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Asher Roth’s Bad “Nappy Headed Hoes” Joke on Twitter

When I signed on to Twitter today, one of my favorite Tweeters @ToureX was talking about the “joke” Asher Roth tried to make while tweeting at an event at Rutgers University.  He referred to the people he was with at the time … Continue reading


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Dear Governor Perry of Texas

Dear Gov. Perry, When you talk about secession I think of the civil war, and in turn…you guessed it, slavery.  Sure, sure, I know you didn’t “actually” call for secession, ok.  Still, you’re making me uncomfortable! Warm Regards, One American … Continue reading


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Black ministers enlightened or blinded???

I’m still pondering over the comments of Bishop Carlton Pearson and Deepak Chopra on last week’s Nightline Face-off – Does Satan Exist? (see an interesting excerpt below).  By the way, neither believe Satan exists… Bishop Pearson isn’t new to sharing controversial … Continue reading


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