Tiger Wood’s Kindergarten Teacher Exposes Childhood Lie

In 2005, Tiger Woods told a shocking and moving story of being victimized as a child because of his race. In an interview for a book written by Charles Barkley and in an interview with Barbara Walters, Woods said he was abused by a group of kids on his first day of kindergarten because of his skin color.  Kids are cruel sometimes, but the story is outrageous.

“I became aware of my racial identity on my first day of school, on my first day of kindergarten,” Woods said in the interview. “A group of sixth graders tied me to a tree, spray-painted the word ‘n****r’ on me, and threw rocks at me. That was my first day of school. And the teacher really didn’t do much of anything.”

Well apparently, his kindergarten teacher doesn’t agree with his version of his first day of school, according to TMZ.com. Ms. Maureen Decker doesn’t remember the incident and this story has brought out the former principal at the time as well.  He says the same.

Why is this coming out now (Apparently Decker aired her opinion about the story in the media previously)?  Because the media needs as many women as possible to come out of the woodwork with drama and lies that relate to Tiger during this slow news cycle.  Drama sells.  If I see this mess on CNN masquerading as real news, I’ll be mad.

There are tons of examples of school yard racism that really happen and scar kids for life.  He’s an ass if he made this up for sympathy.


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3 Responses to Tiger Wood’s Kindergarten Teacher Exposes Childhood Lie


    I feel sorry for Tiger like I felt sorry for OJ (the second time around). Gloria Alred is PIMPING him! I think attorneys get 1/3 when you settle. TRUE OR FALSE–they are coming out like roaches on him. His teacher says she has been having all these aliments since he said those things. They are trying to ruin him, mess with his mind and his GAME. I believe Tiger now when he said he wasn’t “black” because a brother would have paid Elin off; not paid the skeezers “jack”; sex addiction therapy in Hattiesburg, MS? I don’t think so! It’s unfortunate Tiger’s father did not tell him who he was when he was a kid. I suppose it wasn’t much his father could say since he was attracted to “Asian” women. His mother pumped that nonsense in his head and he’s paying for it. Maybe he’ll listen to Charles or Michael instead of his “white” friends and his mother. I have a 56 year old male cousin who is “passing”. It must be a great life to be white because he has not looked back.

  2. Malcolm X

    To be honest with you, I`ve never cared for Tiger Woods. I was never fooled by his act even when he first came onto the same. When someone goes way beyond the call of duty to be accepted by The “WHITE” media and whites alike it raises a red flag with me. Brothas such as Tiger and Michael Jordan display the “HOUSE-NEGRO” to the fullest.

    And when Tiger appeared on Oprah back in the late 90s and denied his Blackness outright it spoke volumes. Blacks, such as he and Jordan, try to live in two worlds as they struggle with themselves and their true identity. Must be a HELLUVA ride; one which I, personally, don`t care to take.

    Peace, in the spirit of my “HEROES”, Brotha Malcolm X and Brotha Fred Hampton.

  3. Toi

    Am I the only one who’s sick of hearing about Tiger Woods!? I do remember this statement he made and saw that movie/show about his life a while back. However, this big plague behind Tiger Woods is out of hand. I will agree with the comments above, he needs to realize that he will always be seen as a black man/golf player. I never heard about that thing on Oprah, which I’m sure if I did I’d laugh and let him do that. If you’re going to deny who you are then you’re on your own.

    *I’ve been to this site only a few times, and i’d think you’d enjoy my friends blog/site as well

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