Racism Reminder – Man finds racial slur on Journey’s shoe receipt

Some how I missed this story in October, so I’m posting it now (thanks to Elizabeth for bringing it to my attention).  I’m from this part of the country so, I’m not surprised.

On Oct 17, 2008, a young man went to “Journey’s” show store in Kansas City, MO (some accounts of this story say it happened in Kansas City KS…Oak Park Mall). He bought a pair of shoes and then saw an identical pair at a different store for less.? As such, he bought the identical shoes from the cheaper store and took back the original more pricey pair to Journey’s. Later on that night, as he was reviewing the receipt, he noticed that the reason for the return was “Dumb N*gger”. When he took the receipt back to the store, they didn’t even apologize but did admit that the “reason” was in the system. Click the video below to see local news coverage.


This store is a retail chain for whom you may be a regular customer.  There is power in the almighty dollar. Just something to consider. Please pass it along…

For a listing of stores through out the country: http://www.journeys.com/store_locator.aspx


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13 Responses to Racism Reminder – Man finds racial slur on Journey’s shoe receipt

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  2. Traci

    They might to insert RICH in the middle.

  3. I posted about this incident when it happened. It blew my mind to read the article and how they responded to the young man who had purchased the shoes.

    Hopefully the person responsible for that has been fired.

  4. stefany

    It was in Overland Park, KS, a suburb of Kansas City. And the black kids here still shop at Journey’s like they didn’t hear about this story. Sigh.

  5. yvonnjanae

    Let’s not all get our undies in a knot over this one. There are always gonna be idiots in this world, and it’s time that we start being strategic in our reactions to idiocy.

    I don’t think the incident should be ignored, but I don’t want it to become a cause celebre either.

    I wish the response would be more of “What a dumb racist idiot (laugh, laugh, laugh)”

    Thankfully, the responses here seem to show that no one is suggesting a march or Al Sharpton for this one.

  6. Tracey

    yvonnjanae, why would someone laugh if it’s not funny? It’s not like a silly joke made amongst friends who are all in on it. The only people laughing are probably the racist who put it on the receipt and their equally dumbass friends.

  7. I’m almost amused by this. People’s rascism deserves a good laugh. Good for him that he took the better priced shoes thats a smart negro. But to expect or want an apology, just letting go a keep with your head high. We can’t cry everytime some racist slurs at us where a better people then that.

  8. James

    nuriddeen…I think the problem is not that there are individual racists out there, we all know that, but that the company itself made no issue or took no offense or failed to understand the gravity that their employee made while on the clock, and as such representing the company. Journeys should have made a quick condemnation of what happened and fired the dumb employees responsible. The lack of outrage on the part of Journeys not caring how their image was harmed by this employee is what has me, and I would guess most people, deeply concerned and troubled. Inaction on Journeys part actually re-institutionalizes this kind of racism. Does anyone have a follow-up or update, because I’m seriously in shock right now that this story just seemed to be left hanging! And I’m not a militant black person w/ a 200 year old chip on my shoulder, I’m actually quite conservative and more level headed about race relations then some people would probably want out of me, but this is just outrageous!

  9. Bloody hell, this story has me open mouthed with shock.

    Yet another incident where I feel like apologizing on behalf of my dumbass people (I am an Australian-American white person).

    Sorry, everyone else.

  10. Ronnie R

    I am just now finding out about this issue, and sadly, when I Google “Racism” and “Journeys” together, only your blog and on other even come up.

    I am outraged! I live in the Seattle area in Washington state, and there are multiple Journeys locations throughout the region.

    I visited their website to find out more about their company, and I have begun writing to some of the major brand vendors that supply their merchandise, such as Nike and Adidas, etc., etc.

    I feel truly sorry for the Slater family, that they had to be exposed to such blatant ignorance and racism, I hope that they find some sort of peace of mind in this situation.

  11. iamme


    Genesco is Journeys parent company. Above is a link to Genesco’s official statement regarding this incident in .pdf form.

  12. Alice

    I am outraged by this and by no means do i believe it is right, I am a former manager of a Journeys in Mass and I want to apoligize on his behalf, when i heard this i couldnt believe it. But i also know that that was only one store and i sincerly hope that because of that one, outrageoug moron that people do not stop shopping at journeys they are an amazingstore and i have met alot of the managers and we come from all dif backgrounds and places, and despite contrary belief not all journeys stores should be judged by that immature person. I myself have delt with alot of things with the genesco company, and i will still shop there, they have great prices, merchandise, and most have really good Employees and Managers. Yet again although no longer employed by them i sincerly apoligize on his behalf and Genescos and really wish everyone would continue shopping there, and 10 to 1 is that guy was gone as soon as genesco caught wind of what he had done they have a zero % tolerance for harrasment and racism.

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