Health Care Bill Protesters Call Rep Lewis the N-word and Spit on Rep. Cleaver

I went down to the National Mall on Saturday and witnessed the Health Care Bill Protesters first hand (posting photos soon).  They were in rare form, but thank God no one spit on me or called me “nigger”.  I was spared, apparently.   Rep. John Lewis, Rep. Barney Frank, and Rep. Emanuel Cleaver were not as lucky. On Saturday, as a small group of protesters jammed the Capitol and the streets around it, the movement’s origins in white resistance to the Civil Rights Movement was impossible to ignore. Here’s only what the mainstream media is reporting, ignoring what I’m seeing on Twitter and left wing blogs:

  • Civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis was taunted by tea partiers who chanted “nigger” at least 15 times, according to the Associated Press (we are not cleaning up language and using “the N-word” here because it’s really important to understand what was said.) First reported on The Hill blog (no hotbed of left-wing fervor), the stories of Lewis being called “nigger” were confirmed by Lewis spokeswoman Brenda Jones and Democratic Rep. Andre Carson, who was walking with Lewis. “It was like going into the time machine with John Lewis,” said Carson, a former police officer. “He said it reminded him of another time.”
  • Another Congressional Black Caucus leader, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, was spat upon by protesters. The culprit was arrested, but Cleaver declined to press charges.
  • House Majority Whip James Clybourn told reporters: “I heard people saying things today that I have not heard since March 15, 1960, when I was marching to try to get off the back of the bus.”
  • There were many reports that Rep. Barney Frank was called a “faggot” by protesters, but the one I saw personally was by CNN’s Dana Bash, who seemed rattled by the tea party fury. Frank told AP: “It’s a mob mentality that doesn’t work politically.”
  • Meanwhile, a brick came through the window at Rep. Louise Slaughter’s Niagara Falls office on Saturday (the day she argued for her “Slaughter solution” to pass health care reform, though it was rejected by other Democrats on the House Rules Committee).

On Thursday MSNBC’s “Hardball” host Chris Matthews grilled tea party Astroturf leader Tim Phillips of Americans for Prosperity about supporters who taunted a man with Parkinson’s disease at a tea party gathering in Ohio last week.

That video of the guy with Parkinson’s is HORRIBLE.  These Health Care Bill Protesters and Tea Party members should be ashamed of themselves.  Everyone has a right to protest and let their voice be heard, but racial slurs, spitting on people and mocking the sick is mob mentality.  How is Fox News going to spin this?  I’m sure they will find a way.


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4 Responses to Health Care Bill Protesters Call Rep Lewis the N-word and Spit on Rep. Cleaver


    These honkeys are C R A Z Y! Rep. Emanuel Cleaver should have FILED charges! This is the 21st century and this shyt needs to STOP! Examples need to be made out of these RACIST CRACKER LYNCH MOBBERS! Someone is going to get seriously hurt if they DO NOT bring a stop to this. The Republicans KNOW its getting out of control.

  2. Malcolm X

    You see, this is the very reason that I don`t watch the “RACIST WHITE” American news media. They always distort the truth and this is their history. They are very skilled in portraying good as evil and evil as good. This is the same shit that Brotha Malcolm and Brotha Fred Hampton and The Panthers spoke against in their time.

    When someone seeks to inflict physical harm on you then you are within your moral and human rights to defend yourself to the maximum degree of your ability. I can only imagine how The white media would have covered the story had their been retaliation on these rabbid like canines. I, like Brotha Malcolm and Brotha Fred, don`t subscribe to non-violence in the face of violence.

    A human-being has every right to protect and preserve their well being and life to the fullest. The racist white American news media seeks only to tell half truths in their reporting as usual. Paraphrasing Brotha Malcolm and Brotha Fred Hampton; “if blood is going to flow in the streets then let it be reciprocal”. On this occassion it never reached that point but you get the general idea.

    Peace, in the spirit of my “HERO”, Brotha Malcolm X and all The “NON-COMPROMISING ” freedom fighters….a special and DEEP love for Brotha Malcolm and, my next “HERO”, Brotha Fred Hampton…

  3. Peace

    It is ashame that adults would stoop so low to spit upon another human being. Adults need to stop childlike behaviors. Racism still exsist all across the U.S, and God will take care of them.Remember, God is of love and not of hate. I think the people who used such IGNORANT behaviors are afraid of change, afraid of being powerless, afraid of being without anything. Also, they are greedy, selfish, and undeserving people. Remember, we all have to stand before God on Judgment Day. What will our answer be?

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