WTF: Jennifer Hudson engaged to I Love NY 2’s “Punk”

Um…what? When??? Huh? (I thought I’d tell you guys about a some very, very light news today to break up all this election stuff)

Actress, singer and former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson is engaged to David Otunga, aka Punk!

“I can confirm that Jennifer got engaged to her boyfriend David on Friday night in L.A.” her rep tells People.

Otunga, a Harvard Grad who tried to win Tiffany Pollard’s heart on a VH1 reality show (I Love New York 2), popped the question with a Neil Lane diamond ring on the Dreamgirls Oscar winner’s 27th birthday. [source]

Is she crazy? I mean it’s not as shocking as Mariah and Nick Cannon, but it’s unexpected. On the show it just appeared that he wanted to be seen…that he wanted to be a star. I mean, he seemed nice enough, but I don’t know. Eh, it’s her choice, so I wish them a happy life together.


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5 Responses to WTF: Jennifer Hudson engaged to I Love NY 2’s “Punk”

  1. Po'Sha

    Come on now Jenny! I know times are hard..but they’re not that damn bad! Anyways Blessing from above on your marriage…you’re gonna need it.

  2. Buena717

    Yes, this was shocking news to me when I found out. I’m soooo ready to see black people tire with stuff like this… Let the biological clock fall off if you have to.

  3. I agree with Buena717. Regardless of his desire to be discovered or if in fact he was really in love with Tiffany aka New York; I would find it difficult to take him seriously. Is this yet, another attempt to become famous. She’s young and still fab! She could do better.

  4. Hey..does anyone know what happened to Jennifers boyfriend of upteen years? I guess she dumped his azz after she won that Oscar!

  5. NOWAY

    Can anybody say Star Jones? He is soooooo gay!

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