Racist Obama Cartoon…Just say it already!

If you’re going to be so blatantly racist and create a cartoon of a food stamp with chicken, ribs, watermelon, and Obama (as a donkey) in the center, then have the nerve to verbally make your message clear once you’re caught. If the cartoon wasn’t meant to be racist, then please tell me the purpose of it. Confirm your ignorance by just saying that you don’t want some food stamp using, chicken, ribs, and watermelon eating, dumb ass nigger running the country. Now, was that so difficult.

Click to see cartoon (As posted by CNN)


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13 Responses to Racist Obama Cartoon…Just say it already!

  1. Kim

    I am not an Obama supporter,but I still feel this is racist.You can not have something be a racist joke(25 years ago growing up in southern Ky this kind of stereotypes was common and considered funny). But now people want to say they do not consider it a stereotype. Since when? I maybe from the South but I still consider it rude to fly the rebel flag,,I do live in America not the segregated south.

  2. Dan

    I love your candid reply to this ignorante racist idiot who thought it would be funny to put that in the paper. I agree 100% with you. He should admit it, he’s a racist. Nice….

  3. parkur

    Yea that is just some bullshit. I think that the daughters response was the most disappointing.
    ” My mother married a Mexican man so….she CAN’T be racist” You have GOT to be freakin kidding me. The logic is golden.

    Even KLANS MEN are aware of the stereotypes JEEZE.

  4. Keebee

    I found this on ask.com:

    (909) 981-0493 is the number to Diane Fedele.

    This racist also has a Fax Number- (909) 982-6880.

    Her email was turned off or cancelled.

    Please call this racist and let her know that this is unacceptable. No threats, just contact her and leave a message with your thoughts.

    There is also other meeting shceduled and if possible, attend those.

  5. kiki

    I want to encourage people to write to the president of the organization responsible for this in order to complain, to educate her, and to let her know that we do think her gesture was acceptable by any standard.

    Diane Fedele (President) Chaffey Community Republican Women, Federated P.O. Box 974 Upland, CA 91785. Also this organization meets the 4th Wednesday of every month at 7pm Magic Lamp Inn, Rancho Cucomonga. Her e-mail is diane1354(at)mindspring(dot)com.
    tel # for the group is 909-981-0493 and the fax is 909-982-6880.

  6. yvonnjanae

    Turns out, the guy who created the “food stamp” that she copied and put in her newsletter was a whacked out so-called Democrat. He’s some nut job from Minnesota who says he created it as humor and people like her took it the wrong way. He says he’s an Obama supporter. With friends like him, who needs enemies?

  7. One thing I can say for sure: this election has brought out people’s “issues” big time! I made a comment on a blog, responding to what I deemed racist material, that I would respect the poster more if they just came out and said, “I’m racist as hell and don’t want a Black man as President.” I’ve been forever banned from that blog….(I’m losing sleep over that….yeah right!)

    This is as bad as the guy in Georgia who made that monkey t-shirt when the campaign first started. Get over it already! It’s time out for all this foolishness. No one race is superior over another!

  8. UncleTom

    There’s a guy in Georgia with a Obama campaign monkey T-Shirt? Do you have a website? How much does he charge? Does he sell on ebay too?
    Does he have any shirts in Large?

  9. Tim

    Actually you did not get it exactly right, so I have corrected it for you:
    Confirm your ignorance by just saying that you don’t want some food stamp using, chicken, ribs, and watermelon eating, dumb ass, HALF nigger running the country.

  10. How does that lady not know what black sterotypes are? And for her to use that as a justification for the food stamp cartoon was lame. It was just straight out racism. Can’t get any clearer than that. Now what if I made a dollar bill that had McCain on it with a KKK hood, a cane or wheel chair because he’s so old, a jar of mayonnaise & him stepping on a poor/homeless person.

  11. spmaber30

    this is the most ridiculous and racist thing i have seen in a long time. where do people like the “artist” who created this foodstamp come from? i can’t imagine ANY person with even a minimum amount of intelligence bieng able to find any sort of humor in this. :(

  12. Thaddeus

    Racist? Naw… You haven’t really seen truly racist cartoons!

    This is just amateurish scribble.

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