Black folk should be given our own holidays like the Jews.

Granted the majority of Black folk in America are Christian so we can’t play the religion card but wouldn’t it be nice if we could’ve taken a day off in observance of MJ’s death rather than minimizing and maximizing windows all day and hiding tears from our bosses?  There are just some occasions that are ours that they’ll never fully understand which deserve a day of observance far far away from work.

Days of Mourning

– The day James got killed off of Good Times.

– The day the Fugees Broke up

– The day everyone found out Tina Marie was really white.


– The day The Jeffersons get their own spinoff.

– The day after Labor Day

– Jet Magazine’s 100,000th Issue

– Grandmother’s Day

Black Friday (What better day to celebrate black people?  Shoot… the title already gives us partial ownership!)

Okay, maybe a couple  of these are frivolous but you get my point.  We need our days and today would’ve been a perfect time to gather around the television as families to watch his memorial.

Or maybe celebrate with a Thriller sing along over a bushel of crabs at Sandy Point on this gorgeous 85 degree day.  Mike would’ve wanted it that way.  Plus, CNN’s replaying it at 7 right?


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  1. DJR

    I must concur. If they have Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah, why can’t we have MJ-Day?

  2. “The day everyone found out Tina Marie was really white.”

    Easily the funniest thing I’ve read all day… and I good reminder for me to revisit her albums and get them on my iPod.

  3. NikNak

    I completely agree that we as Black folks should have our own days to celebrate/mourn – but the fact is, there will be way too many in one given calendar year! The one’s you listed are valid and ideal, but there’s a lot more! Such as, each day a famous athelete, actor or rapper is acquitted for something they know they had no business doing (e.g., O.J., Sean “P Diddy” Combs, Jay Z, Mike Vick, etc…). Or mourning on the days these same actors, rappers and athletes are acquitted, but their man took the fall (e.g., Shine). That alone can absorbed a good 6 months. Or, James Brown death (mourn) and the 3 months it took to finally bury the man (celebration) – at this rate, we’ll never go back to work!

    • ROFL @ “each day a famous athelete, actor or rapper is acquitted for something they know they had no business doing”. I need to make you a contributor.

  4. Ra

    The death of MJ is far from “our” day of mourning. Most black folks discounted his crazy ass a long time ago. The same folks who are crying their eyes out over his memorial are the same ones who haven’t thought twice about him over the past year. It was a moving program because they are moving performers. He has contributed a lot to the musical world, but so have a lot of dead performers. Let it go.

    But I would like to add to the mourning list: The day we found out Mariah Carey was half black. She could have kept that one.

  5. Awesome, simply awesome! I am a honky, therefore cannot suggest a proper day; however, I will celebrate with fervor.

  6. watchmanow

    MLK Day, Kawonza, Juneteenth not enough?

  7. Keebee

    There are a bunch of “crazy” asses out there that people celebrate. Your opinion if MJ being crazy is just flat out mean. However, I believe that we should have a MJ day…I already celebrate his birthday, it’s the same as my deceased sister.

  8. LMAO @ : “The day everyone found out Teena Marie was really white.”

    I agree! I just knew that woman was black!

  9. lilkunta

    @sista :
    __”There are just some occasions that are ours that they’ll never fully understand which deserve a day of observance far far away from work.”__
    Yes MJ is AfrAm, but does he only belong to AfrAm community? He charted on rock, pop, dance charts, not just the black charts (now called rb hiphop soul charts). Im so greatful for all his did musically & charitywise to help the world get comfy with us melanin enriched ppl. I didnt get it when Sharpton said ‘he belongs 2 us, we just let the world borrow him’ nor do I understand u saying ‘occasions that are ours’.
    2) I dont think we need the day after LabourDay. Dont we ( @ least I do) have the BBQdrinks on the Sun, so all day LabourDayMonday we recover & are ready for school/work on Tues.

    1)MikeVick WASNT acquiited. He paid lawyers, fines, dog care for the rest of those damn dogs lives, & still they aint tryna give him a 2nd chance!
    2)I dont celebrate the day OJ/Puffy/ rocaFella got off as they have $. Let a normal person get a chance like they got w thier $1000 an hour lawyers, THEN I’llcelebrate. & celebrate Shyne? 4 what? When he gets out if he shoots Puffy I’ll personally contribute 2 his legal fund bc it aint right how Puffy just left his *ss!
    3)Speaking of that, it took3mo 2 bury James Brown. How long will it take KingMJ ?

    @Ra: 1)Very true. I always heard MJ being called crazy in our community & AfrAm comedians always attack him @ least 3x in their act. How many times have we heard
    ‘only in the Us can a AfrAm boy from GaryIndiana grow up to be a anglo Lady w a pet monkey who sleeps with lil boys’ .
    But despite this harsh criticism no 1 of any ethnicity in any country on this planet will deny his artisitry.
    2) MC never hid that she was AfrAm. Sony tried 2 but Mc always stated so in her interviews. What should she have kept?

    @ watchmanow
    It is K W A N Z A A. Get it right!

  10. simone

    Let’s also mourn the day Thelma’s husband injured his leg (on their wedding day)and lost his pro football contract. So sad! I can’t go to Sandy Point, my mom won’t allow it(polluted water). I can crack a crab or two!!!

  11. smartie

    So sad to see that none of you know that black people are Jews!! I learned this from Pastor Tony Smith and he used the Holy Bible to do it. Look him up and keep an open mind. You will be surprised to learn more about yourself than you know. And we thought Sammy Davis Jr. had it all wrong…

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