’re talking about cause I was watching CNN.

  4. John S

    OMG yes! How can any party claim racial diversity
    when it appears to the world they are made up of mostly older white people! Not only that but their religious views over power common sense and they want to impose these views on everyone even though many like teaching only abstinence in schools does not work. Whatever happened to separation of church and state!

  5. Back in ’88 I worked as a telemarketer for the RNC, the convention you see on TV truly represents the party pool. Now before I get my ghetto pass revoked ~I was in high school and it was a “good” paying job. That and the fact that my friends and I did more harm than good for the Republican Party.

    *note to RNC – never higher three teenage black kids from SE DC to call your constituents for money.*

  6. Terence

    For all who are interested Obama will be on Bill O`Reilly, Sep. 4, tomorrow/tonight. I`ll definitely be watching. It should be very interesting because we all know O`Reilly is such a bully. The best way to deal with a bully is to hit him right square in the mouth. Of course, in this case, not literally but rather figuratively.

  7. Mark

    I’m a middle-aged, white guy who lives in a gated community in Orange County, CA, and even I thought the RNC audience wasn’t representative of my community. Damn, was it some kind of freaky Hollywood special effect that made everyone look white?

  8. stockdiva

    I thought your observation was funny because David Letterman also referred to this fact the other day. He said that the Convention looked like a pre season Hockey game.

  9. Mark,
    Thanks for your comment…makes me feel less racist. J/K. Hollywood effect…funny. LOL

  10. Keebee

    Remember, friends don’t let friends vote Republican. LoL. -That is funny.

    I didn’t watch Palin’s speech but all I keep reading and being told even by Democrats that it was a great speech and that “a star is born”. It probably helped them a little. That’s all they needed to boost their arrogance.
    Thanks for the info Terence. I’ll be watching.

  11. Mike Mac

    How did you expect CNN to display it?? BTW the “dark skinned Indian woman” is the McCain’s adopted daughter.

  12. Zoidie

    Agreed. A KKK convention – LOL.

    (That’s a joke – please don’t have a cow)


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