McGwire vs Bonds: Lies about the Steroid Era

So, Mark McGwire admits that he took steroids, but says it was because of health reasons.  It’s still cheating.  He was evasive on the Hill and unapologetic about it in the interview with Bob Costas being shown today.  I don’t buy it.

Barry Bonds didn’t get off easy and he shouldn’t either.

I don’t really follow sports, but this and Gilbert’s dumb move in the locker room make me think that our children have some very poor role models out there.  No wonder they look up to Lil Wayne (on his way to jail, I hear).

Sad.  Baseball, America’s pastime.

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  1. H-Bob

    McGwire (like Clemens & Petitte) took steroids in order to recover from injuries — how is that different from Brett Favre taking painkillers just so he could set foot on the football field ? Is there now a distinction between “Performance Enhancing Drugs” and “Performance Enabling Drugs” ?

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