Awesome Love Song for The Obamas


This just about made me cry. Enjoy and tell us what you think!


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4 Responses to Awesome Love Song for The Obamas

  1. Keebee

    I am so tired of crying! LOL! This was sweet. I love to see the love that they have for eachother. There is hope!

  2. kc

    Very nice song first of all, but you can’t help but get swept away with the obvious that is the fact that those two and the children are so powerful and impressive in our minds and the minds of millions, you are overwhelmed joy and you wanna just thank God for this time in our history, while being mindful of the past and for those who paved the way. Beautiful.

  3. Te

    As I sit here crying because of joy all I can say is Thank you God!

  4. You guys will probably enjoy this very cute picture of the Obamas as much as I did:

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