Black Vegan: You have considered going Vegetarian or Vegan?

I’m currently exploring veganism as a way to lose weight and improve my health.  My path involves a lot of raw food and excludes a lot of processed food (white flour, white sugar, white rice, etc).  So I was wondering, how many of my fellow African-Americans have embraced or are considering embracing a veggie-centered lifestyle when it comes to what you put in your mouth?  What are your reasons for changing your diet?  How long have you embraced vegetarianism or veganism?  What is making you consider making a change if you haven’t already?

Let me know what you think.


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11 Responses to Black Vegan: You have considered going Vegetarian or Vegan?

  1. Dee Aytes

    This is very important for people of African ancestry because our food staples since slavery have been less than stellar. I feed my cat better than most eat. Fortunately I changed my diet years ago before it became fashionable to do so after reading several of Dick Gregory’s books, then doing research. Must say I have felt and looked much better. Have more energy, clearer skin and healthier hair. It all works together. Also important to keep sufficient vitamins in the body. I take extra A-E, as well as drink several root teas. This is not to say I never eat french fries or mac & cheese, but make them myself so modify to make healthier. Also eat more of the exotic fruits like pineapple, papaya, kiwi, watermelon, etc., which are natural colon cleansers. I also walk 5 miles several times a week. Keep good!

  2. BillCherryJr

    I hope you don’t mind a white guy butting in!
    I have been a vegan for 1 1/2 yrs now. Best move I ever made! Peace!

  3. cici

    After seeing videos like those posted on ( and Earthlings( it was obvious that this needs to end. How is the way we treat animals any different from how slaves were treated? People always say ‘oh they are PROPERTY. they dont FEEL like we do. same things they said about slaves! That and the benefits a vegan diet has on health can’t be done by any other diet. Been vegan 5 years – its time people wake up and realize – free them – free yourself – and keep peace in everything you do. including your diet.

  4. stringbean

    I’m embracing “nutritarianism” which by default is also veganism. I’m pro veggies, legumes, fruit, and nuts & seeds. I steer clear of meat, added sugar/salt, and processed foods.

    My reason for changing my diet was originally to lose weight but as time goes on, I see the other benefits more and more. I haven’t had a cold in over a year, my skin has cleared up, my nails are stronger. Other ppl who eat this way have reversed Type II diabetes and heart disease.

    I first embraced this way of eating in Dec 07 when I read Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. It’s been a work in progress for me..change is hard..but I recommend it to anyone and everyone!

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  6. Markeeta

    I have been vegetarian for about 4 years (because I gradually started to find meat to be yucky). I’m working my way to veganism (for weight loss/health reasons). I will say, that I don’t miss meat at all. But, from the Black perspective, folks are always surprised that I don’t eat meat. “You don’t eat NO meat. Not even chicken?”. No, I don’t. I don’t use double negatives either, but that’s another topic altogether.

    If you feel veg*nism is for you, then it is. Good luck 😉

  7. Leslie

    I’ve been going veggie for the last 12 years. I would encourage any new vegetarian to read a lot, educate yourself, and learn how to prepare good balanced meals; it takes some practice and patience to get it right. And be prepared to explain yourself over and over to uninformed family and friends. Patience.


  9. Thanks for the article.. I have just recently found the vegan lifestyle and I love it. It seems like I just can’t take in enough information.

  10. I have been on a gain off again for many years. I’ve always steered clear of beef and pork but I would have poultry and fish. I don’t want to be “flexible” anymore. I still have a lot to overcome but I am motivated by the small strides that I make everyday.
    I encourage every one to be veg! but if they just aren’t sure, I smile because I know what that’s like. At some point we all thought meat was essential.

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