Jules Kirby, It is never a good idea to admit that you say the n-word a lot on TV

Saw it for myself. New York Socialite Jules Kirby just said, “I use the N-word sometimes.” in the first episode of the CW’s “High Society”.  She also noted that she feels it should be ok to say.  This piece of footage aired right after another piece that showed her telling a friend that a black woman dancing in a club near them should move away.  Apparently the n-word clip ended up in one of the trailers and was posted to YouTube.  It has since been removed.  Hey, if you’re dad is a high powered lawyer I guess you got pull.  What you don’t have is any class.  I hope she doesn’t have a Twitter feed or blog cause I’m sure it’s been flooded.  Sad.  Doesn’t she know that comments like that are only for closed doors?  I mean, come on.  Take your blatant racism underground, right?

Huffington Post – “In one of the trailers, the first seen below, Kirby is seen saying, “I use the N-word sometimes.” That line is not taken out of context. In the first episode of the show she ALSO says she isn’t friends with many black, Jewish or gay people.

According to Monday’s Page Six, Kirby skipped last week’s launch party for the show.

“She’s particularly annoyed that she admits in the trailer to occasionally using the ‘N’ word, ” our source says. Kirby didn’t respond to a request for comment.”

Update: Why did CW pull the trailer?

“Because GLAAD complained. Because in it, sad NYC nightlife social climber Jules Kirby (more on her sad life here) admitted to using the “N-word” (not in the above clip), and Social Life editor Devorah Rose calls a party-goer a “tranny” (as seen in the above clip) after being told she “looks like a man” during this party.

With GLAAD (and the blogs!) on its back, The CW promised to yank the trailer; it’s already gone from YouTube, but taking it out of television circulation could take longer. (The show premires March 10.) Kirby, meanwhile, is in hiding, as people like she should be.” Source: here @ Queerty.com


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10 Responses to Jules Kirby, It is never a good idea to admit that you say the n-word a lot on TV

  1. Autumn Love

    She is offensive and delusional, after admitting to freely using the “N” word she also added she wants to work for the U.N. one day – idiot! I say we boycott CW!

  2. Christ86

    Everyone loves to hate, it is what makes tv so good! I found Jules Kirby to be the most entertaining out of the whole lot. She never says the word. She was used as a pawn in those two sister’s game to make themselves appear perfect, but they are far from. What was up with those MJ nose jobs and black roots? They were so boring.
    I am sure they did edit and cut and paste Jules, her bits seemed so choppy, but yes at the end of the day she should not have said it whether she means it as a racist statement which is doubtful or not.
    Taking this tv show as not being real her “character” is fearless of reprocautions.

    • Christ86: She never said the actual n-word on TV. This is true. However, she does say that she says the n-word a lot and she doesn’t have black women as friends. She’s a racist and she told the world.

  3. NNY

    i don’t know why people are even trying to stick up for this girl. it wasn’t a choppy sentence taken out of context. She also says that she doesn’t hang out with “homosexuals or black people.”
    I think it’s just another case of some rich girl who never has any consequences regardless of what she says or does.

  4. Awful Girl

    She is an awful girl. She is a disgrace to NY society members and an embarrassment. There is no editing, that makes her worse than she already is. She is trash.

  5. Jules Kirby must be the dumbest white girl in New York who drinks Don Parion dressed in a stinking klu kluts clan outfit watching footage of katrina.

    Being black means having a large amount of melanin in your skin due to climate adaptation.

    If a black german shepard hated a white german shepard due to their different furr colour what would you think? Well dogs are not as dum as some humans so dont expect that to happen.

  6. Jay

    NY Society members? She is the only one, being that she is the only cast person from NY. Of course there is editing as with every show. One can tell by the video overlays while she speaks. None of her sentences are allowed to be finished, notice that? It is bad that she says the N word, but possibly she does not mean it ni**er but more of in a hip hop kind of a way.
    From the above link I found this:

  7. Jay

    Another addition. How do you KNOW that she has NO black friends? None of this show is real. Her friend is not white on this show.

    • Jay: Um…that n-word comment was not editing or jumpy. That was one smooth shot…close up. She said what she said. Real or fake…who want’s to be known as the racist socialite? Really? People don’t do that. When have you ever seen any white person who didn’t want to be known as a racist say that word in a very public forum (like TV). She’s not dumb. That type of publicity is never positive.

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