Sending a Prayer for Jennifer Hudson and her Family

CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN)Authorities issued an Amber Alert on Friday for a 7-year-old boy who was missing from the scene of a double homicide on Chicago’s South Side.

Hudson won a Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Effie in the film version of the Broadway musical “Dreamgirls.” She competed on the third season of “American Idol” in 2004, making it to the top seven contestants before being eliminated from the contest.

Neighbors reported hearing gunshots earlier Friday, he said. Authorities found no signs of forced entry to the home and are not sure whether other items are missing.

The boy, Julian King, may be traveling with a suspect in the homicides in a 1994 white Chevrolet Suburban with Illinois license plates, authorities said at an evening news conference.

Julian is 4 feet, 11 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds. He was wearing a brown polo shirt with stripes and khaki pants when last seen, authorities said in the Amber Alert.

The bodies were found at a home belonging to the mother of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson, a family pastor told CNN affiliate CLTV.

“They found Jennifer’s mother and her brother murdered in her mother’s home this afternoon,” said Willie Davis, pastor of Progressive Baptist Church. “She is on her way back into Chicago from Tampa, Florida.”

Davis said he was notified that he might be called out to assist Hudson and her family members.

Deputy Police Chief Joseph Patterson told reporters the bodies were found about 3 p.m. Friday, when a relative arrived home and found the body of a female shot to death on the living room floor.

The relative backed out of the house and called police, who found the body of a male shot to death in a bedroom, Patterson said.

The white Suburban and the 7-year-old were missing from the scene, he said.

Police did not identify the victims and did not mention Hudson. Patterson said Julian King was the grandson of the female victim.


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4 Responses to Sending a Prayer for Jennifer Hudson and her Family

  1. Terrible. Horrible news.

    She is so talented. It is a shame she has to experience such a tragedy.

  2. Ma50

    As you wake this morning and the day light shine across your faces you will then know you`re not alone, still he makes a way for us even in a time of need and he knows what you`re going thru,it`s times like these that makes us understand how Great he is ,he puts no more on us than we can bare,but you gotta understand he is the Lord,may god bless&keep you both safe from all will always be in my prayers.I Love You,both

  3. Nadirah Laws Shakir

    Assalaam Alikom Jennifer and Julia,

    May Allah (swt) bless you and your family with strength and peace. May you be wrapped in the Creator’s Mercy and Grace in this very troubling time.

    Jennifer, I hear that you are strong and dealing with this extraordinarily. I know from the news stories that you are numb. When the time comes to scream to your Lord, do so. When the time comes to throw things, do so. When the time comes to holler, do so. It may not be today and it may not be 30 days from now, but it will come.

    Allah does not make mistakes my sister and our love for Him doesn’t take away our pain. So, hold your sister and let her hold you. I am a mother that lost my only son, so I understand her pain. I have also lost a brother and a sister. The pain, mystery, sorrow and numbness of death is the human emotion that each of us expereinces. It natural.

    Remember Sweetie, it will get better. It will get easier; with time and prayer.

    Hold on to those around you and don’t let anyone tell you or your sister when you should stop grieving. Allah is the Best of Planners and He will ease your pain when He knows that you both have purged yourselves of your pain.

    You don’t know me, but through this tragic situation I have gotten to know you and Julia. I will pray for you both and I will pray for your loved ones. Hold on to your faith and ask GOD to heal your broken hearts, to purify your angry hearts, to open your eyes to see what He wants you to see, to control your tongues to say what He wants you to say, to guide your walk so that you walk as He wants you to walk and to assist you both in being the strong, beautiful representatives for your Mom, brother and nephew.

    Show the Shaitan that he can not steal your joy because Allah says if you call His name the Shaitan must flee. Make Him flee everytime he enters your mind through a thought or a whisper. HOLD ON, HOLD ON, HOLD ON and know that GOD is GOD. Follow this link I hope that Yolanda Adams and Donnie McClurken can comfort you. Your believing Sister in Islam

  4. Hello there,

    What a horrible, sad, tragic story….but although one of the family members THIS time is a celebrity and Oscar-winner….THIS STORY keeps showing up in print in papers all over the country on a daily basis: Black families dealing with the aftermath of murder.

    In this case, it seems that perhaps there was a mentally or emotionally ill person who had access to the family, who regularly caused mayhem for the family and was never viewed by the family as a possible murderer… far too many black folks DO NOT think mentally ill people are dangerous for reasons I can not understand.

    Why do we continue saying “he’s tripping!” and “she’s tripping!” instead of naming the behavior what it is: UNTREATED mental and emotional illness!

    How many more relatives have to show up in tears and NOT even realize that their complacency in addressing mental dysfunction in their own homes and families is part of the tragedy?
    As we pray for this family, let us pray for ALL OF THE FAMILIES whose tragedies do not have the national spotlight but whose pain and sorrow is not any less.

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

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