Gentrification in DC: Can a sista find a decent beauty supply store?

I spent at least an hour yesterday trying to find a decent, open beauty supply store catering to African American women and their hair care needs in NW Washington DC. Couldn’t be found, People!!

Now I know you’re saying, “Sista, why are you blaming gentrification??”. Well, simply put…the clientele has changed thus the products and services available (and the times when they are available too) has changed. That’s what happens with gentrification. Hell, that’s what happens with change. Things change, this is life.

There is a great beauty supply on Georgia Ave near Howard University (was closed) and another across from the Giant on P St NW (closed). Where did I start my search? Columbia Heights (at the Target. They didn’t have what I was looking for and a “black” beauty suppy would.). No beauty supply stores in columbia heights?? Oh, I wonder why. Sisters, let me know if you have any suggestions.

Do I really have to go to PG county to get what I need, really? Where is a Sally’s when you need one. Dag.

Next thing you know i won’t be able to find any Chinese Food (which is good cause I don’t need to eat that), no Soul Food resturants, and no Nail Salons with bright neon colored polish that will do a french tip on your big toe (I think that’s so ghetto…I’m sorry…I really do).  LOL!  I can’t find a beauty supply, but I’ve seen at least 3-5 new wine stores (wine stores…not liquor stores…there is a difference) in the same area of NW I’m talking about here.


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6 Responses to Gentrification in DC: Can a sista find a decent beauty supply store?

  1. The one thing I miss about living in Alexandria was having a Sally’s right across the street. And they always gave me the stylists’ discount too.

  2. Sista, did you forget about Beauty Island at 1753 Columbia Road, in Adams-Morgan near the Safeway? Where do you think I go for my cocoa butter? Next time ask a gay man to help you, LOL!

  3. There is no better friend to have when in search of beauty supplies than a gay man. Let’s not mention that I was looking for waxing paraphernalia…lol…I really should have asked someone of the rainbow persuasion. :)

  4. Omari

    Also, on Rhode Island in N.E. there is a beauty supply store next to the Safeway (directly across from the R.I. Metro)…….but our beloved Chocolate City has definitely turned a shade caramel as of lately.

  5. Karen

    Its gentrification not gentification.

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