Question: In 2010, Is There Anyone You Would Call a Black Leader?

I’m talking about leaders in the sense that Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were leaders.  Who are the leaders of the Black Community today?  They don’t have to be as widely known, or publicly recognizable as King and Brother Malcolm.  It’s about impact.

Who would you call a Black Leader in 2010?


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  1. I wrote a couple of thoughts about this considering the Tavis Smiley and Al Sharpton issues that happened a few weeks ago.

    I think there are plenty of black leaders on school boards, city councils, mayors, state senators and reps and congressional black caucus members (save Burris) who are all leaders that have enumerated powers in government and represent large constituencies of black people.

    Using that as a model of leadership (you need a constituency to accomplish stated goals, as opposed to being a public figure who may not have a stated agenda or followers to accomplish their objectives) I’d say MLK was a leader– given his SCLC, while Malcolm although charismatic was much more of a public figure after leaving NOI.

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