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Are you a racist?: Now there’s a test!

When I saw this story on ABC News I was a bit…underwhelmed.  Um…if you are racist, you know that you are.  You might not care.  Your racist nature may not figure into your day to day life.  However, when you … Continue reading


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What do you think about Chris Rock’s “Good Hair”?

Hi all, I was so proud to strut out of the theatre rocking my long, natural locs after seeing Chris Rock’s “Good Hair”.  No perm over here, homey! I’ve seen some reviews from sistas on blogs and all over the … Continue reading


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Connick speaks out about blackface down under

I  love it when stuff like this happens and is covered by mainstream media channels.  I saw this story on CNN a few mins ago.  Harry Connick, Jr…I’m going to have to throw you some dollars on iTunes real soon. … Continue reading


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