Are Ultra Conservatives in Texas Deciding What History is in Your Child’s Textbooks?

In a 10-5 party line vote last week, the BoE rammed through a vast number of changes to the Texas state history standards, all of which conform to the über-far-right’s twisted view of reality. In these new standards, Hispanics are ignored, Black Panthers are added to provide balance to the kids learning about Martin Luther King, Jr., and get this, Thomas Jefferson was removed*.

If you’re a parent, you should be aware that a movement is going on that is dedicated to changing your child’s textbooks.  Most parents trust that their local school districts are buying books that accurately represent american history and social studies in a way that is not significantly biased by any view, let alone ultra-conservative or ultra-liberial.  Well, that may not be the case.  You might be very concerned if you look through your child’s history books.  I would encourage you to take a look at this news and then find out if your child’s textbooks have been affected.  Watch this Video from CNN for details.


From AC360 – In Texas today, the state’s board of education approved a new social studies curriculum that conservatives say is meant to correct for a liberal bias among the teachers who initially drafted the standards. The vote came after days of charged debate.

Out: Calling the U.S. government “Democratic”.  In: Calling it a “Constitutional Republic.” Also out: too much talk about Thomas Jefferson and the enlightenment, which stressed reasoning and science over blind faith. Also In: More recognition of the contributions of religious leaders, like Moses.

All of this matters, because with almost five million students in Texas, the state buys a lot of textbooks that could determine what publishers put out for America’s other school children. Though, in this digital age,  that is not as big of a concern as in past years.


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2 Responses to Are Ultra Conservatives in Texas Deciding What History is in Your Child’s Textbooks?

  1. Malcolm X

    What one has to realize is that the school system/universities are just as racist as America itself. The truth of the matter is we`ve all been miseducated by these racist institutions that are part of institutionalize racism. They taught us that we, as blacks, made no contribution to society, while in truth we educated and have made major, major, contributions to the entire world.

    I ask you to do your research and find out where Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and the rest of the Johnny come latelys got their knowledge. They traveled to Egypt and was enlightened by The Egyptian Priests. The Egyptian Mystery Systems and Priests have no rival when it comes to its` abundance of wisdom and knowledge.

    You see there`s no such thing as Greek Philosophy nor were Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and company great men of knowledge. At best they, and their people, are plagarists. It`s their history to steal from others and then claim it as their own. Hell, they stole/took an entire country from The Natives so what will prevent them from rewriting history?

    Didn`t they teach us that Columbus discovered America? How in the hell can one discover a place that was already populated by The Natives? And to this day Columbus is celebrated with his own holiday? I could go on and on about the deceptions and lies but I`ll contain myself. In the final analysis, we should home school our children to prevent their minds from becoming polluted with all the falsehoods coming from these racists institutions in racist America…..

    Peace, in the spirit of my “HERO”, Brother Malcolm X….gone but not forgotten.

  2. Revolushinobi

    There is a saying in educational communities “As Texas learns, so learns the country.” This was an issue also addressed in this article ( published in the nytimes magazine a few weeks ago. As a person in education its really scary to think about how such a conservative state with a continuing history of relatively (in relation to this pretty stuck on stupid country) backward thinking has such an influence over textbooks. But it makes sense, Texas requires that all public schools use the same textbook statewide, so if a publisher makes the changes the board wants, they make TONS of money, making it a win-win for everyone except the students. In most, if not all cases, your childs textbook has been affected in some way shape or form by this reshaping of history, and while I appreciate Brother Malcolms P.O.V. I believe that in order to have a creative, intelligent, open-minded social-conscious and curious student needs an environment which encourages creativity, intelligence, and open-mindedness. A school environment with a diversity of thought encourages a diversity of ideas. Why are we relying so heavily on textbooks, when the students can read the things Colombus had to say about the Lucayans in his journal? Or read the first hand accounts of those who marched for Freedom or the notes of Marcus Garvey, Helen Keller or Sitting Bull? Rather than treating our children like baby birds, digesting that which has already been digested (now THERE’S an image), why not allow our children to form their OWN opinions about the past by reading the past itself, free of filter or revision?

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