Blog Rewind: Teacher calls student the N-Word – Real vs. Boondocks

I posted about this back in 2007 when the story came out.  I know most of you have seen the video of the teacher who thought that using “Nigga” was different than the “er” version.  I must admit…he did have one or two valid points.  It was also painful and hilarious at the same time.  That must be why the folks at the Boondocks adapted the story and made Riley the victim. Haven’t seen these two videos…here ya go.

“Can a nigga borrow a pencil?!?”  That’s the quote of the night, folks.  Black people, we really need to consider retiring the n-word.  Mixed signals.

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  1. danwlewis

    I wonder if part of the controversy is due to the fact that he is a teacher, and also due to his age. I am 28, and I am currently a college student. It surprises me, but I commonly hear both black and white youths refer to each other, themselves, and other commonly as nigga. I dont think a teacher of English- in which I am studying to become- should use slang period. However, it is increasingly becoming more and more commonly accepted as a simple salutation within American society. As our society is increasingly integrated in the social sphere, it is to be expected that both words and their meanings are exchanged between cultures, and by extension, there will come a point when the word is no longer seen as offensive. That said, you do not hear people of Jewish extraction refer to themselves as “sheenies”, Italians don’t jovially refer to themselves as “wops”, and most assuredly, I have never had one Chinese person tell me another person of Chinese decent is a “chink.” Language is fluid and cross-cultural, as are it’s progeny (music, literature, et. al), and the concept that it is the exclusive province of one particular social group is unrealistic at best, and downright absurd.

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