Obama: Dag, the brother can’t smoke, too??

I was reading this article this morning that basically tries to make the case that Obama should stop smoking.

Mercury News Editorial – “Quit smoking. Now. Really. For good.We know it’s hard. If it weren’t, nobody would smoke anymore. And we know quitting just as you’re taking on one of the most stressful jobs in the world — well, it’s not great timing in that sense.

But it is in another: Everybody’s watching. Especially kids.

Perhaps more than any of his predecessors, Barack Obama, the first African-American president, will be held up as a role model, his triumphs and failures magnified as a consequence. Obama clearly relishes this opportunity to defeat bigotry and reframe the expectations of young people, especially African-Americans. And yet, he smokes.”

Well, Damn! When have we begged any of the Presidents to stop their bad habits, let alone smoking. I mean…maybe the whore-mongering or womanizing, sure.  I know that the man is a role model and all, but there are a whole lot of existing influences out there that can lead kids to smoke.  Parents, maybe?  Um…ads in every local corner store?  Oh, and lets not talk about the overall glorification of drug culture in music and media.  Are you telling McDonalds and Coke to stop advertising on shows where people smoke, drink, snort, etc?

Given the current sad economic state that the country is in, I don’t want a stressed out President who’s trying to get by on Nicorette gum.  I’ll by you a pack of Newports, Mr President. I got you, man.


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4 Responses to Obama: Dag, the brother can’t smoke, too??

  1. Hey, If you’re taking collections i got $5.00 on it!

  2. The man should stop smoking so much for the fact that he has millions of little ones (especially those of the non-caucasian persuasion) watching him, but because this country needs this man as healthy as possible for as long as possible. He should feel like he has to do it “fo’ the kids” but for himself. That being said, I agree with you on the point that there are a hell of a lot of other vices out there that in my opinion are much worse than smoking (so the dude should be cut some slack while he tries to quit).

  3. AJ Barron

    Wow, and I just stopped smoking yesterday. Dammit, what I would do to have a smoke w/ Barack. 😀 And God, I hope he does something about these Marijuana laws…

  4. just wait. the rethugs will launch an investigation into whether he’s violating white house policy by smoking on the veranda. stupid fuckers.

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