Clark Gable gave a damn about racism on the set of Gone With the Wind

Clark Gable almost stalked off the set of “Gone With the Wind” when he discovered studio bathrooms were designated “White” and “Colored.”

In an excerpt published by the New York Post of “Victor Fleming,” a biography about the film’s director, writer Michael Sragow says Gable “got on the phone to Fleming, who called the prop master and told him, ‘If you don’t get those signs down, you won’t get your Rhett Butler.’ ”

The signs were taken down immediately.

“Victor Fleming” hits shelves in December.



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  1. Glad to hear about someone of “Old Hollywood” who was not a racist: so many of them were you know.

    I appreciate your sharing this and am adding this new book to my list of purchases to be made.

    Way to use your clout Clark!

    • Grizz Mann

      A Republican also.

      • Stephen Samuel

        Up until the 60’s the Republican party was the party that backed Racial equality (Abe Lincoln was Republican), and Democrats were the party of the Racist South. That flipped in the mid 20’th century — most notably during the Kennedy era.

    • Angela

      Clark Gable was black and indian

      • Domo

        He was not, Angela. Had he been black and indian, he would look like a dark skinned Cuban.

        • Lauren

          That’s not true. Deal with the fact he was black and Indian

          • thanks for your reply’s half black ,half white i wish that was true but its not the book of genesis says there where to nation fighting in the womb Gen:25 that womb was of a Hebrew woman the seed came from Jacob.

      • Tracy

        Also that low down J edgar hoover was half black.

      • Ram6

        I’m not sure where this came from but I’d be interested in your sources, here is mine: Genealogy of Clark Gable –

        Ethnicity: German, Irish, some Swiss-German

        Clark Gable was an American actor. He was the son of Adeline (Hershelman) and William Henry Gable.

        Clark’s paternal grandparents were Charles Gable (the son of John George Gable and Sarah Frankenfield) and Nancy Ann Stainbrook (the daughter of Jacob Jacob Stainbrook, Jr. and Rebecca McFadden). Clark’s father was of German, some Swiss-German, and distant Irish, descent.

        Clark’s maternal grandparents were John Hershelman (the son of Johann Jacob Hershelman and Maria Elizabeth Hill) and Rosetta Clark (the daughter of Timothy Clark and Jane). John was born in New York, to German parents. Rosetta was born in Pennsylvania, to Irish parents.

        I don’t see any “black and Indian” in this description of his geneology.

  2. Neologue

    Curious. I grew up in and near Charleston, S.C., and in the ’60s was dragged as a teenager to a tour of Boone Hall Plantation, one of the places used in Gone With the Wind (I think as Twelve Oaks, but not sure). A man associated with the place said that the movie had employed many local folks during the filming for various roles. This man had been a driver who picked the stars up from airports and drove them out to the set. He remarked that of all the stars, that Gable had been the nicest, most respectful…and tipped the best. I may be one of the few white people who have always hated the damn book, and the movie worse than the book, but I guess it’s nice to know that at least Gable wasn’t a complete racist jerk.

    • BygXexy

      Few is better than none! I know there are many more white people than just you out here that supremely and utterly hate racism…But it’s always good to hear one voice it so adamantly! Thanks.

  3. I heard a story from my Grandmother that
    Clark Gable was part Black, Native American and
    White. Some of his family “passed ” for white
    and others did not.
    Grandmother was a very, very, light skinned mixed woman who was born in 1896. She claimed
    to be a friend of Gable’s family. And like my
    Creole family, who became white when they
    moved to California, Gable still faced racism.
    When I brought this up towards the end of my
    Grammy’s life, she told me not to repeat this story
    because people would think “I had lost my mind”.
    I did not want to argue with her. But, I tell this
    story because, what if it was true?
    True or False, Gable was still the man!

    • I totally agree. He was part black. I have brothers and a sister who range from dark chocolate brown in color to white skinned with poker straight hair, I look white, but my birth certificate says negro, they did that in the 60’s. A ll over that part of Ohio there are blacks with light skin. Some pass, some do not. I can tell if they are part black because I grew up around them all. They wer’e my family. Your granny was right. TRUE. He was black.

    • lori

      I heard this story as well

    • Pam C.

      You’re not crazy. Clark Gable was in fact Black, Native American and White. His mother was Moorish. Thanks for sharing your Granny’s story!

    • missy J

      It was an opened secret he told people he was of Dutch, American Indian and Negro Ancestry…………Tall, Dark and Handsome…..he never shied away from it.

    • Domo

      LOL You have a strong imagination. He was not black nor indian. He looked 100% Caucasian. had he been a mixed person, he would show it completely just like some latinos esp Dominicans or Cubans.

  4. k arnold

    I Heard this story from a man who has since passed away. This man was from Sandusky Ohio,and he told me this about 15 years ago. He said people in Hollywood new about it,but said notheing. Thats entertainment I guess.

  5. I grew up in southeastern ohio near cadiz, clark gables birthplace. I am a very light skinned black person. I honestly believeve that clark gable was a brother!

  6. Louis

    Listen to what Dick Gregory said then look at the
    Man’s features. “Tall dark and handsome” was a code
    for half black half white in them days. Sometimes the answers
    are in plain site…
    #murica #fuckaracist #ignoranceisbliss

  7. Eva Sheridan

    Men never judge other men by their color only by the spirit of the soul the internal good that all men have inside themselves.

    It is more than necessary to nourish the good encourage the good in all men.

    All of mankind benefits from the kindness of others including the giver of kindness.

    The global climate of mankind can be changed by kindness you will see it in the smiles and in the eyes of the person your tlooking at.
    Try it you’ll love it.

  8. what other movie stars are hiding who they are i know Dick Gregory said another name i cant remember the name

    • I wouldn’t quite say that he hid who he was… He was relatively open about it, but (to say the least), the studios did absolutely nothing to broadcast the fact — they knew that in some parts of the country, at least, having that fact out in the open would be box office poison.

      The press, as well, were complicit in keeping the open secret relatively unknown.

  9. Keith McCain

    Patsy Cline had Black blood in her they say too. ??

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